If just reading the headline of this short article made friend wince, you’re no alone. Even if it is you’ve gotten a ball, foot, or knee come the groin before or not, it’s likely that just thinking about trauma come the area is enough to do you hunch over.

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“Honestly, childbirth tho wins together the worst pain, however this ranks ideal up there,” says Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., co-director in ~ The PUR Clinic, which specialization in urology and men’s health. “It absolutely will pains as lot as friend think that will.”

Why together sensitivity, particularly in a relatively small area? It’s all around the nerves.

The scrotum and testes space pretty much a nerve bundle, Dr. Brahmbhatt says. That’s great news if there’s part gentle touch there during sexy time, the notes. But when there’s a suddenly blow? not so much.

“Not just do you have the nerves in the area specifically, but the nerve pain radiates to various other parts the the body,” that says. Many notably, there’s usually pain in the stomach, and also that have the right to lead to nausea or also vomiting. (Here’s why the punch to her balls messes v your stomach.)

The connection originates from the your body develops, claims Dr. Brahmbhatt.

Your testicles begin their development near her kidney, creating a significant nerve that reaches from her abdomen under to her scrotum. Nerve pain—from, say, a poorly thrown baseball or a nephew wielding a Wiffle bat—doesn’t stay placed in the very same area, together it would adhering to injury to another component of the body choose a wrist or nose. Instead, there’s referred pain the radiates since of every the nerve connections.

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Fortunately, it need to be short lived—although it may not feel prefer that as soon as it happens. Dr. Brahmbhatt claims that pain must subside within 15 minutes. If you’re tho hunched over previous that point, he says getting come the ER.

Ongoing pain could be a authorize of a ruptured testicle, that notes, and also that may prompt internal bleeding. It could also indicate that the testicle has actually lost blood supply, and also that can lead to shedding one that your tiny guys down there. In some cases, the trauma could extend come the penis, causing pain and also swelling there.

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“The message here is that you shouldn’t wait if it’s been much longer than 15 minutes,” Dr. Brahmbhatt says. “Otherwise, it can lead to loss of the testicle, and also that would influence your fertility and testosterone levels, sometimes also sexual function.” (For an ext must-read info like this, sign up for our daily Dose newsletter.)

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