What does it median to belong? Is the the apparel you wear? The food you eat? Maybe even the books you read? there are countless ways us decide to organize ourselves — come imbue definition into the groups we form. Maybe we’re all simply looking a location where us feel wanted, accepted…even loved.

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“Where mine Dreidel At?” examines the prestige of having actually a sense of belonging in ~ a community, and for those ~ above the “inside” in ~ Litchfield — what it way to feel favor an outsider.

Losing My religious beliefs

Norma’s quiet sisterhood isn’t welcome in the chapel since they no a “real” religion. Heck, castle don’t also have a name. But who’s to say lock don’t have a basic right to be there? Leanne Taylor, in a how amazing articulate manner, says the group’s belief in kindness and also acceptance in bespeak to deal with “the roar the pain and loneliness, and tame it” is simply as precious as any type of organized religion. However, the “nothingness” they find clarity in stop no load for the administration, and also their gathering is told come take their “meditation club” elsewhere.


We’ve recognized Taylor because that her spiritual zeal before. In Season one she was a devout Christian alongside Pennsatucky, that she ultimately left due to Penn’s violent and also superior mindset as a, “Hillary Clinton dictator.” In “Where mine Dreidel At?” we’re displayed that this no the an initial time Leanne’s left the church, so come speak.

In a flashback, after a Rumspringa filled through peanut butter cups and meth, Leanne leaves the English human being behind her. She fall a backpack filled v clothes and also drugs just outside a cornfield prior to returning to her Amish home. Smiling with pearly white pre-meth this she beams v pride and happiness throughout her preferred baptism, “They talk about us choose we’re in prison. However this is whereby I feel free.”


The liberty she find in being welcomed back into the tight-knit community is brief lived once cops show up at her door holding she past-life knapsack filled with incriminating evidence.

Papa, carry out you feeling me?” Cindy “Black Cindy” Hayes


MCC has actually rented a Rabbi to execute some “corporate inquiry” worrying the seventy-odd inmates currently eating the slightly much more expensive kosher meals (out of two hundred). Caputo is appalled in ~ the choice, to express the bill of Rights. “Oh the old thing… ns kidding… friend know…but additionally not.” claims boss/Big brothers Danny. Technically the corporation watch it as “gray area.” “You’re one huge gray area” retorts Caputo.

The Rabbi’s assessment produces a hilarious montage consisting of Rice trying to pronounce Rosh Hashanah (I think), the Crying Lady fumbling the text to Hava Nagila, Taystee expressing just how much she no “damn dirty shrimps”, and Flaca to compare the conga line to the horah.

The majority of display screen time is given to Cindy who reflects off her “Jewish smarts” using Annie Hall and also Yentl as a theme for she Judaism. The Rabbi does no “feel her” phone call her the end on her lack of cursed Jewish belief.

Sister Ingalls is the just one granted clemency native the horrific cafeteria slop, “All the Abrahamic religious beliefs are pretty much the same prior to you acquire to Jesus.” Cindy sees just one alternative left—convert for real.


The Chosen world


Piper’s assembled a team the “panty girls”, that dutifully fill the trademark fuchsia clothes with all their snatches need to offer. Her brother Cal reports the panties sold out on your website overnight, and she stands come make much more than the fifty bucks a popular music they’re currently charging.

Piper brings this news earlier to “love muffin” Alex that is as well distracted through Lolly’s bizarre behavior. “Nutty together a nut bar. Renders me happy I’ve acquired both mine feet on the ground” agrees Morello, mirroring a total lack in self-awareness.

Suzanne’s fans take it a minute to nitpick she “beautiful mind” inquiring around her writing process for “Time Hump Chronicles.” She reveals CO Donaldson is the catalyst for the renowned two-penised Admiral Rodcocker.


The universality the my work-related unites all the races.” Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren

Leanne insists Norma’s team needs to develop strict rules and structure in stimulate to do them appear much more serious. Poussey and also Soso agree that perhaps institutionalizing themselves together a funding “R” faith will simply take far from the time they have actually with Norma. “We still have to attend to the rest of the world and how they see us” says Leanne, who goes after Soso for her non-committal ways: from her attempt to save the world, eat pussy, and that she couldn’t even commit to gift “100% Asian.” “Why nothing you ‘not commit’ what else? No one desires you here anyways.”

We watch in her past that Leanne’s no stranger come shunning. After ~ going undercover because that the cops (presumably to avoid jail time) and sending several of the Elder’s kids to jail, she ostracized within she community, resulting in her family’s business to suffer. Having actually no other choice, she pipeline the place she for this reason loves in stimulate to save her parental from gaue won ruin.

Maintaining The Fantasy



Now they it is in calling yogurt key lime pie or coco cheesecake so girlfriend think, hmm, cheesecake, as soon as it’s the same gnarly curds it always was.” Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson

Suzanne gets a bout the writer’s block, “It’s favor I can see the words, however I can’t make them follow me.” A fan tries to gain closer to her by mentioning the polymorphously perverse, and also that she is “not alone.” Suzanne operation away from her brand-new friend.

Despite make the efforts to make nice, Alex doubt Lolly’s bring away a shard the glass native a broken greenhouse window so she deserve to shank her. Snooping though her bunk, Alex find the notebook Lolly’s been keeping containing her every activity with “Make your Move” composed in the corner.

Piper’s making moves of her own, when she goes to Stella to share the an excellent news that “prison bitches space the ripest.” Stella asks if Piper’s told any type of of this to Alex, i beg your pardon she hasn’t since “she’s busy”, or fairly psychologically unstable; therefore, annoying.

They plot come recruit more girls that room “into it” but what lock really want to carry out is find out if they’re into each other. Castle are. Castle kiss. Piper’s conflicted and shit, however that doesn’t protect against her indigenous leaning in for an additional steamy peck.

Real Reality


Parents Sophia Burset and also Gloria Mendoza walk at it as soon as Sophia storms into the kitchen, explain she “done for real this time” retracting her tranquility treaty v Gloria ~ hearing her kid was arrested because that the beating of one more boy. Gloria’s son Benny was existing at the incident and also Sophia take away this to median it was his fault, “I raised a sweet small boy that cried as soon as he discovered out there to be no Easter bunny, and also now he is a thug.”

Gripping a kitchen knife, Gloria cautions her to back off. Sophia’s lets her know her son can discover a ride approximately Litchfield from who else.

Aleida asks Gloria if she’s going to take shit from that “tranny bitch” and the real reason her young is fucked increase is since she has two mommies and also “one’s gained a pee-pee.” Gloria corrects her saying they’ve all checked out her “perky tiny cooch” however its apparent that for Aleida, once Sophia i do not care the victim of scrutiny her transgender identification is the an initial thing that becomes othered and targeted.

Some people aren’t cut out for believing.” Leanne Taylor

After Poussey tells Norma about Soso’s shunning, Leanne goes come apologize. Standing in her bunk, whereby roomie Chang soaks her feet in a mysterious red liquid, Leanne make the efforts to explain that comes from a religious beliefs that human being “like come shit on a lot” makes her framework crazy. You’d think Soso would be understanding, yet once she numbers out Leanne originates from Amish stock, the vision of she wearing a bonnet has actually her in a to the right of giggles. “You’re a weirdo” laughs Chang, and although Soso make the efforts to protect against her, Leanne leaves through a biting racist dismissal calling her a “half-breed.”

This no the just apology that doesn’t transpire; as soon as Sophia speak to her boy Michael on the phone to find out what happened, she quickly realizes that it was his fault. The beat increase the boy for going every “faggy” and also Benny ran away once it all started to walk down. Favor the Easter bunny—Sophia’s innocent small boy no exist. As soon as she following sees Gloria, Sophia states nothing, and also even despite she to be thinking about it, Gloria doesn’t apologize either.

Pennsatucky do the efforts to describe the principle of limits to clueless Charlie Coates. As soon as alone and feeding stale donuts to ducks, one innocent video game of fetch transforms ugly. Charlie yells at pen to keen in the mud to collect a piece, “I stated FETCH inmate.” He later pushes her up versus a tree and kisses her, yet she no kiss that back. “Right… boundaries” that says. She looks in ~ him wearily. The look at idiotic security is revealing self to be qualified of an ext than just slightly unprofessional fraternization.

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Out In The garden

Thus far, many of the flashbacks for characters include the reason for your incarceration. Regardless of learning a lot more about Leanne, her contextualizing scenes actually don’t incorporate anything around her crime. Yes sir a theory out there the she violated some kind of parole or house arrest by leaving her parents residence — yet does that account for time whereby she would have mangled her teeth?

Group favourite Judy King in the warm spot for she legal troubles and also salacious gossip about her love life, and also it looks prefer it could be feasible the way of living queen is headed for prison.

Anyone else gaining the Marina Abramovic-esque vibe native Norma’s magic touch?

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