Highland Park"s cocktail scene proceeds to flourish with an excellent Housekeeping, where classic libations room sipped in a charming, life room-esque space

Good Housekeeping is what happens as soon as you placed a standard cocktail lounge in Highland Park. In this ever-changing neighborhood, curious imbibers can find the drinkery native Spirit pet Group’s Nicholas Krok, Ryan Duffy and Jeremy Simpson inside a converted garage off an alleyway behind coffee shop Birdie. Stop right there if you space getting also the teeniest inclination that this is a speakeasy; instead, the twinkle-lit courtyard and also homey interior combo conveys a downright neighborly feel. Prepare come be welcomed with open arms nevertheless of even if it is you live in ~ walking street or room traveling from more afoot. The course, there"s many of eccentricity too, in the form of one alt-J-inspired playlist, a hip-bordering-on-quirky clientele and also some genuine funky swills. We average that in the best way, choose a charcoal-filtered Manhattan or a Boulevardier made v strawberry-infused Campari. Would certainly you suppose anything less than three males trained under Julian Cox? and also the best part: no crowds. Because that real.

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Good for: A wholly laid-back watering hole with superb libations come boot. The neighborhood is no going to be happy with us, since we’re letting friend in on your best-kept secret. There are plenty of ways to enjoy good Housekeeping: You might cuddle up v a loved one under the twinkling lamp outside, gather her favorite cocktail-loving friend in a booth or saddle as much as the marble-top bar and glean as much mixology expertise as friend can prior to the place shuts down for the night.

The scene: Cocktail novices and enthusiasts alike, persons on dates and seasoned locals all settle nicely into the charming life room-esque space. The vibe is chill—so chill you might be tempted to loss asleep. Dim lighting and also cozy banquettes will perform that to you, along with the mighty delicious yet subtly strong drinks.

Drink this: The Daiquiri No. 1 ($12). What provides this twisted on a tried-and-true standard so one-of-a-kind is the usage of chartreuse, which lends a unique, natural touch. The Farmer’s industry Fix ($12) made v seasonal fruit (plum on ours visit) both muddled and also chopped as a garnish, appears to please just around every palate, to add it’s totally refreshing. A mix of fresh lemon juice, evaporated cane sugar and also bourbon poured end crushed ice, the settle is a triumphant year-round refresher. That course, most everyone in the bar was ordering the Paloma ($12)—a tall and only slightly smoky mix the lime, bell pepper, mezcal and also a house-made sea salt tincture, topped with cracked black color pepper. It’s indeed one the the many original palomas you’ll ever before have. We’d it is in remiss not to point out the Horse’s Neck ($12), a rye-based soda cocktail that’s both sweet and tangy and also somehow tastes favor fall.

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Our tip: You might awkwardly endeavor through café Birdie to obtain to the ago patio, or we learned after the fact that you can just enter from the alley. Want to know something nice cool? every one of the vintage glassware has actually been sourced native thrift shops. Another good perk about the bar being whereby it is: Parking is never ever a problem. Maybe don’t drive though, simply so you can really sample the full range of libations here.