This gumball an equipment printable is so much fun! There space two execution of this printable. One variation is intended for dot stickers for toddlers and also preschoolers to discover their numbers and the various other version is empty so you deserve to use it with dot mite (also sometimes referred to as do-a-dots) or to color with crayons or markers.

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Our love of dot stickers started with this Chicka Chicka eight Boom alphabet period sticker activity. Next, we worked on our number 1-10 v an apple themed period sticker worksheet. Now that we are counting higher, i upped the ante to incorporate numbers 1-20. I’ve also included a blank gumball device printable as well. You deserve to use the empty printable together a coloring web page or a dot marker page.

Why dot stickers?

I love utilizing dot stickers to carry out learning tasks and crafts with my toddler and also my preschooler. They space easy, short mess, and low prep for me. I think my children feel a little much more independent due to the fact that they deserve to peel the stickers themselves (which is good for their fine motor skills). They’re an excellent for law educational tasks like this one or because that doing an innovative process artwork.

What item are necessary for this activity?

This activity is really low prep. You’ll need:

The cost-free printable gumball maker printable (see below)Dot stickersA black pen or mite (for adults to compose the numbers)Crayons or markers (to shade the gumball maker in with, if desired)

You can additionally print the blank version come use v dot mite or to color with crayons or markers. I’d love to hear your other fun concepts for utilizing the blank gumball maker printable in the comments below!

Need come grab part dot stickers?

Need come grab part dot sticker labels or various other supplies because that this activity? inspect out these an excellent finds ~ above Amazon.

How come download the gumball maker PDF

If sharing, please attach directly back to the site and also not the PDF. This will keep the printables easy to download v no email required.

To download and also print the gumball themed dot sticker numbers enhance up, click the download button below. This gumball maker PDF is cost-free for an individual use only, no advertisement reproduction of any kind is allowed.

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To download and print the empty gumball maker printable (for color or period stickers), click the download button below. This gumball an equipment PDF is totally free for an individual use only, no advertising reproduction of any type of kind is allowed.


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