Well, right here we are. Critical May, Gloryhammer released their 3rd album, Legends from past the Galactic Terrorvortex. As shortly as it dropped, I started my campaign to know the whole Gloryhammer saga. As such, I’ve been releasing a ideas in steel every week for the previous three weeks with varying degrees of success. This is a high initiative series. Saying I’ve to be busy would be a bit of one understatement. If you haven’t seen the ideas in steel on one of two people of those 2 albums, I’ll include links come them here:

Concepts in Metal: Gloryhammer, story from the Kingdom that Fife

Concepts in Metal: Gloryhammer, room 1992: climb of the Chaos Wizards

But now we’re here. The critical of the three albums. And I’ll it is in damned if i went through all of that time working on the previous albums just to not do this one. So let’s jump right into the album and see what’s going on.

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Gloryhammer, Legends from beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex

Legends from past the Galactic Vortex is the third album from Gloryhammer. The album was released on might 31st, 2019, through Napalm Records. The album has actually 10 tracks and a runtime that 50 minutes. The album’s concept continues straight from the occasions of the band’s critical album, room 1992.



01.Into the Terrorvortex that Kor-Virliath

02.The Siege the Dunkerd (In Hoots us Trust)

03.Masters of the Galaxy

04.The floor or Unicorns

05.Power of the Laser Dragon Fire

06.Legendary intensified Jetpack



09. Battle for Eternity

10. The Fires of old Cosmic Destiny

Members on Recording:

Thomas Winkler – Vocals

Christopher Bowes – Keyboards

Paul Templing – Guitars

James Cartwright – Bass

Ben Turk – Drums

Story breakdown & my Opinions

The story of this album proceeds directly indigenous the events of room 1992. Together such, there will certainly be spoilers for the album throughout this blog. Therefore if girlfriend haven’t read it, you’ve been warned.

We start precisely where us left off in room 1992. Throughout the fight between the space Knights that Crail and also the demons top top Mars, Relathor came to Angus and also the Hootsman come warn castle of Zargothrax’s plan on Earth. The Hollywood Hootsman detonated the spirit star in his heart and destroyed the planet earth in the process. The explosion required Zargothrax into the portal he self opened, leading into the 18th Hell measurement of Kor-Virliath. Angus McFife the 13th, in an effort to prevent the angry wizard, ventures into the portal because that the eternal glory of Dundee.

This album starts on the other side that the portal. The floor Angus now finds self is a corrupted past, wherein Zargothrax has gained regulate at the siege the Dunkeld. The Knights of Crail, currently the corrupted death Kngiths of Crail, space under the management of Zargothrax. The evil wizard has every one of Dundee under his evil rule. Currently Angus McFife the 13th should defeat Zargothrax at the siege favor his ancestor did a century before, yet this time there is no the assist of the Knights that Crail.

That’s the synopsis for the album, but as we all know, there’s going to be an ext to it than that. If yes sir anything you’ve learned while reading this series, is that things can’t it is in that simple for me. Therefore sit back, fee the Hammer the Glory, grab her jetpack, and jump straight into this.

Track One:

Into the Terrorvortex of Kor-Virliath

Like every Gloryhammer album, the album opens up up with a 60-90 2nd intro track with a pass out sentence hinting in ~ what is to come. If you were hoping the band’s admittedly formuleitc album framework would change with this release, then think again. Yet if that ain’t broke, don’t resolve it. If it deserve to work for Pokémon, it have the right to work for you.

Tangent aside, for this album, that vague sentence states the following:

Between the cosmic wake up of a thousand solar nightmares, Chaos will reign eternal

What walk this mean? certain nothing. The line itself isn’t the important. It’s merely some spooky native that set the tone because that what dimension Angus finds himself in because that the rest of the album. In this dimension, chaos reigns as Zargothrax has control of Dundee. Yet I’m acquiring ahead the myself, that’s all for the following track, The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots we Trust).

Track Two:

The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots we Trust)

The album opens with some much more Latin (continuing directly from an are 1992’s Latin chants). The Latin opens the song with the following:

Regis Dundoniensis

Furor Apocalyptus

Magus Calamitosus

Bellis Intergalactus

Regis Dundoniensis

Furor Apocalyptus

Magus Calamitosus

Bellis Intergalactus

Like I claimed in the CiM for an are 1992, i don’t want to use Latin ever before again now that i’m done v high school, so I’ll be relying ~ above the Genius annotation because that translation. Follow to those annotations, the Latin converts to:

King of Dundee

Apocalyptic Fury

Catastrophic Wizard

Intergalactic War

The Latin usually oversimplified the events of room 1992’s critical song and helps update the listener on the occasions that acquired us to this minute in the story. That only advantageous if girlfriend speak expert Latin, so possibly it’s no as useful as they initially thought.

The very first verse and pre-chorus establishes the scene and the setting of our story. It goes favor this:

I have actually returned native the future

Into a disastrous past

Chaos and also war on the levels of Dunkeld

The militaries of darkness amassed

Is this a twisted dimension?

Is this true reality?

A prize of evil is flying as soon as more

Above the proud spires the Dundee

A burning black color sun

The siege of Dunkeld has actually begun

Defeat of the old town is nigh

In Hoots we Trust

Lot to dissect here. Angus McFife the 13th has actually gone with the portal and is in ~ the siege that Dunkeld. Other than it’s no the siege we witnessed in tales from the Kingdom the Fife. The is rather an alternating version of the events, wherein Zargothrax has manage of the Knights of Crail (who fine talk much more about later) and also is attacking the civilians the the town.

The “symbol that evil” mentioned, despite it isn’t proclaimed directly, is how we know Zargothrax is in control. If you recall, he to be in control of Dundee during most of tales from the Kingdom the Fife, which is why that is paris again. In literal meaning terms, Angus have to be talking around a flag that sorts. I would have actually thought Zargothrax would certainly have much more important points to carry out than come up v a flag design, however maybe not. I’ve never got into a town, so possibly that’s simply what you do. Or probably he has a side hobby in vexillology or something.

Verse 2 and the second pre-chorus provide us detail around Zargothrax’s army:

Horrifying fecal demons

Rising up out of the caverns below

Dark robotic astral zombies

Eating the peasants who live in Glasgow

Siege engines of hell"s creation

Blasting the walls v unholy fire

Undead pressures marching onward

Army of angry so tragic and dire

Look as much as the sky

A glorious battlecry

The forces of justice speak to his name

Zargothrax has the Knights of Crail under his manage (more on castle letter, just trust me on that one). Yet there’s an ext chaos happening. There space “fecal demons…” there are demons do of poop? Okay, cool cool. Follow me side them are “Dark robotic astral zombies.” i don’t know exactly how to visualize everything that is. They likewise have siege engines, “Blasting the walls v unholy fire.” At first I assumed this was part cool sci-fi stuff – the actually simply a catapult, trebuchet, and also other points that room meant come break done a castle’s wall.

The pre-chorus mentions a mysterious “him.” the “him” is introduce to the Hootsman, which leader me nicely into the chorus:

In Hoots we Trust

(We Trust)

By the strength of the holy King of Unst

(Hail Hoots)

For the Glory that Dundee

To victory this epic battle

In his strength we have to trust to collection us free

(Confutatis Maledictis Caledoniae)

In Hoots we Trust

The chorus’ key idea is pretty simple: we require the Hollywood Hootsman to conserve Dundee. If you thinking, “didn’t he kill himself by blowing up the earth in space 1992?” she not entirely wrong. Admittedly, this is other I thought after my second or 3rd listen as soon as putting the story together. However, over there is a way around this.

Remember that we’re no in the same dimension as the Hollywood Hootsman anymore. This is a new version of the same universe before the occasions of an are 1992, and with the a whole brand-new Dundee, a whole brand-new Fife, and, through extension, a whole new Hootsman. In other words, they need the Hootsman that the 18th Hell measurement to assist them, not the Hootsman of the initial dimension, since that Hootsman is dead.

Aren’t multiverses fun?

I’ll allow the multiverse because the Hootsman is actually my favorite character in this universe. The Schwarzenegger connection in room 1992 sold me.

Anyway, after the chorus, Zargothrax claims the following:

I am the Bane of Cowdenbeath

The Scourge of Auchtermuchty

Arch-Foe of the Questlords that Inverness

Come confront me in battle, Angus

And prepare to accomplish thy doom!

Zargothrax announces himself favor a video clip game villain and challenges Angus to a fight. Straightforward enough, yet I desire to allude out the 2nd line, “The Scourge of Auchtermuchty.” we know around Cowdenbeath and the Questlords that Inverness native the previous 2 blogs, but I nothing think this has some up. Auchtermuchty is a genuine Scottish city in Fife, situated here:





Back on track, city three has Angus struggle Zargothrax, and something amazing happens.

Your dark dominance has corrupted Dundee

With a waver of mine hammer I"ll end this misery

Legendary battle

Epic war is fight

What mystic enchantment has actually Zargothrax spun?

My weapon has no effect, this hit can"t be won

Angus fights him, but the Gloryhammer doesn’t carry out anything. Zargothrax claims the following afterward:

Pathetic mortal scum!

In this dimension, your hammer has no power over me

Now, kneel before your Emperor

Kneel before...Your God!

We’ll talk an ext about why this happened later on on, however for currently it’s no working, and also because it’s no working, Angus needs to retreat. Is it due to the fact that the hammer yes, really doesn’t job-related in this dimension, or is Zargothrax complete of shit? continue to be tuned to uncover out. But we’ve got several much more songs to go. For this reason let’s much more on to track 3, masters of the Universe.

Track Three:

Masters of the Galaxy

So remember once I was talking about Zargothrax having manage over the Knights the Crail? fine this is wherein we learn around that whole thing. We likewise get a couple of little tweaks to what we thought this measurement was like. An ext on that later.

The first verse and 2nd verse and the first two pre-choruses describe why the Knights of Crail room not the good-guys anymore:

Verse 1

Far come the east, an military of evil is rising

(Deathknights that Crail)

Under the order of sorcerer"s twisted design

(To darkness we hail)

With their blades of black fire they enslave the land

Obeying their master’s will

The force of their terror no mortal have the right to stand

(Knights of evil, kill)

Pre-Chorus 1

Long earlier in the distant future, they to be a pressure for the light

But currently in the ancient times, lock slaughter peasants through night

Verse 2

Leading the fee is the mightiest scion that evil

(Mighty indeed)

Proletius his name, grandmaster that death and also decay

(Worship or bleed)

In one more dimension he combated for the king

And the glory of every Dundee

Now corrupted through darkness, he kills everything


Pre-Chorus 2

Stabbed through the heart with the Knife that Evil, the infected his brain

Anti-Telharsic power now flowing through his veins

I simply threw a entirety bunch of text at you, however it can be synthetic up quite easily. As we understand from tales from the Kingdom the Fife, the Knights the Crail were the great guys, and also the most an effective warriors in Scotland. Climate in room 1992, lock were i N S p A C E ! They also weren’t as powerful, yet still quite powerful.

As you might remember from room 1992, the factor they weren’t as powerful and the factor they shed at the battle of Triton was since they didn’t have actually the leadership of Ser Proletius. Ns talked about how there was no point out of that up till that point, and that we would have to wait until this album come learn an ext about who he is. In this song, we learn around his character and it likewise helps define why the Knights the Crail are evil in this dimension.

In the second verse, we acquire two currently that present us come Proletius. The complying with two lines established who he is. He combated alongside Angus McFife the first for the glory of Dundee. The last line claims that he has been courted by darkness, and the following pre-chorus defines why that made this change. According to the pre-chorus, he was stabbed by The Knife the Evil.

From what i’ve gathered, the Knife of angry is a mystical dagger that turns anyone who is stabbed by that evil, and also thereby under the control of Zargothrax. Proletius is the grandmaster that the Knights that Crail, and is currently under the manage of Zargothrax. And because Proletius has regulate over the remainder of the Knights as a leader, Zargothrax therefore has manage over the Knights the Crail through Proletius.

In the bridge is the song, we obtain some dialogue in between Zargothrax and also Proletius:

Zargothrax: Grand understand Proletius! Dispatch her Knights of angry to slaughter an ext peasants in Auchtermuchty!

Proletius: together you command, mr Zargothrax. Deathknights of Crail, come battle!

All the happens right here is that Zargothrax is having the Knights the Crail, now renamed the Deathknights the Crail (because the initial name wasn’t angry enough) attack his hometown of Auchtermuchty. If friend somehow didn’t think Zargothrax was evil, climate here’s some more proof.

I mentioned that there was a slight setup change earlier, and it’s time that i talked around that. In the beginning, I claimed that the story that this album took ar at the exact same time together the events of tales from the Kingdom that Fife. If the story takes ar in countless of the exact same locations, the sci-fi themes from space 1992 haven’t been totally left behind. We understand this because of the text in the chorus, and some various other lyrics throughout the album:

We are the master of the galaxy

We"re the lords of an are Dundee

The destroyers the reality

On a search for all eternity

We"re the masters of the galaxy

We"re the lords of room Dundee

The destroyers the reality

Knights that evil, arise

Space Dundee is the lyrical an essential that reflects the factions in this measurement have some room travel abilities. This all leads me to think that the occasions of this album take ar some time after what would have been the finish of tales from the Kingdom that Fife, and that these factions started to colonize space far earlier than us did in the real world. Added evidence because that this from earlier in the album is the the Hootsman is dubbed The Hootsman and not the barbarian of Unst like he was in the debut album.

If you’re looking for an accurate date, I’ll carry out some theorizing. Room 1992 took place exactly a century after ~ the events of tales from the Kingdom the Fife. Utilizing the powerful mathematical strength of basic subtraction, we recognize that 1992 minus 1000 is 992, which offers us the year of the events in the band’s debut album. Because this happens part time afterward, we recognize it is happening some time after the year 992 (wow, such complex thought). Stop go with the year… 1022. Why go I pick that year? Stick come the finish to find out.

That does it because that this song. Knights of Crail space evil and also the factions have some sci-fi space shenanigans. Let’s relocate on to the following track, The floor of Unicorns.

Track Four:

The soil of Unicorns

This song and also the following one walk what I’ve been begging this Gloryhammer albums to carry out for two blogs now: provide Angus McFife a clean goal that is interacted to the audience, the is rooted in some type of logic.

Tales indigenous the Kingdom that Fife doesn’t tell you why Angus to be questing until the pursuit is over. Space 1992 told you what was happening, however not why. Why are there demons top top Mars? Why no they worried around Zargothrax’s plan on Earth? Etc. This is the first album come properly create the problem and also why it’s vital to solve. The problem is that Zargothrax has control of this dimension and also is doing an ext evil shit. If he isn’t stopped, he’ll store being evil.

How Angus is going to avoid him is made clear in the next song. This track is much more about that escaping his fight with Zargothrax and also trying to obtain somewhere safe. Angus decides the the only ar that would certainly be for sure in this twisted Hell dimension is the floor of Unicorns.

Why is this a safe place? because Unicorns are pretty universally considered a symbol of goodness and hope in fantasy setups (going earlier to story from the Kingdom the Fife). In fact, the first time Zargothrax’s power as a sorcerer’s is established is once he corrupted the Unicorns in that very first album. That would certainly be incredibly difficult because of just how pure the Unicorns are. Therefore it’s a reasonably safe bet, also though Angus should recognize that Zargothrax has actually the strength the corruption the Unicorns since of the first album (it no Angus the 13th in the album, yet he would certainly still know around it).

Either way, it’s a fairly safe bet, and probably his finest shot for security all points considered.

I’d go through some of the text in depth yet they’re every pretty straightforward. You can number them the end housefly through the description I gave. But there are two lyrics I’m going to speak about. The very first is the 2nd pre-chorus:

Descend out of the mists

The valley of Achnasheen

Achnasheen is a real place in Scotland.

This is presumably whereby the unicorns are.

The other lyric is the bridge prior to the last chorus:

The mists room clearing now

I check out the realm prior to my eyes

Ralathor the warrior greets me to the mystic land

The soil of Unicorns

Ralathor is back! he’s the hermit at the bottom of the citadel in tales from the Kingdom and the man who warned the Hootsman of Zargothrax’s arrangement on planet in space 1992. Hrs earlier in this album, he is a warrior now, and is supposedly living with some unicorns. He’s going to aid Angus throughout this album.

Track Five:

Power that the Laser Dragon Fire

This song, indigenous a lyrical perseverance, is actually pretty simple. Every it does is broaden on Relathor and also Angus McFife’s relationship.

The very first verse and pre-chorus goes favor this:

Remember the work long ago when we dealt with side by side for the glory?

Battling foes the Dundee in a battle in the sky

Now in this valley we hide, the last hope in this no hope story

Onwards right into the unknown, you must quest forever

In an alternate dimension

Under order of angry warlock

There"s no possibility to return to our home

These lyrics seem to indicate that the Relathor in this dimension is the exact same Relathor indigenous the previous two albums. If that wasn’t, climate there wouldn’t be a relationship between them to meat out due to the fact that these two versions of the characters wouldn’t have actually met beforehand. Or perhaps that’s the joke.

More importantly, the last line in the pre-chorus says, “there’s no opportunity to go back to our home.” Angus has accepted that that will most likely die in this measurement to defeat Zargothrax.

Rewind a bit. Remember as soon as Angus make the efforts fighting Zargothrax and the Hammer didn’t work? Zargothrax stated that the Hammer to be powerless in this dimension? Well, the wasn’t informing the truth. What’s in reality happening can be answer by going earlier to room 1992.

In the tune Legend of the Astral Hammer, the chorus goes as follows:

Legend of the Astral Hammer

Forged in a heart of celestial fire

Legend that the Astral Hammer

Minuscule goblin, impractical sword

Legend that the Astral Hammer

Powered through lasers entwined in a star

Legend the the Astral Hammer

Crystal enchantment of steel

Notice the line, “powered through lasers entwined in a star.” In other words, the hammer’s “battery” (for absence of a better word) is fee via stars. The hammer demands to it is in recharged to put it simply. And also when the hammer is charged, the hammer will job-related again and he’ll have the ability to defeat Zargothrax easily enough.

What’s the problem? Angus is ~ above Earth and stars room in space. How’s he going to gain there? He it s okay a plan to resolve that problem in the second verse and second pre-chorus:

I have found a scroll, telling tales of equipment for wizard

A jetpack of ultimate steel with the strength to fly

It lies in a cavern to the north guarded by unholy creatures

But if your quest is come fail, we"ll all die together

With the boost of mighty jetpack

Into outer an are you can arise

And find your destiny once more

According to these lyrics, Angus has discovered a scroll the tells that a… jetpack… okay. He deserve to use the jetpack to fly into space… ns guess the Scotts don’t need to worry around things us mortals worry ourself with… prefer oxygen. The laws of physics aside, Angus have the right to use the jetpack to gain into space, gain to the stars, fee the Hammer, and also defeat Zargothrax.

And it is what we’re walk to execute for the rest of the album, starting with the next song, Legendary intensified Jetpack.

Track Six:

Legendary intensified Jetpack

So Angus requirements a Jetpack… just… why is the a jetpack?

In every fairness, the promotional material doesn’t do it together stupid as it sounds. ~ above my first listen, ns was worried it to be going to gain into the “No Grave however the Sea,” horribly juvenile territory. Tangent beside – Angus, scroll, jetpack.

The first verse speak us exactly how Angus acquired the jetpack:

Quest for Fife to end pain and strife

In search of the fascinating engine!

Far and also wide, i roam with Speyside

Into the deepest dark dungeon

There that waits, behind gold gates

Sealed in a chest made of diamonds

Heart pure as steel I have to reveal

To organize artifact in my hands

The first bit of details I’ll keep in mind is the location. The is somewhere in Speyside:

This place was more difficult to uncover than others because there is a Scotch company of the same name. Mine Scottish reader will have to correct me if I gained the ar wrong.

The second component is the Angus it s okay the jetpack by prove he has a love of steel.

If friend recall, this is the same way that the initial Angus McFife acquired the Hammer the Glory in tales from the Kingdom of Fife. And in the song Legend of the Astral Hammer on an are 1992, we room told around starlords that his 3 relics in mystical shines. In my blog on an are 1992, i concluded that the Hammer was one of these relics. Offered that the process for acquiring the Jetpack is the same as the Hammer, I think that the Jetpack is the second of the 3 items.

I don’t believe that we’ve viewed the third relic, despite it overcome my mind the the Knife of Evil can potentially be among them. It’s absolutely overpowered enough to it is in one, however we nothing know exactly how Zargothrax gained it. Us can likewise assume the doesn’t have the qualifications (the love of steel) to be worthy the its power. Possibly they’re conserving it because that the 4th album.

In the second verse, Angus’ story continues:

Run for your life! The cavern now is rife

With laser trolls" suddenly appearing

Wizard must know where i was to go

Though he sent out his hordes I"m no fearing

Battle is fight v beams of black light

Clashing with my mighty hammer

The evil troll shoots, doing not have power that hoots

Never they will certainly prevail

This verse is quite simple. Zargothrax in which method knew where he was and sent several of his soldiers ~ him. Angus, gift a full badass, takes them every down with the Hammer… wait a minute, I assumed the Hammer no work? Plot hole.

The bridge leads us into the following song:

Now it"s time to fly away, starborn defender

To realms beyond an are I soar

Clouds beneath and stars lie before me

No return forevermore, so

Hail to you, all that I"ve recognized here

With rate of irradiate I"m come rise

Heavenwards, wielding the hammer

Riding on the astral fire far past the sky

Angus is flying into an are to recharge his Gloryhammer. Speak of Gloryhammer…

Track Seven:


This song has Angus gather the Hootsforce (the military of Unst) to fairy war against Zargothrax. We watch their plan in the 2nd verse and also the complying with pre-chorus:

Verse 2:

Forces that resistance, it is time to make a stand

No much longer will mr Zargothrax enslave our ancient land

Sub command Ralathor, connect your atom force

The battlefield that Cowdenbeath is where we"ll collection our course


In a submarine

Beneath the seas

Of Achnasheen

We continue to be unseen

But now the time

Has pertained to rise

Ascend into the skies

Okay, a lot of happend here. Firstly, WHY carry out they have nukes? This is simply said prefer that’s something come be meant in middle ages Scotland. Also, they have actually submarines in middle ages Scotland too? I have questions.

Also, in case you were wondering, Achnasheen is additionally a real town in Scotland. In spite of what the lyrics say, the town shows up to be largely landlocked (again, Scottish reader’s insights would help). It’s likewise super much away from Cowdenbeath, whereby they plan to attack:

At first, ns was confused. Then ns made the link that the setup is come nuke Zargothrax’s army at Cowdenbeath indigenous the submarine in Achnasheen. All hail ranged weapons.

Track Nine:

Battle because that Eternity

This tune is Angus reminiscing on whatever he’s done so far in his journey (starting from an are 1992) till now, and also coming come terms with his fate. His realized that he is the only hope to defeat Zargothrax and save the multiverse. It is it.

Normally i can provide songs that are light in story a happen if they’re good songs, but this is the worst tune on the album in mine opinion. But the next song isn’t light in story whatsoever. Strap yourself in for The Fires of old Cosmic Destiny.

Track Ten:

The Fires of ancient Cosmic Destiny

Like all Gloryhammer albums for this reason far, the final track is the long epic that details the final battle. In this song, that fight is the Hootsforce and Angus McFife fighting versus Zargothrax and the Deathknights the Crail in ~ Cowdenbeath.

The very first verse has actually the Hootsforce arrive at Cowdenbeath:

Magnificent vessel shows up in the sky

The Hootsforce arrives into Cowdenbeath

Prepare because that the war of can be fried destiny

Into the battle, the heroes do fight

Fast together Dundonian lightning lock strike

The militaries of evil will certainly die on the field

They"ll die by our steel

The Hootsforce arrive on part king that vessel, or spaceship the sorts. Then we acquire a spoken interlude where the Deathknights that Crail meet the Hootsforce in battle.

And the battlefield that Cowdenbeath fell silent, as the black gateways of the fortress the Crail opened wide. Atop a horde the undead eagles, the grim armies of the Deathknights of Crail rode the end to meet the pressures of justice. And also at the vanguard that this devastating host stand the Grandmaster himself, Dreadlord Proletius!

And in the second verse, they space nuked by Ralathor. Ns not even joking, this is proof:

From the black door evil deathknights attack

Proletius is leading the chaos charge

Slaughtering peasants through deadly impunity

Ralathor fires his final defence

Missiles of nuclear justice

The deathknights space suddenly vaporized

Proletius dies

And that’s the finish for the Deathknights the Crail. But the fight is not over. Zargothrax is quiet there, and also we get some conversation from the in the interlude that adheres to the chorus:

Mwah-hahaha! such a pathetic display of valor! You room naught however insignificant worms before the limitless power of Zargothrax! Now, the solar associate is at hand. My ascension come godhood is inevitable and there is nothing you have the right to do to protect against me! prayer my omnipotence!

I like the comically angry laugh. Remain classy Gloryhammer.

And the next lines are the best moments in the album story-wise:


From the Heavens

Comes a hero

Mighty Hootsman




Hootus Dei


With a speed of thunder

A god drops from the sky

With holy armor made from wolf

The Hootsman has arrived

Side by side v Angus

The warriors do fight

Hootsman fires a laser blast

Shoots goblins out of sight


From the Heavens

Comes a hero

Mighty Hootsman




Hootus Dei

The Hootsman is BACK. Ns don’t know if that come up before, but the Hootsman is my favorite character in this story. I vividly mental reading along with the lyrics once this album came out, and cheering once the Hootsman came earlier in this song. Angus might be the protagonist, however the Hootsman is the actual hero in this story.

Anyway, the Hootsman literally falls out that the skies in his wolf armor and immediately starts ruining Goblins (who are component of Zargothrax’s army, remember that not simply the Deathknights).

The Latin at the finish of each regrown is the ideal hidden joke in all of their albums. According to the Genius annotations, it converts to: Vanity, Latin, Song. It’s literally meaningless Latin. And then there’s Hootus dei, which equates to the Hoot God.

After an additional chorus, we acquire a spoken interlude indigenous the Hootsman himself:

Alright Zargothrax, her evil power of terror ends today! My name is the Hootsman, and also I am the one and only true god of this universe! the is time because that you to taste the strength of Hoots!

I love the Hootsman, however did you have to make his conversation this cheesy? it sounds like something straight out of a b-movie. I can’t help but laugh at how poor it is, which is more than likely what they were going because that in all honesty.

Anyway, the 3rd verse has actually Angus and also the Hootsman defeat Zargothrax once and for all:

With the pressure of the hammer

And the power of Hoots

The forces of justice attack

Bringing damage to Zargothrax

The wizard defeated

Dissolves into dust

The Kingdom that Fife has actually been saved

The legendary Angus McFife has triumphed this day

And it is it, the battle is won, and also the universe has actually been saved. But there’s a catch. After this verse we obtain another spoken interlude:

And lo, Zargothrax was lastly defeated. But in the epic final struggle v the dark sorcerer, the valiant hero Angus McFife realised he had actually been impaled by the Knife the Evil. As he watched the lifeless corpse of Zargothrax dissolve into liquid dust, Angus knew that quickly he himself would certainly be corrupted by the dark power of the cursed blade. And so he resolved that he have to make the final sacrifice because that the Glory that Dundee. The would finish his very own life through descending right into the raging volcano fires of Schiehallion!

So what’s happening here? Angus to be stabbed by the Knife the Evil during the battle with Zargothrax. Because that those that don’t remember, the Knife the Evil will corrupt whoever is stabbed by it and also turn lock evil. We observed this occur to Proletius at the start of the album. Fairly than letting himself turn evil, Angus will throw himself right into the volcano Schiehallion. Would certainly you think me if ns told you that was a real life place?

Angus will certainly die, but evil will be vanquished forever, and also the galaxy will certainly be safe. We view Angus speak farewell in the final verse:


My time has come to die

This is the end

I must say farewell

Descend right into hell

And it is it: other than it isn’t. During the fade out, quite than solving to the tonic and ending the album, the strings shift to sinister sounding chords. Us hear dialup internet sounds (because Dundee doesn’t have an excellent internet apparently, ns guess the nukes were an ext important). A robotic voice comes over and also we listen the following:

Initiating interdimensional subspace replay. Target year 1022. Start transmission

*Morse Code*

Transmission complete

Who this robotic voice is is unclear. However, what is clean is what is being said. When it isn’t spelled the end in the album itself, that blog post is being sent in Morse Code.

If friend don’t know what the is, it’s basically a cypher that offers a series of dots and also dashes (which sounds like dits and also dahs) to communicate an encrypted message. If you recognize the code, or how to interpret those dots and dashes right into English letters and numbers, then you can read the message. If not, the hidden.

Luckily because that you, human being know exactly how to analyze Morse Code. It’s actually a really common cypher. Those world came up v the complying with translation:

Activate Zargothrax Clone Alpha 1

Zargothrax clone. Not simply a Zargothrax clone, but one of countless clones offered the Alpha 1 surname at the end. And also that message has actually been targeted for the year 1022, a century after ~ the occasions of story from the Kingdom that Fife.

Gloryhammer are setting up a new album through this transmission. Unfortunately, ns don’t have actually much the anything to speculate on. The “obvious” location to go would be to have Zargothrax try and take over Dundee again in 1022 and also have Angus McFife (presumably the 3rd) defeat Zargothrax there. Yet Gloryhammer isn’t constantly obvious. Law that would be the tantamount of a Saturday morning cartoon, wherein every album has actually a version of Angus McFife defeat Zargothrax. And also something speak me the Gloryhammer won’t execute that. The Genius annotations insurance claim that that an unlimited cycle, but that would median this Zargothrax Clone Alpha 1 would be walking to tales from the Kingdom that Fife, yet he would certainly be a entirety century off. So that can’t be it.

Gloryhammer can go everywhere with this new album, and also I’m really excited to watch what castle do.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. It is the story from Legends from past the Terrorvortex, and also the whole Gloryhammer saga. I have really appreciated going with these albums and also diving right into the story. Gloryhammer is just one of my favorite modern power steel bands, so it was a blast to revisit every one of their albums. This album could be my favourite of lock (maybe room 1992). I uncover the track to every be yes, really catchy. Ns like all of them (except maybe fight for Eternity). However I’ll save album reviews because that the best of the year list, i beg your pardon this album is surely going come make.

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That’s walk to it is in it native me, hope you’ve appreciated reading this series. If girlfriend did, like and also subscribe. Ns going to go to take a 2 day lengthy nap to recoup from all of this.