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no every mom-to-be wants the civilization to recognize that she’s pregnant. Whilst part expectant moms space telling the entirety town their amazing baby news, others desire to hide their pregnant for ripe months. If you uncover yourself in the latter group, that is feasible to hide your pregnancy.

Keeping pregnancy symptoms favor morning sickness and cravings disguised is not constantly easy however it is a entirety lot easier than trying to keep a cultivation baby bump surprise away.

Don’t concern though Mommy, if you want to keep your pregnancy private it is possible to hide a pregnancy for nine months, it is just going come take some planning, a deceptive wardrobe and you space going to need to work tough on her poker face!

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Why execute Some ladies Hide a pregnant For nine Months?

If you room someone that couldn’t wait come announce your pregnant to every one of your friends and also family you might be wondering why some women choose to keep their pregnant a secret.

It is every woman’s an individual choice if and also when she discover she is pregnant and some expectant moms decide not to tell anyone that they are pregnant. There are numerous reasons why women pick to keep their pregnancy a secret, below is a list of several of those reasons:

Fear of miscarriage or previous baby loss

If a woman has had actually a previous miscarriage she might decide not to phone call anyone if she becomes pregnant again.

This might be due to the fact that she doesn’t desire to ‘tempt fate’ or she may just want to keep the pregnancy private in instance the worst happens and she doesn’t desire to need to go through telling everyone she shed the baby.

Work commitments or promotion opportunities

Although in 2021 women have to not have to fear losing your job as soon as they reveal their pregnancy, countless women still select to keep their pregnancy a an enig from their ceo or colleagues.

If a woman is up for promo or is working difficult on a certain work project, she might decide to save her pregnancy mystery to for sure her place in the workplace.

A household member or girlfriend is pregnant


How to Hide A pregnancy For 9 Months

There space a couple of wardrobe tricks and little white lies moms-to-be have the right to use to save their pregnancy a secret. Therefore if you space wanting to store your pregnancy under wraps, right here is a perform of methods you have the right to keep your pregnancy covert until you give birth.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes

This one is pretty apparent but the is not going come be basic to hide a cultivation baby bump in tight-fitted clothes.

Many expectant moms room able to keep wearing tight-fitting apparel throughout the very first trimester however once her baby bump ‘pops’ girlfriend will have to ditch the figure-hugging shirts and also dresses if you want to save your pregnancy a secret.

Wear big patterns and also baggy clothes

Big and also bold patterns are distracting. The is going come be simpler to disguise your baby bang if you distract civilization with loud patterns that do it tough for the eye to emphasis in one ar (your baby bump, because that example).

Another noticeable one here, however wearing baggy clothing will help to store your bump surprise away. Don’t wear apparel that are method too loose though together this may reason suspicion in the people around you, just go baggy enough that no cloth is clinging come your farming belly.

Ditch maternity clothes and layer up

Quite frequently maternity garments are clearly maternity clothes. If you space trying to hide your pregnancy you don’t desire to accidentally speed an elasticated waistband or have obvious stretchy next panels on her shirts.

When it comes to maternity clothes, shop don’t constantly have a large selection and you don’t want to be captured out wearing the exact same maternity dress your friend who has actually just given birth has also been wearing because that the last nine months.

Wearing layers have the right to be a good way come camouflage your baby bump. You can wear large jumpers and scarves in the fall and also winter, the is much less complicated to keep your bump hidden in the cooler months as soon as you can layer up and also hide her bump away.

Say you room ‘detoxing’ or top top a distinct diet


If you have made decision to stop drinking throughout your pregnant or have become a lot an ext conscious about the foods items you eat now you room pregnant, you have the right to just tell human being you are on a detox.

It is not really a lie, friend are simply omitting the real reason why friend are an altering your eating and also drinking habits! If you to speak you room on a paleo diet you can easily get away through saying no come alcohol, caffeine, and details foods prefer soft cheese.

Have her excuses ready

During the first trimester, girlfriend are most likely to be to run to the toilet v morning sickness and as your pregnant progresses you will be needing come pee a lot. You can have a few little white lies ready, to speak you have a stomach bug, ate something off at lunch or you have a bladder infection.

It is never ever fun having actually to lie come friends and colleagues however if you want to store your pregnancy a an enig then you room going to acquire comfortable with informing the odd small lie every now and then.

Stop poignant your infant bump

It is only herbal for a mom to be to desire to touch her cultivation baby bump. Babies kick and stretch when they space growing and also it is a lovely thing to experience and also to feel.

However, if you space constantly cradling and also rubbing your belly then you are going to draw attention to your bump and spark suspicion. The won’t be easy, particularly if your baby is very active yet if you want your pregnant to stay surprise then you must keep your hands off your bump.

Say you space at the dentist instead of the gynecologist

Your family and also friends room going to acquire really suspiciously if girlfriend tell castle you are going to the gynecologist regularly. The alert bells will start ringing if girlfriend are generally asking for time off work to go to an OBGYN appointment.

Instead, you might say friend are having dental work done that needs a the majority of treatments or make up an additional excuse, speak you are having actually some other kind of therapy done that will need several follow-up appointments.

You room going to require to acquire your creativity flowing if you desire to keep every one of your scans and also prenatal appointments a secret.


How long have the right to a woman hide a pregnancy?

According to clinical research, in around 1 in 475 pregnancies, women space unaware of your pregnancy until 20 mainly or more. So that is feasible to hide a pregnant for rather some time.


Can pregnant hide itself?

A cryptic pregnancy which is likewise called a stealth pregnancy is as soon as a pregnancy deserve to not it is in detected by conventional medical testing. These varieties of pregnancy room rare but they are likewise not unheard of.

Can friend mentally make yourself feeling pregnant?

People through pseudocyesis have many if no every pregnancy symptom, with the exception of an yes, really fetus. Some males experience a similar phenomenon recognized as couvade or forgiveness pregnancy.

They can develop many the the exact same symptoms as their pregnant partners, including weight gain, backache, nausea, and cravings.

When execute you start to feeling pregnant?

Other 보다 a to let go period, pregnant symptoms have tendency to start kicking in roughly 5/6 weeks. 60% the women endure some signs or symptoms of pregnancy at about this time.

The final Thought

If you want to hide a pregnancy for ripe months girlfriend can, it simply may end up being more daunting as your pregnant progresses.

In early on pregnancy, the is complicated to keep pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness a an enig and in the later stages the pregnancy, the becomes an overwhelming to keep your bump surprise away.

You can hide your pregnancy for ripe months. You just need to follow the tips in this article and get creative at bending the truth.

Remember, it is your decision if and also when you decide to re-publishing your pregnancy news.

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If girlfriend don’t want to to speak anything until your infant is here, us hope this post has given you too many of principles on how to keep your pregnancy a secret. Because that all, you should know about your pregnancy check out our guide here.