Some time ago, ns encountered a one-of-a-kind drama I had never checked out before. It to be an adventurous tomb raiding drama keeping me ~ above the sheet of my seat and giving me an i can not forget viewing experience. It to be Tomb the The Sea.

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You should recognize Tomb the The Sea is not the an initial installment the its drama series. Hence I was very confused about watching it. But due to the fact that I have actually watched every installments now (I'm in the center of city hall the last one), I determined to compose a overview for other very first time viewers who could shy away from this tomb raiding gem due to the fact that they don't know some things or because it contains so much content and they don't know where to start. Welcome come the human being of Chinese adventure!

Please keep in mind the spoiler tag! Do no casually go over the if you execute not want any spoilers! i tried maintaining it as spoiler-free together possible, though.


The shed Tomb is a 2015 Chinese drama that obtained quite the popularity back when the premiered. It began the drama adaptation of the internet novel Daomu Biji or Grave Robbers Chronicles by Xu Lei. The producers room planning to do 8 periods of it, but it is complicated to get precise information top top this, for this reason we have to take it together we acquire it. The entirety Grave Robbers Chronicles people is currently built indigenous the dramas The lost TombThe Mystic NineThe lost Tomb 2Tomb that The Sea, the upcoming The shed Tomb 3 and the movie Time Raiders. Note here that the movie does tell a story collection in the very same world but is not component of the main drama series (it's like a remake), for this reason I will not include it in this guide. The collection also contains a many of internet movies which i admit, ns did not watch (yet).

The goal of this overview is for one, you can enjoy the tomb raiding without gift confused about everything, and also two, for you come start with any installment friend want.

Note: This overview will be for the series adaptation and not because that the novel itself. Unfortunately, I have not obtained the satisfied of reading the novel. 


Why space the Grave Robbers Chronicles so complicated?

One reason is the reality that the relax order is various from the chronological stimulate of the dramas. Here a brief overview of the difference:

Confused yet? For all our sanity's sake, this overview will use the chronological order. While I execute recommend sticking to one of the order above, you deserve to start with any installment. In general, the display does beat of its other dramas, but flashback scene are constantly re-shot with the brand-new actors therefore you deserve to keep up. It's really funny picking out hints and Easter egg though. I actually uncovered myself screaming joyfully at a few of them.

I carry out not recommend beginning with Tomb that The Sea though because it is full of references to The Mystic Nine do it complex to know if you have actually not watched The Mystic Nine

What is the various other reason why this series is therefore complicated? due to the fact that the whole series follows the rule of reappearing characters but re-casting actors. This way you will often re-encounter characters, yet they will be play by various actors. This has the benefit of giving the characters an actual emotion of character development, and showing different aspects with every actor/actress. While at first, ns was on edge around it, i really think it's one interesting set up for a series. It just gives something come the characters you don't normally see: the feeling of someone growing older and more experienced end time.

They did re-cast a many supporting characters for the upcoming The lost Tomb 3, therefore let's see how it goes.

(Zhang Ming En is one of simply two actors re-cast because that the same main character)



What is the totality Grave Robbers Chronicles about? that starts with the collection up the the Old nine clans in the 1930s. Ripe prestigious families of traders, businessmen, thieves, and also explorers. They (not so) secretly regime over the region of Changsha and combine not just their individual toughness but also money, military, mystic arts, and pretty much unlimited resources. ~ this is discover in The Mystic Nine, we jump to modern times and the descendants of the Old nine clans, specific Wu Xie. The is the last descendant of the Wu family and grew up an extremely treasured (not spoiled though). One day, he complies with his third uncle to a tomb-raiding adventure and also meets Zhang Qi Ling of the Zhang clan and Wang Pang Zi, one easy-going yet experienced tomb raider. The Grave Robbers Chronicles show Wu Xie cultivation into an skilled tomb raider with his friends and also solving the tricks behind secret tombs and the Old ripe clans themselves. Crucial topics in the series include loyalty, betrayal, sacrifice, patriotism, and also life and also death.

After clearing up the general information, allow me give you a brief overview the the drama summaries (spoiler-free).


The Mystic nine (2016)

The Mystic Nine tells the story of the Old ripe clans v a focus on the reigning Zhang clan and their leader Zhang Qi Shan (William Chan) and also his fight versus a threat endangering every one of Changsha and the survival of the ripe families. Even though that aired after The lost Tomb, it describes a many the earlier story of the clans and also in every the shows after you will watch a lot of hints to this drama and also its key character.

It is, simply by the way, among the most-watched tv series in China.


The lost Tomb (2015)

Wu Xie (Li Yi Feng) repurchase a mysterious artifact and also manages come tag along on one of his uncle's tomb raiding adventures for the very first time. That meets the secret Zhang Qi Ling (Yang Yang), and the upbeat Wang Pang Zi (Liu Tian Zuo) and also his life are about to adjust forever as they check out a mysterious tomb and the ancient Seven Stars Palace.


The lost Tomb 2 (2019)

Wu Xie (Neo Hou) cannot escape his fate the adventure, and when his uncle walk missing, that reunites v his girlfriend Zhang Qi Ling (Cheng Yi) and Wang Pang Zi (Zhang Bo Yu) to find him. They job-related together to deal with the mystery of the underwater tomb, which appears strangely connected to their exploration of the 7 Stars Palace. With each other they confront off against dangerous creatures and businessmen alike.


Tomb the The Sea (2018)

Set year after the previous stories, we readjust the allude of watch to Li Cu (Leo Wu), an ordinary high college student who someday gets a mysterious carving top top his ago and meets Wu Xie (Qin Hao) that takes him into the desert to uncover the forbidden city of Gutong Jing.This series does function a grown-up Wu Xie together the main character however switches the leading allude of check out to Li Cu. 

The shed Tomb 3 (upcoming)

After settling down and also wanting come live a common life, the adventure comes ago to find for Wu Xie (Zhu Yi Long) and also his friends and may finish a mystery that began in their original exploration of the 7 Stars Palace. This is set to be a continuation as well as a reboot come the collection at the very same time.

THE secret OF THE ripe CLANS

The Old ripe clans only appear in full in The Mystic Nine but are repeatedly mentioned or reappearing in the other installments. Throughout Mystic Nine times, the clans space Zhang, Er, Li, Chen, Wu, Hei, Huo, Qi, and also Xie. In the order and yes, there is in reality an order. :) every one of the clans are recognized for different reasons and also have various characteristics. I will only define the most prominent and most crucial features.


The Zhang family: Their beginning is unknown (for now). All members stay a tattoo that a Qilin creature on their body, only visible as soon as their skin gets heat (it provides for a an excellent body display off, believe me). They have actually mysterious strength in their blood as well as their hands. As revealed during the series, they room immortal and also do no age. They have the right to still dice of various other reasons, though.


The Wu family: Notably Wu Xie's family. The household is known for increasing dogs and also being maybe to make them follow all their commands (they do care well because that them too, definition - don't try to steal their dogs. Yes, who tried). The old head Wu Lao Gou had actually three sons, but only one married and also had a son, make Wu Xie the sole successor of the family.

The Huo family: even in Mystic Nine times, they did not deal well through the power of the Zhang family and also wanted to take the lead. They are the Zhang family's many notable competitor in the nine clans in the whole series and are also the just clan who has actually mostly mrs leaders. 

Originally at their strongest before and during Mystic Nine times, they later changed their surname to nine Clans combination to fit modern-day standards.

THE characters

Like i said, countless main personalities get re-cast v each drama, hence I am only presenting the names you need to remember whatever challenge they might have. 


Zhang Qi Shan (William Chan)The Mystic Nine (main), Tomb of The Sea (mentioned/appears indigenous behind), The shed Tomb 2 (mentioned)

He is the leader the the Zhang family as well as the Old nine clans. He also has command over the army in Changsha. Some world call the Fo Ye, Zhang Da Fo Ye or master Buddha due to the fact that he managed to carry a lot of feet high buddha statue right into his front yard over one night, providing himself a respect but likewise feared reputation. He functioned his way up to the leader the the clans from scratch and is very an excellent as an explorer but additionally has great combat and shooting skills. He end up being rather of a family members name even for later on generations that the clans. (Image: The Mystic Nine)

Zhang Ri Shan (Zhang Ming En)The Mystic Nine (supporting), Tomb of The Sea (main/supporting)

Member of the Zhang clan, a loyal commander under Zhang Qi Shan and inherits the position as the leader the the Zhang family and also the ripe clans native him. That is expert in combat, knows exactly how to spot traps, solve riddles, and also while in the Mystic Nine that is just a typical soldier, that turns colder and more mysterious in Tomb of The Sea. He is just one of just two actors who were re-cast as their character and also appeared in multiple drama installments. (Images: The Mystic ripe / tomb Of The Sea)


Wu Xie (Li Yi Feng, Neo Huo, Qin Hao, Zhu Yi Long)The lost Tomb 1-3 (main), Tomb the The Sea (main)

As the youngest descendant and sole "heir" that the Wu family, he is the hope of his clan. Initially an innocent and also easy-going playboy, he alters over time and also becomes a dependable tomb explorer. He becomes best friends through Zhang Qi Ling and also Wang Pang Zi and continues exploring tombs v them throughout his life. After enduring some tough times, he also develops a shrewd side to self that makes him much more manipulative and also sarcastic. More than once, his friend ask "Where walk the innocent and naive little Wu Xie go?" that cares significantly for his friends and family and, in the earlier years, is largely looked after ~ by his more experienced comrades. That learns much more combat an abilities in the later years however has always been the finest at resolving mysteries and inventive thinking. Various from his family, he constantly sends the discovered relics come museums and galleries rather of selling them. (Images: The shed Tomb 1-2 / dig Of The Sea / The shed Tomb 3)


Zhang Qi Ling (Yang Yang, Cheng Yi, Xiao Yu Liang, Huang Jun Jie)The shed Tomb 1-3 (main), Tomb the The Sea (cameo)

The youngest descendant that the Zhang family. He to be taken native his "normal" mom when he was a baby and also is on a find to uncover out more about his family members background. He share the same mysterious strength in his blood and also hands as normal v the Zhang clan. Although initially cold, he grows really fond the Wu Xie and also Wang Pang Zi and also continues experimenting with them. Particularly in the previously years he frequently has come rescue Wu Xie native trouble yet has a most respect because that Wu Xie's protective side end his friends and family. He is professional at combat and other physics activity, as well as finding concealed traps and mechanics. He often tends to randomly dis- and also reappear, making Wu Xie too many worried around him. (Images: Time Raiders / The lost Tomb 1-3)


Wang Pang Zi (Liu Tian Zuo, Zhang Bo Yu, Chen Ming Hao)The lost Tomb 1-3 (main), Tomb the The Sea (supporting)

He is an easy-going and open-minded explorer and a faithful friend to Wu Xie and Zhang Qi Ling regardless of their distinctions in character. That is experienced in fighting and also explosives. Wang Pang Zi frequently helps to save Wu Xie grounded and stops that from reckless decisions. His character carries a huge part of the comedy in the dramas without outright being a character solely for comic relief. He is refreshing together he is easy going but not plain stupid around everything. The does think rationally and also often bring away advice native the others. 

Zhang Bo Yu did appear as the same character in Time Raiders and The lost Tomb 2, but since I claimed I'm largely counting the dramas, I carry out not count it together re-casting. Chen Ming Hao from Tomb the The Sea is collection to reappear together the same character in the upcoming The shed Tomb 3 though. (Images: Time Raiders / The shed Tomb 2-3)



Li Cu (Leo Wu)Tomb that The Sea (main)

He to be a regular high college student prior to a secret man sculpted a weird pattern into his back. Afterward, the meets Wu Xie, who kidnaps him and takes him to a shed city in the desert. Regardless of his problems with Wu Xie in the beginning, they grow fond of every other, and also Wu Xie becomes rather of a mentor because that him. Multiple characters note the Li Cu reminds lock of a younger Wu Xie, also Wu Xie's grandmother reasoning he might be the guy's covert son (one that the finest scenes ever). While nice naive and somewhat dumb in the beginning, he learns to usage his suffer with Wu Xie and also to think prior to he acts. (Image: Tomb that The Sea)

Other characters you should remember are Wu san Xing, Wu Xie's 3rd uncle and additionally a dig raider, Ning, a tomb-raiding mercenary who periodically works v Wu Xie, and Hei Yan Jing, a expert fighter and also (supposedly - ns still cannot believe it) blind man constantly donning black glasses.


A lot of human being are criticizing the series, and I do understand why. There is so lot story in every of this dramas that periodically there are plot feet as huge as China. Although store in mind, few of them are solved in other installments reflecting that they are interconnected in some way. Also, it functions the usual unreasonable action for all our non-experienced dig raiders (let's run straight right into danger, why not?). Additionally, the story speed is all over the location in part episodes that The Mystic Nine and also Tomb that The Sea. sound awful? Don't worry, I'm acquiring to the an excellent stuff now. :)


While it has actually its poor sides, it also features many good things. It mirrors a suspenseful, adventurous experimenting we only recognize from movie such together Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean. It functions some Chinese background background, thorough sets and also costumes, interesting and also noticeable personality development, sometimes great CGI, enthralling and stable acting, mystery and riddles, and also a people full of stories to discover. In general, you will feel like you are watching a Chinese drama version of Indiana Jones with method more intriguing characters (which, that course, also means it's much longer than your median movie, yay).Oh, and also the comedy. The comedy might not it is in the main function of the series, yet some the the glares and conversations these world have are just a yellow mine because that laughs.


The Grave Robbers Chronicles also offers dark tombs, intriguing traps, and hard to reach treasures and also is sustained by an excellent visual pictures to present lost cities and also forgotten graves, making the a satisfaction journey right into the unknown.

This series is certainly my favourite fictional universe since a details wizard indigenous the UK make his way into my heart. Ns love the it spans lot of years, includes hints and also signs that the various other installments every around, and also builds a world for itself. And also the soundtrack is simply the cherry on top of it all.


I understand this has actually been a lot of complex information, yet I make the efforts making the as short as possible while likewise understandable. Yet here is the important question, is it worth it? Is it worth watching these dramas also though there is so much background information? for me, over there is a basic answer: YES.

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Grave Robbers Chronicles builds a world roughly the Old nine clans and also its descendants and makes you want to explore it more, watch where the characters go and how they invest their life. So, if you require a rest from the usual melodramas, tragedies, rom-coms, historical and political dramas, sign up with me because that a ride with the Grave Robbers Chronicles world and also enjoy part tomb raiding!

The series is accessible online with official links and also English subs. You have the right to find every one of them ~ above Viki, or likewise on Youtube and also WeTV. Because that Tomb that The Sea, I perform recommend the WeTV one due to the fact that that is the only one fully subbed.

What perform you think about this series? execute you support interconnected dramas in general? space you walking to watch the Grave Robbers Chronicles? Feel complimentary to share your opinion below and do no hesitate come ask much more questions!

Edited by: Yuanwei (1st editor), BrightestStar (2nd editor)