—A fertile three-year player with an excellent football IQ, heavy route-running skills and a body form that permits him to beat up defensive backs and win regularly on 50-50 balls.

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—Loves the middle of the field and also doesn"t shy from safeties or linebackers on crossing routes. Have the right to handle traffic and press coverage v his 6"2", 221-pound size.

—Good body regulate when tracking the ball in the air. Can adjust his hips and also time his assault well.

—Willing come mix that up as a stalk blocker in the operation game. Gets downfield and also will lock up protective backs.

—Natural pass-catcher who looks the ball in cleanly and also has the record radius to assault the ball away from his frame.

—Has a an excellent body because that the NFL v a high-cut frame and athletic leaping an abilities to enhance long arms (32½").


—Questionable deep speed; struggles to pull far vertically and also can allow cornerbacks to close the void too conveniently on break routes. Time at 4.6 secs in the 40.

—Makes too numerous plays leaping for the ball as soon as he can stay planted and also look to choose up yards after ~ the catch.

—Lacks the acceleration to expand his selection as a route-runner. Needs precise quarterback and also doesn"t bail the end his passer with rate to run to poorly thrown balls.

—Limited ~ the catch because of hip tightness and a lack of speed.

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—Leaves the door open up too regularly for defenders to acquire ground. Needs to learn come work back to the ball an ext effectively rather of timing a jump or trying come outreach corners for the ball.

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