Learn the French egg vocabulary and also pronunciation and also practice that in context as you follow in images the funny joke mine daughter Leyla loves come play on her Dad avec “un oeuf à la coque” (a soft boiled egg).

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1 – French Egg Vocabulary – Les Oeufs – Pronunciation

First, I have to go over the joint of “oeuf”, a tricky French word.

“Un oeuf”, an egg in French, is pronounced precisely as “un neuf” – a nine.There is a solid liaison through the N, and the final F is pronounced.“L’oeuf”, the egg, F still pronounced.

So far, it’s not also bad. Yet wait because that the many form!

“Des oeufs”, eggs in the plural, some eggs, is pronounced “dé zeu”. The F disappears, and also the last S is silent. There is a strong liaison through the S the the des.The same thing is walk to bring on because that “les oeufs”, or “six oeufs”, “douze oeufs” (numbers often linked with eggs… huge liaison in Z.

We additionally say “une douzaine d’oeufs” – une doozayn deu – twelve eggs.

2 – French Egg Vocabulary – Recipes

Now, stop look in ~ the various means to chef eggs in French.

un oeuf à la coque – soft boiled egg in the shellun oeuf dur – tough boiled eggun oeuf poché – poached eggune omelette (bien cuite ou baveuse) – one omelet, cooked with or runnyun oeuf au plat – clear side upun oeuf au plat cuit des deux côté – over straightforward – however we don’t perform that at all in Francedes oeufs brouillés – scrambled eggs

3 – French Egg vocabulary – Anatomy

La coquille – the shellLe blanc – the whitele jaune – the yolk

4 – other Egg connected French Vocabulary

un coquetier – an egg-cupune mouillette – a piece of toast cut lengthwise and buttered the you dunk right into the warmth yolk (a soldier)une cuillère – a spoon

5 – just how French kids Eat your Eggs – a Magical learn French In context Story (and a funny Joke)

And now, for Leyla’s story.

D’abord, il vous faut un bon oeuf bien frais (fresh). Si feasible un oeuf bio (organic). E

t il faut le faire cuire 2 ou 3 minutes dans de l’eau bouillante (boiling water). Pas plus !!!(Not more)

Après, vous le mettez dans un coquetier (see photo below).


Olivier: “Mais ! Il est vide (empty) cet oeuf !!!”

Leyla: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, je t’ai fait une blague ! Je t’ai bien eu (I got you), hein Papa !!” (right Dad)

Après, il faut quand même vérifier (check)… ~ above ne sait jamais… c’est quand même incroyable comme tour de magie :-)

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Et si vous aimez les oeufs, voici une recette que mon Papa fait avec des oeufs et des asperges. C’est joli et c’est bon.

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Les oeufs, top top en mange beaucoup à Pâques (Easter) en France : vous connaissez le vocabulaire et les legacies de Pâques ? Maman va vous les expliquer.