A boyfriend who felt that his girl friend was always forcing the to do things, including take the Goliath roller coaster journey at 6 Flags Magic hill in Valencia, California, division up through her mid-ride.

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It to be clear even at the start of the video clip that the girl loved the ride yet the guy was trying whatever he could to cling come the roller coaster like his life depended on it. The course, we could all argue the he might have favored not to take it the ride if he to be truly afraid, especially since as an adult no one might really pressure him to execute something the does not favor yet it was likewise true that a man would do anything (or try, anyway) to please his girl.


When the drive started, he began spewing nonsense things and also blurted out just how he desires to rest up with his girlfriend due to the fact that she was constantly forcing the to perform things. Also though the girl to be enjoying the ride and also screaming, she caught some of the words and realized that he had actually just damaged up v her in the middle of the roller coaster ride! The watch on her challenge was disastrous to check out as reality began to sink in. She to be no longer enjoying the ride.

This can go under the bowels of background as the most awkward break-up ever – because that how could anyone break up v his girlfriend throughout a roller coaster ride, anyway? he is crazy!

Watch the video clip and tell us what girlfriend think:


Roller Coaster

A roller coaster is a ride in ~ an amusement park or design template park. It provides use of the railroad mechanism of tracks and also wheels yet instead that tracks that lay flat on the ground or tenderness sloping up a hill prefer real trains use, the roller coaster could go on stunner loops and also steep climbs to included thrill.

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There space roller coasters that carry out not have loops or inversions while others have plenty of of these scattered along the track!

The stole Dragon 2000 is the longest roller coaster in the world; it deserve to be uncovered at Nagashima Spa land amusement park in Nagashima, Kuwana, Mie, Japan. The ride was opened on Aug. 1, 2000 and also continues to host the record to date.

Meanwhile, true come its name and theme, the Formula Rossa at Ferrari civilization in Abu Dhabi, UAE is the faster in the world. It deserve to accelerate approximately 240 km/h (149.1 mph) in just 4.9 seconds and races end a track size of 2.07 kilometres (1.28 mi), according to Guinness world Records. Amazing!