A couple of years back I took the twins’ come a Halloween event at a local museum. It to be fantastic. They got to hold a live tarantula, cheat or treat and learn around all that the creepy bugs, insects and also owls that we love about Halloween. One of the fun tasks we did there to be make hot glue spider webs. Of food it was the adult who had actually to make them because that the little ones, yet even still, it was such a great activity to do.

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Recently once I pulled every one of our Halloween decorations the end of the garage ns came throughout the warm glue spider web we had made and it still had actually the small plastic spider ring attached come it. And then i remembered the I had actually fancy new hot adhesive glitter rod (which are component of the new Mod Podge mode Melts line) in among my craft supplies and thought it would be an excellent to do a new and improved version of this spider webs, and also who doesn’t love decorations that sparkle. There have to be more sparkle and glitter for all of the holidays, also the scary ones.


I have actually a ton of black creepy crawly spiders in our Halloween boxes seeing together last year for the twins’ bother Potter date of birth party I’d make a follow of them for the guests to follow to the prior door. I’m guessing one must have actually been stand on though because it wasn’t until I was modifying the photographs that i noticed one poor little guy had actually a broken leg.

Normally ns would indicate just grabbing a hot glue mat and also applying the hot glue in a net shape straight onto it, however being the perfectionist that i am, and also my i can not qualify to produce straight lines v a warm glue gun, ns played approximately until I discovered a new means to execute this.


Basically, i lay a piece of wax file over the peak of my handmade mat and traced over the present to develop the star because that the web, and also then free-handed the remainder of the web. FYI, the glue will adhere to the handmade mat, I uncovered that out the hard way on my an initial attempt, so wax file is a must.

Then I offered a little extra warm glue to affix a spider and set the wax paper aside to dry while I developed a few more.


Once the warm glue is completely dry and also cooled, peel turn off the overabundance wax paper, that won’t peel off in a big sheet, but it is quite easy come remove.


Hot glue gunMod Podge melts in glitterWax paperCutting matPlastic spiders

I’m going come use 2 of mine webs external when ns decorate end the next pair of days, however for now I used hot glue to affix one the the webs come a painted pumpkin to go next to the fireplace.


I’ve used this exact same black painted pumpkin because that years for miscellaneous things, therefore I’m thrilled that I had the ability to jazz it up a little this year.

Although it does seem to have end up being target exercise for throw balls because that the dogs, despite my protests. It may have something to do with the fact that I’ve placed inside a wood crate.


Here’s a emergence at the room I’ve decorated to put it in. This is just one of our favorite rooms in the house and also I simply cannot wait because that the cooler weather to really collection in so we can light that fireplace an ext often.

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It’s virtually Halloween. Have you decorated yet? 


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