What likely led to the fifteenth-century decline of an excellent Zimbabwe? tired goldmines High mortality rates owing to diseases brought by Arab traders Agriculturally incompetent land corruption rulers
How did Muslims and non-Muslims connect in Ghana? not well; ultimately the Muslims converted to animism as a an outcome of political pressure. Muslims listed valuable unskilled labor for the mines. Everyone was thoroughly incorporated into the regional society. Muslims lived independently from the afri artisans and traders.

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A common belief in most African religions hosted that a can be fried being had developed the universe. An individual requirements to discover their very own spirituality. The gods developed social hierarchies. Herbal phenomena could not be explained or controlled.
How go the development of the saddle contribute positively to the development of trans-Saharan trade? It enabled merchants to cross the desert safely. Its creation made pets useful for the very first time in the trans-Saharan caravan trade. It enhanced the rate of the caravan trade. It allowed the Berbers to conquer the desert.
Which the the complying with was a repercussion of Mansa Musa"s pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324-1325? europe attempted to convert the human being of Mali come Christianity. Egypt and Arabia closed itself turn off from Mali trade. The Mediterranean people gained expertise of the wealth of Mali. Berbers started invading Mali in bespeak to capture its gold.
How did the flow of migrants native the Arabian peninsula influence the stays of the coastal people of eastern Africa? The Arabs introduced a strictly social and also racial hierarchy to the native society and prohibition marriage in between Arabs and also Africans. The Arabs aggressively spread out Islamic culture throughout the region and suppressed an ext traditional spiritual beliefs and cultural practices. The migrants introduced Islamic culture, intermarried with Africans, and helped kind a society that combined Asian, African, and also Islamic traits. The migrants had tiny to no affect as they stayed strictly segregated native the native peoples.
From wherein did Africans an initial gain ideas about worked out agriculture? africans learned about resolved agriculture from the middle East. Indian ocean traders lugged plants and technology to Africa. The Greeks and also Romans shared farming techniques through North Africa. Agriculture in Africa occurred independently without exterior influence.
Following the switch of North africans to Islam, whereby did the deepest penetration of Islam occur south of the Sahara? follow me the east coastline of Africa In the West african kingdoms that Ghana and also Mali In Namibia follow me the southern coastline of Africa
How did Christianity affect marriage norms in Ethiopia? Polygamy to be banned throughout the kingdom. Monogamy came to be common. Polygamy continued to be common yet was scorned. Monogamy to be unusual however not unknown.
How go the development of Islam into northern Ethiopia in the eighth century influence the city that Aksum? that resolved religious conflicts that had actually weakened the an ar for four centuries. It dilute Aksum"s advertising prosperity. It carried a substantial influx of trade to the city. The sparked a polite war and many politics assassinations.

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In the tenth century, Ghana became powerful by recording what territory? The majority of Berber strongholds and their employee The are of the Soninke king The surrounding kingdom that Mali and also its goldmines The Berber town of Awdaghost and also the southern part of the trans-Saharan trade route
What role did gyeongju play in the African slave trade? Caucasians were never ever enslaved in Africa. Race had small or no association through slavery. Enslavement was generally linked with lighter-skinned peoples. Only black afri were enslaved.

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