I am wanting to do a repeating crossbow construct for flavour, but, i cant help but think the a irradiate crossbow till crossbow mastery and also then heavy crossbow would do the task better. What provides repeating crossbows any kind of good?


A constant crossbow have to be reloaded ~ every shot. Loading a irradiate crossbow is a move action that provokes strikes of opportunity.

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A repeating crossbow deserve to be fired 5 times without reloading (pulling back the lever is a free action), yet loading a new case the 5 bolts is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Taking crossbow mastery offers the advantages of both, and also does no provoke AoO, but it bring away a while because that a character to fulfill all the prerequisites and also take it.

right yet if ns am doing quick reload and crossbow mastery anyway, what provides the Repeating Crossbow any far better than a hefty crossbow at the point?

a heavy repeater is for you if...

you'll never have actually a strength over 11.

you want a ranged weapon 'just in case'.

you've no on purpose of using tasks on her 'just in case', beyond the proficiency.

even climate it's very situational. Characters that dump strength rarely can afford to carry the weight about on the slim chance they'd ever before fire it. If my inquisitor v an 8 strength ever buys a auto of any kind of kind there's certainly going to be a hefty repeater under every window seat.

so, it is good for folks not focusing ranged is what you are saying? my char will most likely never have much more than a 10 or 11 strength, however still not seeing that beat a heavy, however it also isnt worse 보다 a heavy and i type of like the flavour you know?

I had actually an inquisitor focused on ranged combat, and my weapon of selection was a hefty repeating crossbow. It's an ok choice, due to the fact that it helps you with action economy at low levels prior to you have actually crossbow mastery. That is also cool to roleplay xD "five shots are much more than enough for me"

ya ns am reasoning of gaining it for the low-level help, and then maintaining it because, at that point why not? it isn't WORSE than any kind of other choice.

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I've got a character that started off at lvl 3 as a human 1 Bolt Ace/2 Slayer. I obtained a hefty repeating crossbow for complimentary and leveled come 1 BA/6 Slayer and also got Crossbow Mastery via a prereq-free format talent without ever before picking up fast Reload. Having a repeating crossbow indigenous the Bolt Ace (which is a very solid archetype because that a crossbowman) let me save that feat, despite the retraining rules can have done the same thing. At this allude with Xbow Mastery, the just different between heavy and also repeating hefty for me is that I've gained the latter enchanted and also Weapon Focus'd.

does this job-related though? correctly you can bypass the typical prereqs, but the bonus applies to whatever you took quick reload with as per the description, deserve to you truly just bypass that?