Medically the review by Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D., specialty in dietetics — written by Chaunie Brusie — updated on October 12, 2017

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Acidity is figured out by the pH scale. Neutral is about 7 and anything under a pH that 4 is considered an extremely acidic. Many teas are mildly acidic, however some tests show that certain teas might be as low as 3.

If she a tea lover, you might wonder if this way your cup that tea is hurting your teeth. Fortunately, it’s mostly untrue. Home-brewed teas aren’t together acidic together fruit juices and also other drinks. The average human probably no drink sufficient acidic tea to damage their teeth.

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But this damage additionally depends on other factors, including:

the form of teahow girlfriend drink teahow frequently you drink teawhat you add to your tea

Read on to discover which species are the most acidic and the best ways to safeguard your this while quiet enjoying your cup of tea.

What is the pH level the tea?

The “safe” pH level of drink that won’t reason tooth damage is thought about 5.5.

TeaAverage pH level
chamomile, mint, fennel6-7
rosehip, blackberry2-3

In general, the an ext “sour” a tea tastes, the an ext acidic it’s most likely to be. Yet a Turkish research did find that fruit teas, which tend to it is in sweet, are an ext acidic than organic tea.

Other factors that influence pH level include:

how long you steep your teahow diluted her tea is additives like citrus flavoring, milk, and herbs

Adding an ext water, which has a pH level the 7, may decrease acidity.

Is tea much more acidic than coffee?

Black and green tea is usually much less acidic than coffee. One analysis found that coffee was less acidic 보다 lemon tea and an ext acidic 보다 black. Black color tea was discovered to have a pH the 6.37, while coffee had actually a pH that 5.35. The mountain level for tea and also coffee additionally depends on whereby you’re getting it from.

Is drinking tea harmful come your teeth or stomach?

According to the American dental Association (ADA), a pH between 2 and also 4 is considered very dangerous to your teeth. Many teas are nowhere in that range. The British dental Journal also found that pH levels restore around two minutes after drinking black tea. This really isn’t enough time to cause damage.

If you have sensitive this or are concerned about your teeth, you can adjust how you drink your tea. Because that example, drink cold teas v a straw.

Allow your teeth at least fifty percent an hour to harden increase again before brushing your teeth. Once you drink one acidic beverage, the enamel ~ above your this actually softens. Brushing her teeth appropriate away can damages the enamel.

Effects of mountain on her stomach

Research mirrors that natural teas may actually aid conditions favor acid reflux. Adding milk may help your stomach produce less mountain than plain tea, if you discover that plain tea irritates your stomach.

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can toddlers and also children drink tea?

Tea is a great alternative come sugary drinks and other beverages. Children can drink tea, yet you may want to avoid steeping teas for also long. The much longer the tea steeps, the an ext caffeine it will certainly contain.

While the United says doesn’t have actually guidelines about caffeine intake for kids, Canadian guidelines recommend 45 milligrams or less a day. It’s important to keep in mind that plain tea the is no fruity is beneficial. Including anything rather could readjust the mountain levels.

store in mind

If you have tendency to buy bottled tea, The American dentist Association put together a perform of the common types of bottled teas uncovered in convenience stores. If you a fan of fruit teas, try diluting them through water to rise the pH level.

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Be sure to visit your dentist for teeth cleanings and also checkups every six months. Black color tea can stain your teeth, for this reason if the bothers you, constant dental cleanings will certainly help. Other healthy, low-acid teas you might want to try include dandelion, ginger, saffron, and also holy basil (tulsi).

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Medically reviewed by Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D., specialty in dietetics — created by Chaunie Brusie — update on October 12, 2017

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