Have you also wanted to be a master? probably you’ve wanted to me a Mushi-Master or operation your very own Dojo? Or maybe you simply want a cute girl in a maid outfit to call you master?

Either way, I’ll show you how to say master in Japanese so that you deserve to recognize the word when you hear it, and also feel awesome once someone calls friend it. Yes sir a few different methods to to speak it depending upon exactly how it’s used, so get ready to be learned!

Master or Husband?

The very first word for understand is 主人 (shujin). This indigenous is made by combine the NA-Adjective 主な (omona) which way “chief; main; principal” and also the noun 人 (hito) which way “person” together into a link word.

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As you deserve to see, the normal pronunciation of both native gets changed when they are an unified together right into one.

What’s exciting is that the word 主人 is additionally the classic word provided for “husband” in Japanese.

Historically speaking, Japan to be a very patriarchal society, therefore the husband in a marital relationship was additionally the understand of the household. Nowadays the various other words for husband space used an ext often such as 夫 (otto) or ハズバンド (hasubando).

If you’ve ever seen anime (in Japanese) in i beg your pardon the characters go right into a maid café, you will no doubt identify the word the the maids use once addressing customers together they enter the store.

It is 主人様 (shujin sama) which is simply the indigenous for master with the honorific sama added on come the finish of it.

One last thing that I discovered a rather funny is that the word 主人 (shujin) for husband is an extremely close come the word 囚人 (shūjin) which method “prisoner.” just by elongated the “u” vowel, it fully changes the meaning!

The understand Affix 師

Have you also watched the anime Mushi-shi? that a really interesting one wherein the main character Ginko travels from location to place and investigates this strange beings known simple as “mushi.”

These mushi have the right to take the kind of all sorts that things like plants, tiny creatures, rainbows, etc. And they have the right to be either a boon to humanity, or a curse.

In this story, words mushi is spelled through the kanji 蟲 i m sorry is an enlarge kanji that is generally translated together “bug” in English, yet not within the context of this certain show. In this show, words mushi describes these special and also mysterious beings.

By the way, the kanji the gets supplied for “bug” in Japanese this days is 虫 (mushi) which is just one the the three radicals in that other one.

The indigenous 師 (shi) can be either a prefix or a suffix (although I virtually always see it provided as a suffix) to carry the definition of “master; teacher” to the rest of the word.

So the name of the show is 蟲師 (mushi-shi) and method “mushi master.” yet if you check out Netflix’s live action movie that it, they’ve title it as “bug master” (-_-* )

Come on sonnnnnn!!!

Examples of Masters

医師 (ishi) = Doctor教師 (kyōshi) = great teacher技師 (gishi) = Engineer大師 (daishi) = an excellent teacher (i.e. Buddha)牧師 (bokushi) = Paster師範 (shihan) = Fencing instructor

主な品詞 (omona hinshi) = The main component of speech.

いらっしゃいませ、主人様!irasshaimase, shujin-sama!Welcome back, Master!人は二人の主人に従うことはできない。hito wa futari no shujin ni shitagau koto wa dekinai.No man have the right to serve two masters.その犬は尾を振りながら、主人の後についていった。sono inu wa o wo furi nagara, shujin no ato ni tsuite itta.The dog adhered to its understand while wagging the tail.

And there seems to be an English loan word because that just around everything these days. This certain one is マスター (mastā) i m sorry of course way “master” in Japanese. 

And now you room the 主人様!

I’d like to hear from you guys! walk you gain this post? do you recognize of any other indigenous that deserve to mean “master” in Japanese?

Join the discussion and leave a comment below!

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I thought grasp was sensei in Japanese!? Anyway, her story is pretty interesting. You learned Japanese on her own? it is pretty difficult, ns imagine.

I read, write, and speak oriental at an elementary level. I started ago in 1999 … 18 year later, ns okay yet my 8-year old speaks far better Korean than me! I had to learn by immersing myself in the culture while i was stationed in Korea (4 times!) if I was in the Army.

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It gets harder to discover languages v age. I think it’s an excellent to always be learning. Pretty website!

PS. Have actually you make the efforts Duolingo? lock just included Japanese. It’d it is in nice to see a review of that on her site.