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Jose Scott native ArkansasI remember once this tune came the end in April 1980. Ns was recovering native a car crash and also shortly later my girl friend left me for another guy. Ns really could relate with this song earlier then. Now 41 year later, choose the song, my female friend never left my mind. Every time ns hear this song, i think of her.Tim from Columbus, OhioA truly good song, once I very first heard the I was in my car and also had to traction over as I cry my eyes out. Jennifur sunlight from RamonaJohn from Texas, I practically wished they quiet did that practice. After watching my late mom acquire ripped off after mine dad died, I have warned various other friends who as soon as someone in the household dies come watch out for that sort of thing. Sadly few of those who practice this space Funeral Parlors. Additionally I was never ever a large fan that George or the song, yet as i was reading these letters, i have the right to say that it reminds me that a good friend I had actually years ago(and not in a sex-related way) who died in a Tanker truck Explosion. Yes i never obtained over his death in some ways, so kris I never stopped loving you and also won"t tell ns die.Brad from las Vegas, NvCovered through Alan Jackson during George Jones" 80th birthday bash and funeral service.Andy from san Antonio, TxThe song can not have actually won "Song the the Year" in 1979 and 1980 since it was not released until April 1980. It won CMA track of the Year in 1980 and also 1981. Jones hated the track initially. He created in his autobiography, "I looked Billy square in the eye and also said, "Nobody will buy the morbid child of a bitch." Then ns marched out the studio door."Camille indigenous Toronto, OhThe classic country song. Sad, simple, pull-on-your-heartstrings lyrics v a what is dubbed "the story heat hook"; you have to listen come the indigenous to figure out why "today" to be the job "he quit loving her". I wasn"t a country music pan in 1980 as soon as this to be popular, but around ten years later I started to song in an ext to the genre, and also have get an impressive to evaluate what a an excellent song this is. As it can be around anyone from any walk that life is one reason it"s so great.Danielle native Mojave, CaThis song is so an effective it"s ridiculouse. I recenlty shed my very first love, and also best girlfriend to a suicide. He told everyone the he would never ever stop love me, increase umtil the work he passed. And also everytime i hear this track I still breakdown a little. Ok be having actually the note to this tune tattooed on my in his honor. Together an remarkable piece.Carrie from Dover, OhThis is the tune of mine life. Everyone who knows me will certainly agree. Mine High school sweetheart whom ns dated for 5-6 years and also was involved to but nver married never acquired over me which the let anyone know consisting of the ladies he finially married 15 year later. He told her she never had to worry around him due to the fact that the only women that would ever cheat top top her through or leaving her for to be me. However he knew ns would never do the so she didn"t need to worry. In truth when he remained in an accident that killed at age 42 i was the very first person she called due to the fact that she didn"t desire me to check out it in the paper. And also yes I checked out the funeral. Strangley sufficient I broke off our engagement in 1979. Shortly prior to this track came out.It haunts me come this day. How amazing I never ever stopped loving him either. I wanted it that way because i knew if us went on and also married the love would end.Stormy native Kokomo, InI"m no a big country fan, yet this song always brings tears to mine eyes. I"m certain that us all have that one true love that, for some reason, the love affair simply didn"t work-related out, yet thru our lives, looking back, we constantly wished that it would have. My great love was Diane "Di" Wilson Peterson. Understanding that this guy in the song ultimately quit love his one an excellent love since he passed away just really gets come me!Matt indigenous Anderson, ScPretty basic concept right here folks. His wife left the he never stopped loving her similar to he said. Loved her til the day he died. The tune touches top top heartbreak, and true love.Mark native Byrdstown, TnIn his autobiography George Jones said when he tape-recorded the tune he to be drunk and also when it concerned the spoken component he had to do it end 4 times prior to he got it right.Just before he taped this song George had been sleeping in his auto in a hotel parking lot...couldnt even pay his hotel bill and was booted ~ bottoming out on dope and also alcohol.This track won song of the year in 1979 and 1980 and the remainder ,as they say ,is history.George is so thankful to his fans for sticking by him and also shows it in every concert that gives.Ive viewed him number of times in concert and also he has actually THE nation voice of every time.The Ol" Possum is a good"en!John from mountain Antonio, TxSorry, Don, yet Mike is right. The song has actually nothing to perform with Tammy. George was rather reluctant to perform the song at very first because he assumed it as well sad for commercial success. As for the wreath - the referral is to a past custom of put a wreath (often black) top top the door that the home to indicate that someone had actually died. It would discourage salespeople indigenous encroaching top top the grief of those in the house.Karen indigenous Rolling Hills Estates, CaWe have debated the lyrics, "placed a wreath ~ above his door" many times, w/ differing opinions. Does anyone understand the to plan truth? Is the wreath being put on the door come his home, or top top the door to his casket?Mike Bradley indigenous Rome, GaNo, the is not about George and Tammy. That was created by Curly Putnam and also Bobby Braddock, not George. It was taken indigenous an idea that one of them obtained at a funeral, once they saw human being who was never ever "dressy" in a suit in the casket. One of them make the remark, "he is all dressed approximately go away". The song arised from that comment.Don from Orlando, FlInterestingly enough, this song is about tammy wynette. They had actually a really tumultuous relationship and also it has been rumored that "stand by your man" to be a comment on tammy staying with george through all his negative years...

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Until she left him. Hence the track "he quit loving her today".see an ext comments