Previously, we common some Hoppy Frog 2 tips and also tricks and also now we’re back for more. Yes, there’s much more to the original unlimited hopper 보다 what we already told you about before, and also if friend felt ours original series of tips was too short, climate you space in lucky today. As a backgrounder, Hoppy Frog 2 is a game developed by Turbo Chilli because that Android and iOS and the titular character has been framed by lead rogue Sharky because that lake pollution. Her goal is come evade the police and Sharky’s gang, and as Turbo Chilli tells united state in the description, there space over 30 personalities to collect and also unlock. Now, we shall tell friend just how to unlock three of the surprise characters, among other things in Hoppy Frog 2.

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1. Just how To Unlock Medusa?

The an initial thing to execute to unlock Medusa is to walk to the title screen. You’ll view a selection of objects flying through the screen, largely orange snakes and also helicopters. Watch out for the eco-friendly snake, and also when the appears, tap on the in order to unlock Medusa, thus allowing you to select her as an alternating character.

2. Just how To Unlock Skinny?

This is the 2nd of three secret characters in Hoppy Frog 2, and in order come unlock him, you’ll have to be hopping around in the Forest. Wait because that the guy peering at you in between two trees – you want to tap top top him best away. Together it turns out, that character is Skinny, and also once unlocked, you’re complimentary to select him any kind of time if you need a break from play as Hoppy.

3. How To Unlock Xeno?

Xeno is the third and last secret character, and since he’s one alien, you have to be top top the lookout because that a UFO in the sky; it doesn’t issue if it’s job or night, just as long as you view that unidentified paris object. Tap ~ above the UFO, and Xeno is every yours to pick from the personality screen.

4. Exactly how To acquire A Thousand flies For Free?

Okay, now we’re done through the secret characters. Currently let’s provide you much more Hoppy Frog 2 tips and tricks that deal with the really gameplay. Critical time, us taught you how to get totally free flies by the town hall videos. However what about a thousand flies? It’s actually quite basic to obtain all those flies without paying. Head to the app purchase store when asked if you desire to testimonial the game, tap top top the “Rate it Now” button, and also regardless of even if it is you actually review Hoppy Frog 2 or not, those 1,000 free flies space all yours.

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5. Making use of The Fly mother To knife A pack Of Points

After you’ve gotten the fly Mother, you have the right to jump, monitor up by automatically hitting the parachute button, and also flying as far away as you could. Through this large jump and also the fly Mother, you’ll obtain a most flies coming her way, and a many points on her end, all thanks to this straightforward trick.



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