Did you recognize that hitting in sluggish pitch is just one of the many counter-intuitive points you’ll find? That rather of trying to swing with an top cut, you’ll actually see the round explode off your bat when you swing downwards top top the ball? In this article, we are going to comment on how to hit a slow-moving pitch softball further, harder, and with an ext authority 보다 you’ve ever hit before.

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Hitting through a chopping movement is the secret to hitting a slow pitch softball. Much more specifically, hitting requires these 5 strategies:

Have a solid and balanced batting stanceTransfer her weight from the earlier hip to your front hipThrow your hands in ~ the ball and lead through the knob the the batChop under on the ball and also “cut” it come create much more backspinHit the sphere out in front of the plate – don’t allow it get too deep in the to win zone

In this article, I’m going to expound on the step by step technique to hitting an ext effectively in sluggish pitch softball. After reading this, you’ll be fine on your method to having the perfect slow-moving pitch soft ball swing. Not only will you see the ball travel furthermore off her bat, but you’ll get the type of confidence you’ll require when you walk up with bases loaded. Don’t be the male on the team the nobody wants up v the bases juiced. Instead, end up being the “automatic homer” you’ve always dreamed of becoming.


Slow key swing vs. Baseball swing

In sluggish pitch, the video game is different. For numerous of us with a baseball background, we’ve gained short, quick swings that don’t develop a the majority of slow key power. And for softball, a short quick waver doesn’t really effectively put lot “carry” ~ above the ball. Because that others who possibly didn’t beat baseball farming up and you’re right here trying to gain some tips because that the slow pitch swing, I’m walk to describe in detail and also from a place of simplicity.

As a general note, totter mechanics and much the what I’m going to talk around is a very nuanced topic. You can put 5 hitting coaches in a room and also they’ll debate quite a couple of different areas of the swing. However, my score is to explain mostly the things they all agree on. Certainly, there might be a couple of items along the means that are based an ext on research and experience instead of what someone choose George Brett could teach, but the goal is to offer you as many tips together possible. A big difficulty is the if I save it also vanilla, you won’t gain anything indigenous this. Yet if ns go as well specific, it’s suturing near impossible to describe it through written text. For this reason I’ll carry out my best!

What is launch Angle and Why Does the Matter?

If you’ve paid attention to hitting mechanics over the past few years, you’ve likely heard hitting coaches talk about launch angle. I admit, it occasionally gets a bit facility and frankly, annoying. But, the does actually play crucial role in knowledge swing mechanics and hitting for power. In an easy terms, launch edge is the vertical angle the the ball leaves a player’s bat after gift hit.

The general agreement for miscellaneous launch angle looks prefer this:

Ground ball: less than 10 degreesLine drive: 10-25 degreesHome run: 20-40 degreesFly ball: 25-50 degreesPop up: better than 50 degrees

This is a baseball graphic, but the very same still holds greatly true in slow-moving pitch. However, the caveat below is the the ball is obviously lot bigger.

The launch edge is really much a component of whereby you strike call on the ball. And also for hitting in slow pitch softball, it’s imperative that you win the ball on the proper region for the type of struggle you’re wanting. For example, I have actually shown below that hitting a home run needs the bottom launch angle between 20-40 degrees.

Now, it’s no just around where you strike the ball, but it’s also around what your bat is doing together it comes with the zone.

I can’t tell girlfriend how numerous guys I’ve seen shot to uppercut and drop their shoulders to hit a softball. I acquire it, because the softball is comes in in ~ an angle, so you immediately want to go up to meet it. But for all that is holy, you re welcome keep reading as I’m walking to define why the is around the worst point you deserve to do. And also if that’s a habit that yours, my concern to you would be, space you exhausted of flying out? I’ll define this in action 4 below.

Launch angle because that a residence run: 20-40°

According to the graphics above, if you’re wanting to hit a house run, we want to produce the launch edge of about 20-40°. And for this specific step, I desire to talk around the area on the softball the you have to be aiming for.

Obviously, if girlfriend hit the height of the softball, you’re going come ground out. Physics, right? If you hit the an extremely bottom that the softball, you’re most likely going come foul out or pop approximately the infield. Likewise, if you hit dead center of the softball, it’s walking to create a heat drive that is going come knuckle as it flies. Those are good for singles when you require them, but obviously no what if you desire to fight a home run.

Where top top the softball have to you target to hit?

If you are NOT hitting the round in the red zone, your likelihood that hitting a house run goes under to just around zero unless your swing speed is 90pmh+. Once you have actually swing speed favor that, her name is most likely Hercules or Behemoth and you probably aren’t analysis an write-up like this. These are also the men telling you to swing v an uppercut, due to the fact that they can do it and get away v it. For many of us, we’ve obtained to focus our eyes on the red zone of the sphere to hit that at the 20-40° beginning angle.

This is additionally a little dependent top top the form of bat you’re using, ASA or USSSA. ASA bats execute not permit for the ball to come turn off the bat any type of faster 보다 98mph, whereas USSSA bats permit for a high BPF (bat performance factor) where the ball deserve to come off rather a little faster. Not to mention, if you’re utilizing a crappy bat, the ball isn’t gonna go everywhere regardless of just how perfect your swing is. Ns recommend checking out our article on the ideal slow pitch softball bats to gain yourself miscellaneous you deserve to work with.

Personally, one of my favorite bats right currently is the 2022 DeMarini Dale Brungardt Nihilist bat.

Okay, currently that we’ve established the launch angle methodology, let’s walk ahead and get right into the action by step technique to hitting a house run in slow pitch softball.

5 actions to Hitting A sluggish Pitch Softball

Step 1: uncover a batting stance that is comfortable

Your batting stance yes, really isn’t a huge deal as lengthy as her comfortable and also you’re in a great athletic position. The thing that can become a large deal but is whereby you setup in the box. For example, let’s to speak you’re in one ASA league where the arc the the key is a little higher. That means the ball deserve to come right into the to win zone a bit deeper. In this scenario, you would desire to collection further earlier in package closer come the catcher. When in one USSSA league, the arc is lower and the ball deserve to come shallow v the zone. Position yourself closer to the pitcher.

If you’re coming from baseball, save in mind that you’re now using a 34 customs bat. Because that some men who room accustomed to making use of a 32 or 33 inch bat, one or 2 inches actually makes a big difference. If you room up on the plate, you may tend to see yourself gaining jammed a bit more than usual v the increased bat length. However, and also I’ll get to this is a bit, as long as you room hitting the ball out front, this should be relatively a moot point. But still precious mentioning!

Take a look at this video clip about batting stance and where to place yourself:

Step 2: her swing stride and transferring your weight

This might be one of the most important facets the the swing, so pay attention. So plenty of guys will lose their power because they stride, wait, and then swing. Essentially, the weight deliver happens before the swing, which causes all of the strength to be placed solely in the arms. And also I don’t care how strong you are, you’re going come lose substantial power as soon as you aren’t utilizing weight transfer to your advantage.

The key is to having a significant stride, not simply some small baby step. This isn’t baseball, remember? However, time the so your front foot go down and also your hands immediately come v to zone to follow. Because that you come hit dingers in softball, this is the mystery ingredient the you’ll live and die by. Store your load back, back, back, background the front leg to begin your stride. Together your front foot hits, explode your hands through the zone and also twist your hips on your axis.

What is torque and how does it relate come swinging a bat?

We can not talk around hip rotation and the move of weight without talking abouttorque. You might hear that term a lot in golf or even on a Ford F-150 commercial, but torque is the strength you generate by rotating on an axis – aka her hips in this scenario. Walk you understand there’s actually a formula for it in physics?! by generating torque, you’ll generate an ext power. Yet in an effort to not acquire overly complicated with this, permit me do the efforts explaining it this way.

The stride is about timing and getting her weight transfer v the zone. Yet your hips and legs are at some point the location where the strength is being generated from. Much more specifically, you must load your earlier hip for more torque and also power. Imagine that you have this explosive power lying dormant in your ago hip. And also once friend lift your front leg, the starts a chain reaction. When the front leg access time the ground, the hands are thrown in ~ the ball and your hips and ab area explode native your back hip to your front hip. That faster this explosion happens, the more torque you’ll see.

Much that the explosive energy comes from the legs and up through the hips and abs. This is why you’ll check out so many major league baseball players through tree trunks for legs. The explosive energy just sits and also waits come explode through the zone once a hitter starts the chain reaction. For this reason if you space in a place right currently where you know your swing rate is too low come hit residence runs, the finest place to begin is in the gym doing legs and ab core exercises. Construct up the explosive power in her legs and core and also you’ll see increased swing speed and power.

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Step 3: Throw her Hands in ~ the Ball and also Lead with the Knob the the Bat

Now that we’ve disputed weight distribution, launch angle, and stride length, let’s talk about the role of her hands.

Thankfully, the hands are often one of the easiest parts of the swing to correct. And one of the most typical issues v the hands is having actually a yes, really “long” and also looping swing. In a really extreme example, imagine swinging a bat there is no bending your elbows and also visualize how far the bat would certainly reach throughout the zone. Theoretically, the bat take care of would be around where the strike zone is, i beg your pardon would reason you come hit the round on the very inside that the bat close to the handle. This is also known together “jamming.”

Now, obviously, nobody ferris wheel without bending your elbows. However, part guys get pretty dang close! and also that is a large problem due to the fact that of what I’ll sheathe in this section. The main trouble is, friend can’t barrel increase the ball as soon as you have actually a yes, really long and loopy swing. And also when friend don’t barrel the ball and hit that square on the sweet spot, the sphere isn’t going to go all over regardless of your weight distribution and where you’re hitting on the ball. Bats room designed to have actually a sweet spot, for this reason it’s imperative that you use it!

So we must shorten the up and use our hand to develop “bat whip” through the zone. Permit me explain.

How to develop “bat whip” with the zone

A “long” swing wake up when rather of leading through the hands, the bat gets way out in front of the body and also goes v the ar incorrectly.