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Adam from southern AfricaThe great days. A playback indigenous wayback!Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn November 18th 1964, Manfred Mann performed \"Sha La La\" top top the ABC-TV routine \"Shindig!\"...At the time the track was at #47 top top Billboard\"s hot Top 100 chart; and also eight weeks later on January 3rd, 1965 the peaked at #12 for 1 week...It gotten in the height 100 in ~ #71 top top Nov. 8th, 1964; and that same week their debut record, \"Do Wah Diddy Diddy\", was at #7.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn December 9th, 1964, Manfred Mann perform \"Do Wah Diddy Diddy\" top top the ABC-TV routine \"Shindig!\"...Four months earlier on respectable 30th it entered Billboard\"s hot Top 100 chart; and also on October 11th that peaked at #1 (for 2 weeks) and spent 13 mainly on the optimal 100... And on august 13th it got to #1 (for 2 weeks) top top the unified Kingdom\"s Singles chart...It was initially recorded through the Exciters, and also their version entered Billboard\"s warm Top 100 ~ above December 29th, 1963 and also it peaked in ~ #78...R.I.P. Jimmy O\"Neil (Shindig\"s host, 1940 - 2013).Teresa from Mechelen, Belgium\"Do Wah Diddy Diddy\", always a joy to hear this wonderful song. Among those created by Ellie Greenwich and also Jeff Barry. Ellie Greenwich died on august 26 2009 but her songs will certainly last 4 ever.Pat indigenous Albuquerque, NmI remained in the US military in the early on 70s. By that time, do Wah Diddy Diddy was a regularly used marching song. Thanks, invoice Murray and Harold Ramis for making use of this tune in Stripes! This was among the flicks that retained me sane until I perfect my term of service.Howard indigenous St. Louis Park, MnI remember listening the tune in two movies. The an initial was \"My Girl\" with Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Anna Chlumsky that sang the tune in the movie. The second and most remembered to be \"Stripes\" through Bill Murray as he sang it during an military march scene the was hilarious.Lester from brand-new York City, NyManny Lubowitz is still out there make music v The planet Band. I called a cat Manny after ~ Manfred.Jamie from Seaside, OrClarke: girlfriend don\"t have to be a particular age. I\"m twenty years old, and also I recognize this tune by heart!Pete indigenous Nowra, Australiaahhhhhhh your right ya a beer following time i check out youClarke indigenous Pittsburgh, PaIf you\"re the a particular age, ns think it need to be physically difficult NOT to sing in addition to this song.Caitlin native Binghamton, NyIt\"s Doo wah diddy diddy under diddy doNeil native MiddlesbroughThe Blue Melons walk a Ragga/Dance version in 1996Annabelle from Eugene, OrIs Manfred Mann the exact same as Manfred Mann\"s earth Band?Chrissy native Westmont, Ilthis track is oddTeresa native Mechelen, Belgium\"Do Wah Diddy Diddy\", simply love it. Thank you Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, you\"re just great.I also love the song you wrote v Phil Spector for the Crystals, the Ronettes ...and particularly the fabulous \"River deep, hill high\" that deserve to be taken into consideration as the masterpiece of Phil Spector. Ron indigenous Senatobia, MsActually, Pete, Harold\"s personality teaches the class \"Da Doo Ron Ron\". \"Do Wah Diddy Diddy\" comes later on in the film throughout a march.Mark from Hereford, EnglandManfed Mann come from southern Africa in the early on 60\"s and also joined in the R&B (Not that contemporary sh*t) motion that to be going on around the London clubs. He to be last heard of together Professor of renowned Music at part college - analysis , ns think. He uncovered a whole raft of musicians, most of who still tourism as the Manfreds. However they also spawned Gallagher & Lyle, McGuinness Flint and some various other bands. Far from being has beens, they perform a really great show, and the back catalogue of songs is outstanding. Go see.Doug indigenous Lake Mary, FlManfred Mann supposedly hated the manufacturing of this record, i m sorry ironically made them world-famous. If you\"ve listened to numerous of their album cut (blues/jazz-influenced and more musically sophisticated), it does make sense that they thought this tune was a \"puff-piece\". Pete indigenous Nowra, Australiain the movie Stripes ,which starred bill Murray anfd Harold Ramis, Harold\"s character teach a discover to speak english class, in one scene he had actually the course give an example of what they had they sang this songsee an ext comments
billy JeanMichael Jackson

Quincy Jones wanted to change the location of \"Billie Jean\" come \"Not mine Lover\" so that wouldn\"t be puzzled with the tennis star billie Jean King. Michael Jackson refused.

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BurnEllie goulding

Ellie Goulding\"s hit single \"Burn\" was originally demoed by Leona Lewis for she 2011 Glassheart album. She scrapped the tune once the project was retooled come include more ballads.

Hey NineteenSteely Dan

Steely Dan\"s engineer, roger Nichols, developed one the the an initial drum machines, i beg your pardon they provided on \"Hey Nineteen.\"

wherein Everybody Knows your NameGary Portnoy

The TV show Cheers was practically canceled ~ its first season, yet the template song, \"Where everybody Knows your Name,\" was an extremely popular. To fulfill viewer demand, the design template was made into a complete song and also released as a single.

DynamiteTaio Cruz

Taio Cruz throws his hands up \"sometimes\" in \"Dynamite\" because the tune was originally written around surrender.

AnacondaNicki Minaj

\"Anaconda\" was originally recorded by Missy Elliott in 2012, yet the rapper chose to shelf the monitor so it was re-recorded through Minaj 2 years later.

Leslie West of MountainSongwriter Interviews

From the cowbell on \"Mississippi Queen\" to recording through The Who once they gained the dorn Felix, story from one of rock\"s master craftsmen.

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Kim Thayil that SoundgardenSongwriter Interviews

Their frontman (Chris Cornell) began out together their drummer, so Soundgarden bring away a linear strategy when it comes to songwriting. Kim defines how they perform it.

take care of ShearerSongwriter Interviews

Harry is Derek Smalls in Spinal Tap, note Shubb in The Folksmen, and also Mr. Burns ~ above The Simpsons.

Petula ClarkSongwriter Interviews

Petula talks about her hits \"Downtown\" and also \"Don\"t Sleep In The Subway,\" and explains she Michael Jackson connection.

Motley CrueFact or Fiction

Was Dr. Feelgood a dentist? did the \"Crüecifixion\" really happen?

background Of RockSong creating

An interview with Dr. Man Covach, music professor in ~ the university of Rochester whose cost-free online courses have come to be wildly popular.