Battlefield 1 multiplayer rewards players v something referred to as Battlepacks and also scrap and puzzle pieces. With so many non-specific reward packages, it deserve to be confound to number out what you"re actually gaining when you finish a game. Here"s everything you have to know about Battlepacks, Scrap, and also Puzzle Pieces.

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As girlfriend play the multiplayer in Battlefield 1, you"ll get the usual reward of suffer to level the various classes, however you"ll additionally get different items the correspond to different weapons. This guide will describe what Battlepacks, Scrap, and Puzzle pieces are, and how to obtain them and what benefits each provide. The guide will be separated into 3 sections, one dedicated to every collectible.

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Much like in vault Battlefields, Battlepacks save weapon skins, which might not be apparent from the “May Contain” message you see in the sidebar once looking in ~ one. No, you"re not gaining improved weapons through random fall in Battlepacks. It"s no a pay-to-win thing, however rather a way to allow you readjust the illustration of her guns.

One that the ways you can obtain Battlepacks is as a reward in ~ the end of a multiplayer match. A grouping of customers will show up who seemingly earned Battlepacks, yet the reality is that who gets favored to get one is completely random. If you"re looking come score a most Battlepacks, climate prepare to grind out a many multiplayer matches.

The other method to gain Battlepacks is by using Scrap to buy them in the Battlepacks screen. Battlepacks come in three flavors: the constant Battlepack, Enhanced, and Superior. Regular Battlepacks expense 200 Scrap and can have actually skins of every rarities. The intensified Battlepack expenses 450 and gives friend a higher chance of acquiring a legend skin and also a bonus item. The remarkable Battlepack prices 900 and also has a guaranteed legend in it and an even an ext increased possibility at gaining a bonus item. You can absolutely open a Legenday in a normal Battlepack, yet the more expensive alternatives increases your chances greatly.


Also note that each Battlepack comes from different sets known as Revisions, i m sorry contain different skins and also rotate regular to keep the feasible skin pulls fresh.


When you get a skin girlfriend don"t want, you can transform it into Scrap, i beg your pardon is supplied in the Battlepack store to buy more Battlepacks. Trashing a special skin it s okay you 30 Scrap, 90 because that a identified one, and 270 because that a Legendary. This is the only method to obtain Scrap, so naturally you"re going to need to have acquired Battlepacks from random rewards ~ multiplayer matches in stimulate to begin trashing tools for scrap come buy much more Battlepacks.

Basically you must start grinding multiplayer matches till you knife one or 2 Battlepacks, decide which skins you don"t want to keep, then start buying much more Battlepacks, which will certainly then get you much more scrap from skin you don"t want. It"s a vicious cycle, yet if you"re in the industry for skins, you"re walking to need to put up with it.

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces space a new feature to the Battlefield series, and they"re nice self-explanatory: Get five of a certain kind the puzzle piece, and you"ll score one of two different melee weapon skins at this time on offer. Puzzle pieces have a possibility of appearing in Battlepacks in location of a weapon skin, and are much more likely to be discovered in the much more premium Battlepacks.

The melee weapons right now on offer through Puzzle Pieces space the Bartek Bludgeon and also the Sawtooth Knife, and though there hasn"t been word that if/when new weapons would appear, leaks imply that they might be just arrived soon.

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