The fiery Scottish preacher man Knox when prayed: “Give me Scotland or ns die”. Yet how was a guy born in a small town in east Lothian therefore integral to possibly the biggest spiritual revival Britain has actually seen?

In the final talk the The Institute’s loss Lecture 2017 series, Banner of fact co-founder Revd Iain Murray spoke of Knox’s life and also legacy.

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Born approximately 1514 in pre-Reformation Scotland, Knox was increased Roman Catholic and also ordained in 1536. However he functioned in Lothian for 10 years prior to he heard the Gospel being taught – very first by thomas Guilliame and later Geugandan-news.come Wishart.

Consequently, he damaged from the developed church and set about preaching the Gospel himself, benefiting native the presence of a protestant king – Edward through – ~ above the throne.

But upon Edward’s death, mar Tudor set out to regain the roman Catholic Church; persecuting the Protestants follow me the way. Knox left because that Geneva where French Reformer man Calvin (1509-1564) to be preaching and also writing.

In might 1559 he returned to Scotland, recognising over there what Revd Murray referred to as a “great spiritual awakening”, but concluding the roman inn Catholic Church itself can never be reformed.

Psalm 80

Alongside plenty of other Protestants he often challenged fierce opposition, led through Mary, Queen of Scots.

But there were moments of an excellent encouragement for Knox too. Revd Murray highlighted that on one memorable occasion, he taught from Psalm 80, urging good news converts to prayer and also to love.

As he did so, the recalled seeing each confront change, “marvelling as demoralised, beaten males suddenly had actually a new lease of life”.

Eventually, and also perhaps inevitably, he was tried for sedition because that publicly praying the God would “illuminate the heart” that the Queen – but was no convicted. And he ongoing to preach in decreasing health until his fatality on 24 November 1572.

Knox’s Legacy

But this was more than a history lecture. Murray recognised the Knox’s part in the improvement in Britain as undeniably great, yet went on to ask: “What heritage do his teachings leave for united state today?”

He identified two crucial areas.

1. The ar of preaching

Knox’s preaching was stated to be “more impressionable 보다 the blasting of countless trumpets in a who ear”, claimed Murray. He thought reformation relied on men speaking in the power and also in the existence of the divine Spirit.

Today, argued Murray, plenty of evangelicals suppose reliable evangelism originates from the multiplication that teachers. Knox teaches that preaching is not a person gift, yet that men are sent and also equipped by the strength of Jesus Christ.

Nothing need to be allowed to odor worshippers indigenous hearing the word of God.

Knox also put good emphasis top top the power of prayer, particularly for the must pray for strength to do the gospel known with boldness.

2. The entirety of Scripture

The Scot additionally held the Old testament in better standing than plenty of do today. He thought that the absence of preaching indigenous the Old Testament had actually led come the truths that sin, repentance, and the wrath the a holy God all but vanishing.

He recognised that people would only pertained to know Christ as soon as they space convicted of their sin. It to be this conviction the would cause repentance and to salvation.

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Murray concluded by noting that we might not every be dubbed to be man Knox, however we space all dubbed to ‘fight the great fight’.

He said: “God build the church, He has actually a favored people. Our organization is to it is in faithful and speak the truth.”

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