The Greek god the the skies is Zeus. As Greek god that the skies, Zeus is responsible for lightning, thunder, clouds, and rain. Most stories of Greek mythology describe Zeus as making use of his thunderbolt, yet one myth, in particular, speak us just how Zeus provided mortals rain.

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Zeus through eagle and lightning, Athenian red-figure amphora C5th B.C., Musée du Louvre

Zeus becomes God of the Skies

After the war in between the Olympians and the Titans, the victorious Olympians had actually to decision who amongst them would end up being god that the skies, god that the seas, and also god of the underworld.

In his wisdom, fairness, and also mediation that would certainly be viewed throughout his life, Zeus proposed the he and also his brothers Poseidon and also Hades, attract lots to determine which area each would rule.

Zeus attracted the skies, Poseidon drew the seas, and Hades attracted the underworld.

Zeus provides Mortals Rain

As Greek god the the skies, Zeus could manage the weather, though he regularly used his lightning and thunderbolt to let those recognize he was displeased v something they had done.

After the war v the Titans and also Zeus became the god that the skies, mortals gradually stopped praying to the gods. Mortals felt favor they had everything they needed and did not should pray come the gods because that anything.

Eventually, Zeus determined that mortals required to remember come pray to the gods and also not take things they had actually on planet for granted; food being among them.

To guide mortals to pray come the gods, Zeus took away the rain that allowed vegetation to grow, leading to a famine.

At first, mortals to be unaware the there to be a shortage the food because there to be plenty the food available before the famine began. ~ a while, the food ran out, and mortals began to pray. Since of your prayers, Zeus provided mortals rain to regain their harvest.

Mortals require a Sign once Rain is Coming

Titan Prometheus to be responsible for making mortals, therefore he was very close come them. Any type of time he could help mortals, Prometheus would execute it, and this has letting them know when rain is coming.

Mortals never knew as soon as Zeus would certainly send castle rain, therefore they had actually no way to prepare because that it or plan to store it when it came. Prometheus witnessed this struggle and also decided to aid them, for this reason he request his brothers Epimetheus to assist him.

As Zeus is the god the the sky and the skies is wherein rain comes from, Prometheus made decision that mortals need to look because that a authorize in the sky once rain is coming.

Prometheus creates the Clouds

Prometheus witnessed a lamb and also decided the he would usage its wool as the sign of rain. Prometheus took the structure from the lamb and also kept it until Zeus would certainly send rain. As soon as Zeus would send rain to the mortals, Prometheus would certainly throw the lamb’s wool right into the skies as a authorize that rain to be coming.

Zeus Punishes Prometheus and Epimetheus

Zeus did not appreciate Prometheus interfering with his an approach of giving rain come mortals. Zeus might not take the clouds indigenous the sky and decided that would have to punish Prometheus and also Epimetheus for your interference.

Zeus taken that Prometheus was bound to mortals and also desired to assist them, for this reason he punished him just and also fair. The gods agreed in Zeus’s decision that punishment for Prometheus and Epimetheus and also helped that execute his plan.

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Zeus and also the god turned Prometheus right into the sun and Epimetheus right into the moon. This way, they could continue to help mortals if being much away indigenous one another.