Do you know what a herringbone necklace is, and also have girlfriend ever considered buying one? If you room interested in exactly how this kind of chain need to be worn and cared for, read on.

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What Is a Herringbone Chain Necklace?

A herringbone chain is a type of necklace comprised of thin, level metal segments. This segments are not straight yet are bend in the middle, forming a herringbone pattern.


Herringbone chain

The difficulty with Herringbone Chains

One the the biggest difficulties with this kind of necklace is the it kinks very easily. Since the chain segments room both flat and also thin, pulling the necklace a bit harder have the right to bend it.

And depending on what clothes you wear, the segments may also get recorded in it and twist, and as a result, the chain can conveniently be ruined.

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Pendants and Herringbone Chains: no a great Combination

Perhaps the most typical reason herringbone chains gain damaged is the a most people try to put pendants on them. These necklaces are an extremely fragile, and also any weight the pulls them down have the right to bend them.

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If you desire to add a pendant anyway, make certain it has a more comprehensive loop or clasp particularly designed because that a level chain.

Also, ensure the the pendant is together light as possible, and dismiss any big and hefty pieces.

Whatever girlfriend do, constantly keep in mind that these chains room not the best choice to have pendants on.

Don’t Wear your Chain Everywhere

Since herringbone chain are really vulnerable, you need to be mindful when friend wear your necklace.

In general, prevent putting your chain on once you room going come be engaged in a strenuous activity as the necklace can quickly be twisted or pulled once you relocate around.

Do no sleep v your herringbone necklace, or with any type of flat necklace for the matter. The is very easy to obtain your chain kinked when you turn over in bed.

Can a Damaged Herringbone Chain be Repaired?

Once you damages your herringbone necklace, you have the right to have that repaired, yet depending ~ above the problem, the chain may never watch the same.

If the chain is just bent, it can be straightened out and also flattened, yet the twisted ar will continue to be a weak spot. After part time, it can bend again much more easily, and the chain will certainly be susceptible to break there.

Another equipment is to have actually the damaged segment cut out and also the chain rejoined at whereby it was cut. However, the joint will certainly remain less flexible 보다 the remainder of the chain, and also the necklace will twist an ext easily approximately that spot.

As you deserve to see, attract a herringbone chain is a vulnerable matter. Make sure you manage this kind of necklace through care due to the fact that repairing it is a large hassle and also any solve will have limited success.

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Where to Buy a Chain Necklace?

For chain necklace, take a look in ~ the vast choice of chains available at Amazon.