Or in the instance of confirmation of info processed through the receiving person of the dialogue:

P1: I require the book now. P2: Okay.

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Do ugandan-news.coms use Okay or OK or what is the indistinguishable in those scenarios?

And considering the K in ugandan-news.com sound different, if OK is used, then exactly how is the pronounced? Oh-kah? Also, if the is used at all, then where is the appropriate setup to use it (colloquially, professionally, etc.)?

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Kim NgoKim Ngo
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Yes, ugandan-news.com offers Ok, too, and also the usage is very comparable to its English counterpart — come the allude where ns wouldn’t be able to tell you any type of diverging intake off the top of my head. The is normally spelt out okay.

The joint is not, however, /o:ka:/ as might have been expected from the joint of the letter O and K. 2 pronunciations exist and also I would be hesitant to say one of two people is superiour end the other:

/o:kɛɪ/ — basically pronouncing the K in an English way

/o:ke:/ — which could lead come an alternate spelling oke(e).

I wouldn’t usage okay in an extremely formal settings, in which i would consider it nigh unacceptable. However, in practically all other contexts — colloquial, casual professional, etc — ns would think about it fine.

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We (ugandan-news.coms) use and also pronounce it the same means as English speakers do it. But just like in English we likewise have various terms come express agreement:

sicher — surenatürlich/klar — that course

A an easy JaYes is likewise common.

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It doesn"t really issue what friend say, it"s practically the same. Okay have the right to sometimes it is in taken sarcastic but not because that foreigner. For this reason don"t worry.The pronunciation because that OK is "Oh keh", so just the letters; and also for okay it is the English okay.

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You can use: ok; klar; Alles klar; kein Problem; kein Thema (like "kein Problem, but more colloquial) ^^

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reply Oct 27 "16 at 14:39
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The intake of your instances would be considered as a little "cold" means to answer.You would generally answer in a much more ensuring method like "yes, that course".

So if friend ask a ugandan-news.com "how carry out you favor it?" and he or she replies "it"s ok" that not good but likewise not as well bad.

A more common way to to use it in ugandan-news.com is in questions, i.e.: "Is the ok if I put my suitcase end here?" – "Yeah, sure!"

The correct type to usage it in ugandan-news.com is "ok" or "OK".The expression is in reality ugandan-news.com. It"s one acronym for "ohne Korrektur" (no corrections). It to be an office ax for business people to sign the letter their secretaries wrote. Therefore if the letter to be fine, you would say: that is "ok" (without corrections) and also therefore can be sent out.

That"s why its considered as a an ext technically term.

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answer Oct 28 "16 at 8:54
Maximilian BeckerMaximilian Becker
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I have remained in ugandan-news.comy because that 5 months now(Frankfurt and Berlin). I have noticed the though they understand Okay, the consumption is really minimal. Most regularly I use Okay together a typical English speaker, yet it sounds a bit out of place in ugandan-news.comy once I speak in ugandan-news.com.

For the first scenario, the many probable response would it is in

P1: have the right to you keep this suitcase for me for an hour?

P2: Ja, gerne.

And because that the 2nd scenario, it would certainly be "Okay" and then something prefer "I will provide it" etc.

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