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TracyI deserve to hear the bellsPennyTracy, room you all right?TracyWell, don"tcha hear lock chime?PennyI don"t listen anything.TracyCan"t "cha feeling my heartbeat maintaining perfect time?And all since he...Touched meHe looked at me and also stared, yes heBumped meMy heart to be unprepared once heTapped meAnd knocked me off my feetOne tiny touchNow my life"s finish "cause once heNudged meLove put me in a fix, correct itHit meJust favor a ton the bricks, yes myHeart burstNow I recognize what life"s aboutOne little touchAnd love"s knocked me the end and,Tracy (& ensemble)I have the right to hear the bellsMy head is spinningI deserve to hear the bellsSomething"s beginningEverybody saysThat a girl that looks prefer meCan"t win his loveWell, simply wait and see "causeI can hear the bellsJust hear castle chimingI have the right to hear the bellsMy temp"rature"s climbingI can"t contain my joy"Cause i fin"ly uncovered the boyI"ve been missin"Listen!I deserve to hear the bellsRound oneHe"ll ask me top top a date and also thenRound twoI"ll primp, however won"t late becauseRound three"sWhen us kiss inside his carWon"t go all the wayBut i"ll walk pretty far!And then,Round fourHe"ll questioning me for my hand and also thenRound fiveWe"ll book the wedding tape so byRound sixAmber, much to your surpriseThis heavyweight championTakes the compensation and...I deserve to hear the bellsMy ears are ringingI can hear the bellsThe bridesmaids room singingEverybody saysThet a guy who"s such a gemWon"t look mine wayWell, the laugh"s on them "causeI can hear the bellsMy father will smileI deserve to hear the bellsAs the walks me under the aisleMy mom starts come cryBut i can"t check out "cause Link and IAre french kissin"Listen!I have the right to hear the bellsI can hear the bellsMy head is reelingI deserve to hear the bellsI can"t prevent the pealingEverybody warnsThat the won"t choose what he"ll seeBut I understand that he"ll lookInside the me yeah,I have the right to hear the bellsToday"s simply the begin "causeI can hear the bellsAnd "til fatality do united state partAnd also when us dieWe"ll look down from increase aboveRemembering the nightThat us two fell in loveWe both will certainly share a tearAnd he"ll whisper together we"re reminiscin"Listen!I have the right to hear the bellsEnsembleShe have the right to hear the bellsTracyI deserve to hear the bellsEnsembleShe have the right to hear the bellsTracyI deserve to hear the bellsEnsembleBum, bum, bum, bum!