I think you should not develop this wonder on greater difficulty. In higher challenge ai build these wonders faster and only means I think you have a opportunity is by having actually high growth and also production tiles or use production stacking exploit, yet then girlfriend invested much more production on building this wonder 보다 military, growth or modern technology making you weak against anyone close come you in beforehand game.

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Just exactly how I indicate in the video clip cut down woods making use of builders. Usually, If I focus on the growing population in the lengthy term even in greater difficulties I construct this wonder ~ the great Bath. Just remove 3 woods for each wonder and also it will certainly take less that 5 turns to be built. The bonus in the long term is an excellent anyway in my opinion.

PS: ns playing just on delty difficulty

Hanging Gardens specifically is quite bad, yet I will often construct Temple the Artemis. Not plenty of AIs rush Archery (Nubia is the huge exception) and ToA is really valuable to have actually in your capital even with the late game. The placement necessity is also much more stringent 보다 Hanging Gardens, which many of the AIs will certainly probably have the ability to build -- although I have seen deity games whereby no one builds it before Medieval.

Of course if I have actually a threatening neighbor or a couple of city sites ns really want to settle, those things take priority.

The trouble with make the efforts to get Hanging Gardens is that many civs begin on rivers, and also thus have a very good chance to build this wonder. In addition most civs seem to research ceramic first, unless they go for Astrology. This way that adversary AI's unlock the ability to construct this wonder very early, when you're doing more important points (Stonehenge, settler spam, unit spam). Hanging Gardens is just a growth multiplier, the does nothing because that you in the short term, and usually the limiting aspect for urban is not access to food yet lack of real estate sources.

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The AI is terrible and builds every little thing wonders that has accessibility to, unless claimed AI is dealing with imminent danger. This wonder is just one of the couple of you should just let the AI develop - and then conquer it as soon as their hard work is done. There's no benefit to building this wonder choose Stonehenge, just for owning it. Old and timeless wonders are difficult for wonderwhores, since you just will no get every one of them - even China can't pump out enough builders and also settlers to build all 14 or so prior to one or more are taken. With no finicky placement requirements (ToA, Stonehenge) and no district requirements (G.Library, Terracotta, Mausoleum), this wonder go fast, and also has minimal impact anyway. Permit 'er go.