For sale online. Handmade in Greece classical Greek, roman statues, sculptures, figurines the the Olympian Gods and also Goddesses. Low Prices.

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3 Greek gods Dionysus (Bacchus) Hermes Apollo cast Alabaster frosting Sculpture figure

*MADE IN greece - HANDMADE - HAND PAINTED*Our developments are assets of top quality and also high a..

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6 Greek Goddess Hestia Aphrodite Hera Athena Artemis Demeter Statue figure

*MADE IN greek - HANDMADE*Dimensions (approximately):Height :16-17cm&..


Aphrodite Venus Canova Greek Goddess Erotic arts Nude mrs Statue Sculpture

*MADE IN greek - HANDMADE - really DETAILED *Our innovations are products of height quality and high aesth..


Aphrodite Venus De Milo Greek Goddess Handmade frosting Sculpture Nude female

*MADE IN greece – HANDMADE *Dimensions:Height: 23,5 cm (9.25 in)Net&nb..


Aphrodite Venus Genetrix Greek roman inn Goddess Statue figure Sculpture 9.84 customs

*MADE IN greek - HANDMADE- ΗAND PAINTED*Our developments are commodities of optimal quality and also h..

Apollo & Daphne Bernini God Greek naked Maiden cast Marble frostbite Sculpture 11 inch

*MADE IN greek - HANDMADE-VERY DETAILED*Our innovations are products of peak quality and h..

Apollo and also Daphne Greek roman inn Nude God actors Marble statue Sculpture 8.86 customs

*MADE IN greece - HANDMADE-VERY DETAILED*Dimensions (approximately):Height :  ..

ARES MARS Greek God that War cast Alabaster Handmade frosting Sculpture number 9.84 inches

MADE IN greek – HANDMADE Dimensions:Height : 25 cm (9.84 in)Wid..

Asclepius Greek God of medicine & Physicians cast Alabaster frosting Sculpture 8.8 inches

*MADE IN greek - HANDMADE -VERY DETAILED*Our developments are products of optimal quality and also high a..

Athena Minerva Greek roman Goddess Hand Painted frosting Sculpture number 9.65 inch

*MADE IN greek - HANDMADE- HANDPAINTED*Dimensions (approximately):Height :24,5&nb..

Athena Minerva Greek roman Goddess Medusa Shield frosting Sculpture number

MADE IN greek – HANDMADEsolid and heavyDimensions:Height : 33 cm ( 1..

Athene Goddess of Wisdom Athena Minerva Bust cast Marble statue Sculpture 9.84 customs

*MADE IN greece - HANDMADE-VERY DETAILED*Our inventions are assets of height quality and also h..

birth of Goddess APHRODITE Venus naked Female cast Alabaster statue Sculpture 8in

*MADE IN greece - HANDMADE - really DETAILED*Our developments are products oftop quality and also high a..

DEMETER Ceres Goddess mom of Nature actors Marble frosting Sculpture 13in

*MADE IN greek – HANDMADE*Our developments are commodities of optimal quality and also high aesthetics, handmade b..

DEMETER Ceres Goddess mother of Nature Fertility cast Alabaster frosting Sculpture

*MADE IN greece – HANDMADE*Dimensions (approximately):Height: 25 cm&nb..

Ancient Greek, Roman classical statues & old Greek pottery with the finest price in market.

We are a little group of tough working world with passion for Greek roman inn history, art and culture.

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All of ours statues, pottery and other artifacts you can uncover in our repertoire are handmade and also made in little workshops in Greece.