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How to say police in Spanish: policía

Learning Spanish for travel or study? Let’s shot this term:

To speak police in Spanish: policíaSay it the end loud: “poe lee see" uh

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Some more helpful indigenous in our Spanish main Nouns category:

airport – aeropuerto (air five pwair toe)bank – el banco (el bahn koe)bar – bar (bar)bus – autobús (ow toes boos)car – coche (koe chay)coffeehouse – coffee shop (kah fay)hospital – hospital (oh spee tall)hostel – posada (poe witnessed duh)hotel – hotel (oh tell)market – mercado (mair kah" doe)pharmacy – farmacia (farm uh see" uh)police – policía (poe lee see" uh)post office – correos (core ay" ōhs)restaurant – restaurante (rest uh rahn tay)taxi – taxi (taxi)train – tren (train)

And here’s exactly how to speak police in various other languages!

Arabic–Shorta (shor ta)Chinese–Jǐngchá (Jing Cha)Croatian–policija (poe leets ee uh)Czech–policie (poe leets ee yeh)Finnish–poliisi (poh rental fees ih)French–Police (police)German–die polizei (dee poh leet zye)Italian–polizia (poe leets" ee uh)Japanese–Keisatsu (Kay Sah Tsu)Korean–Gyeongchal (Gyung Chal)Polish–policja (po lee" tzyah)Portuguese–Polícia (poh lee see-ah)Russian–politsiya (pah LEE tsy ya)Spanish–policía (poe lee see" uh)Swahili–kituo cha polisi (kee too oh cha po lee see)Thai–Tamruat (tam ROO-aht)Turkish–polis (police)Vietnamese–Công an (Gong Ahn)

Are you lost? Can"t find your way around even after consulting your map? shed your bag or purse? you will require the assist of the "police", translated in Spanish as (policía). Acquire even much more helpful phrases from the instant accessibility to the Spanish Language Set.

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