For the past 25 year White wolf has carried us great game lines native Wraith the Oblivion to Cavaliers of Mars, and a couple of games around vampires and werewolves too. Space you looking to suffer everything—and I mean everything—that White wolf offers? climate grab your nearest wad of cash, any selection of trench-coat, and also get come the grand Masquerade in brand-new Orleans.

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Held this upcoming September 1st thru 5th at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, this convention is devoted to every White wolf Game. Ticket pre-registration is already closed, yet you have the right to still buy ticket at the door as soon as you arrive. Unfortunately lodging at the Astor is sold out, but the French 4 minutes 1 has many places come stay, and also serves together the perfect backdrop for this homecoming anniversary event.

Tickets have actually a different tiers that access. From Neonate, the lowest level, come the Methuselah level with VIP parties and private tables at events. If you are just swinging by because that the weekend yet want to have actually fun, acquire drinks, play gamings then struggle the club at night—grab the Ancilla pass.

Special Events

Tours by mr Chaz: also though the convention is collection at the hotel, you can still take it a ghost and also vampire tourism of brand-new Orleans. Sign up with master storytellers because that an incomparable walk with the roadways of the French Quarter and an comprehensive examination of the grim and also darker next of the citiesmagical history.

Vampires & Vino or wolves & Whiskey: these special occasions will enable you to reap tastings of Lagavulin 16 or vintages of wine while you comment on the future that Mind’s Eye Theatre with game creators and also writers.

The Succubus Club: “Sleep all day, party every night. Never thrive old. Never Die.” — The lost Boys. All the sister of Mercy and industrial music you could crave while friend dance and swap video game memories v everyone. (Just don’t be that guy who talks around your character). White wolf knows exactly how to throw a party and their ~ hour events at any convention space worth the trip and the price of admission alone.

Gaming and Main Events


Old and brand-new players alike will find something that fits your style. The convention includes everything indigenous panels, tabletop games, costume contests, and also character workshops. LARPing, however, is one of the best draws for the convention. This year, they are presenting a more immersive layout of Nordic LARPing, check out the panel and see any spots open up for the coveted end of the heat LARP.

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For the other LARP events, you have actually a few different options in rules sets, the revised mechanism or the By Night Studios system. Their differences would take an entire article, so because that the benefits of brevity I’ll sell this instead: every the LARP games being run—regardless the system—are attached to national organizations. Any character girlfriend make deserve to be taken back home, enabling you to partake in the larger meta plot no matter where friend live, or most any convention.

I’ve uncovered the quickest way to get affiliated in a Vampire the Masquerade LARP is come walk in, find the nearest vampire dubbed a Lesser Harpy, and also indebt yourself to them. You’ll acquire a mission, or a task, and have roleplaying plotline for the remainder of the night, weekend, or the next decade…

Are you going to the grand Masquerade? What perform you feel the best way is come get connected in a LARP? Tell united state your stories!