See these 26 educational an excellent Wall that China maps for great Wall locations approximately Beijing and also China now, and great Wall lengths in China’s history.

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Our good Wall maps cover whereby the main good Wall sections room in China today, indigenous Jiayuguan in China"s northwest to Shanhaiguan top top the east coast, through the most famous sections being approximately Beijing. Then our historical good Wall maps chart whereby the good Wall was built in the Ming empire (1368–1644) every the means back come state walls of the Chu Kingdom (c. 650 BC).

Where every the great Wall sections in China Are:

The good Wall the China in the Ming empire (1368–1644) began from Jiayuguan in ~ Ming China"s northwest frontier and ended in Hushan ~ above its Manchu/Korean border, crossing nine provinces and municipalities. The Ming an excellent Wall was over 8,500 kilometres (5,200 mi) long. See below for an ext location detail on the Beijing area great Wall sections, then Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan...

Where the great Wall is about Beijing

The good Wall north of Beijing is around 628 kilometres (390 mi), and also split into many sections. The famed sections include Badaling, Jiankou and also Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai. The take trip time diagram below shows which an excellent Wall sections north of Beijing have the right to be visited/hiked together. Uncover some principles on our great Wall hiking tours. 

Where the an excellent Wall in ~ Mutianyu Is:

The Mutianyu great Wall section is the ideal restored an excellent Wall section. That is much less crowded than Badaling"s. The hike to the Jiankou ar gets progressively steeper and also treacherous. The adjacent Jiankou section is original unrestored Ming empire wall.

Recommended Tours:

Where the an excellent Wall in ~ Jinshanling Is:

The Jinshanling an excellent Wall section is highly-recommended because that its revitalized and original good Wall architecture. The adjacent Simatai ar is also an extremely popular, though part of the classic hike between the two is currently not feasible due to minimal access.

Where the good Wall in ~ Jiankou Is:

The Jiankou an excellent Wall section is complicated to gain to, particularly by regional transport. It is the steepest section of the great Wall, and recommended just for adventurous fit hikers.

Recommended Tours:

Where the an excellent Wall in ~ Simatai Is:

The Simatai an excellent Wall section is well-developed because that tourism, reopened recently with better facilities and also access. It"s famed for its cable leg linking come the Jinshanling section, and also its steep ridge section, i beg your pardon is currently off limits. Not all of the Jinshanling hike is possible due to minimal access.

Where the great Wall at Badaling Is:

The Badaling great Wall section receives 70% of all good Wall visitors, so it have the right to get really crowded. However, its popularity is not without cause, as it guarded the most delicate route come the capital. Many Badaling tours include a visit to the Ming Tombs, to watch the combine the Ming Dynasty"s an excellent engineering feat v the burial places of the kings who bespeak it. 


Where the Shuiguan and also Juyongguan great Wall part Are:

Unless girlfriend really desire to check out the Shuiguan good Wall section, prevent being conned right into a visit instead of nearby Badaling. Juyongguan is a good Wall fort occupying the key valley resulting in Beijing from the northwest.

Recommended Tours:

Where the great Wall Is in ~ Huanghuacheng:

The Huanghuacheng great Wall section offers reservoir-side hiking, original Ming wall, and also submerged great Wall sections, only around 1½ hrs from Beijing.

Where the an excellent Wall in ~ Baimaguan Is:

The Baimaguan good Wall section is mainly gone, but there space some interesting good Wall towers and also relics about the town of Baimaguan. However be ready for some hiking. Baimaguan deserve to be accessed via Miyun County using public transport, or much more conveniently using private transport straight from Beijing.

Recommended Tours:

Where the good Wall at Gubeikou Is:

The Gubeikou great Wall section interestingly has actually original wall surface from the Ming Dynasty and the north Qi dynasty (556 AD), though little of the latter is intact. Gubeikou is a little town in a hilly countryside district, so we recommend the you arrange private transport from Beijing. The is not possible to hike to/from Jinshanling early to limited access.

Where the an excellent Wall at Huangyaguan Is:

The Huangyaguan great Wall section is in Tianjin Municipality, yet is tho closer come Beijing. It has actually fully-reconstructed good Wall and several interesting tourist features. The is the site of the official an excellent Wall Marathon.

Where the great Wall fort Is in ~ Jiayuguan:

The Jiayuguan good Wall Fortress is just west of the far city the Jiayuguan in China"s northwest. It was the western-most garrison that the an excellent Wall, noting the edge of China in the Ming era. The first Abutment that the good Wall is half an hour through bus come the south, because that those who desire to view where the great Wall began.

Where the Hanging great Wall Is at Jiayuguan:

Jiayuguan"s "Hanging great Wall" section is a reconstruction constructed on a perilously steep ridge with display screens of Silk roadway life below it.

Where the an excellent Wall Is at Shanhaiguan:

The main Shanhaiguan Fort, in the city of Shanhaiguan, guarded the eastern end of the great Wall, and the northeastern pointer of the Ming empire. It"s around 300 km eastern of Beijing. The Shanhaiguan an excellent Wall section blockaded the seaside plain native Jiaoshan hill to the sea at Old Dragon Head.

Recommended Tours:

Where the great Wall Is at Shanhaiguan"s Old Dragon Head

Shanhaiguan"s ‘Old Dragon Head" great Wall is the highlight seaward finish of the good Wall, which extends out additional than the lowtide mark. The smaller ft there was a crucial seaside defence in the Ming era.

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Great Wall history Maps — wherein the good Wall to be Built

The "Great Wall" was built from the (Pre-) Warring States duration (about 600 BC) come the Ming Dynasty. During the Warring states Period, seven states built their own protective walls.

The northern state walls were connected in the Qin empire to form the first true great Wall. China"s north border wall changed location substantially in subsequent empires though some sections to be reused. 

Follow the course of the an excellent Wall in an essential dynasties and states back in time, indigenous the most recent Ming an excellent Wall back to the very first Great-Wall-like wall surface of the Chu Kingdom: