In various other words, deserve to I inspect a paper and recognize if it has been compressed under to High high quality or if it's tho Original?

Does the resolution change? The dpi? What in the metadata can I look at and how would certainly I know?


Take a look in ~ this article and play around with the sliders in it

For her questions around the metadata, ns would try to upload one of each and check.

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Depends ~ above the quality of the original photo. If you take it a 2K+ photo, and you set Google Photos to High quality uploading, then Google picture will resample the photograph to 1K.

Look in ~ the details or properties of the photo. It will tell you record size, and also pixels.

What does 2k and also 1k express to?

Does Google Photos mitigate the number of pixels or something else? If the reduces the number of pixels, does the resize all photos down to the very same x pixels by y pixels? If for this reason what is the brand-new resolution? If not, go it reduce the number of pixels until it's just under a certain record size or something?

In High Quality. Photos room compressed to specific 16 MP in resolution.

More over it shed details and also smooth out.

Lower MP photos will additionally be compressed.

To be exact, photos space resized to 16MP in resolution, if they're larger. But they're constantly compressed.

In other words their sized will be shrunk to a maximum of 16MP and they'll be handle to take up less space.

OQ: Your document is constantly stored as-is regardless of format, size, kind (image/video), etc. If friend redownload the contents every byte in the document will enhance what you uploaded. It's just like Drive as soon as using OQ.

HQ/StorageSaver: her media is compressed. For images, most people would not have the ability to distinguish in between the upload and also stored files, and even because that the human being that can distinguish between the two, it would certainly be challenging without a side by side. The resolution will certainly also adjust if the photo exceeds 16 megapixels (in which situation it will be downsized come 16MP). For videos, the impact of the compression is fairly a bit more obvious and the resolution will also change if the video exceeds 1080p (in which instance it will certainly be downsized come 1080p).

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Google image is a photograph sharing and also storage service arisen by Google. In its totally free tier, Google image stores unlimited photos and videos approximately 16 megapixels and 1080p resolution respectively.