Ass sex rules due to the fact that destruction, degradation, and pain space FUN. By the time you acquire to the end of this article you"ll it is in fingering your very own butthole and scheming on methods to obtain it filled v something fun.

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I'm about to offer you the best colon cleanse of your life, since yesterday's short article by Ms. Banal was a bunch of SHIT. Ass sex rules because destruction, degradation, and also pain are FUN. I'm walk to try to expound on that very an easy and true statement in the comes paragraphs, yet if there's one thing you take away from these words that have to be it. If I've done my job, by the moment you get to the finish of this post you'll be fingering your own butthole and scheming on means to obtain it filled v something fun.

THINKING with YOUR ANUSObviously anal sex is the dorn idea. That's why it rules. For girls, anal sex just inherently way "no." That's choose the an initial life great we've ever learned: "My asshole excretes things, I'm not an alleged to put things in it." an excellent girl. Component of the thrill, though, is disobeying your fundamental physiology. Butt sex is fun for the same reason it's fun to piss off a teacher or take a piss ~ above a cop car, or burn under a church—except, obtain this, the just authority that you're rebelling versus is yourself. That's part next-level shit. It's favor condensing six months the "getting in touch v your true feelings" BS therapy into 20 minutes. And, unlike burning under a church, you obtain to save your job and also be a fully functioning adult in culture afterward.

YOU have to WANT ITIt can't just be a fun little experiment you do to summer sprouts up your relationship. I mean, ns guess that's fine, but that's when you're going to it is in distracted by think like, Oh, this feels kinda unpleasant, or, Wow, i hope ns don't gain a UTI. That's not really acquiring into the spirit of anal. The desire has to come native a deep should feel degraded, and also this is something that should be expressed/initiated v body language, NOT v diplomatic compromise, like, "OK, honey, you get to perform that come me as long as girlfriend promise you'll pertained to my cousin's wedding." (Ew, are there world who negotiate through sex like that?) i think over there is a time and a location for anal, and also you will certainly know exactly when that time comes—he'll call you. (Just kidding.) (Not really.)

ANAL FISSURES construct CHARACTERYes, I've bled from my anus because that weeks at a time (not constantly, that would be insane) and also let me tell you something: ns wouldn't profession it for the world. In fact, I'm encouraged experiencing an anal fissure may bring you closer come understanding the world, since guess what? Life is about dealing with things you would quite not deal with, prefer blood coming the end of your asshole. Girlfriend go through days of no wanting to eat since of no wanting to shit since of not wanting come reopen the scar tissue that has actually hopefully been developing on her butthole, however eventually the fissure does go away and you'll either be a) wanting come go through it all over again, or b) acquisition precautions for next time.

ROBAXINI happened upon the wonder of muscle be sure by accident. Sooner or later a young effortlessly slid his prick up mine butt and I was like, "What, I believed this was claimed to hurt?" and then ns walked around afterwards without a treatment in the world, reasoning that i just had an unusually loosened sphincter. It took me a while come realize that the fluidity of the totality transaction could be attributed come the truth that I had been swallowing muscle relaxers everyday (never mind why). Anal lube is bullshit. Through Robaxin, you can put p's in your b every day—there you go, Robaxin executives, I simply came up through your proclaiming slogan for you. You're welcome. Who's in Kara's asshole now?

YOU SHIT CUMHow is this nothing various other than hilarious? for a millisecond the feels empowering to be expelling baby-creation fluid from her female body, and then girlfriend remember the it's coming out of a tunnel for shit. The photo is for this reason bizarre and backwards, it it's like a university art project on recontextualization. Or feminist literature. "POOPING SEMEN: at the Dawn of Matriarchy."

WILLFUL DEGRADATIONNo, i wasn't molested as a child. No, my father didn't to win me or abandon me. Why is that so unfathomable to think that girls actually favor to acquire fucked? We're developed for it. We're developed to take dicks. That's what we do. The doesn't make me inferior or powerless, it renders me happy. Before I realized the I prefer to it is in treated choose shit, ns was having boring, terrible, P-in-the-V form sex. The starts with chivalry and also ends one forced, weak orgasm later. It doesn't need to be that way!

YOU'LL it is in FINEThe worst point that can happen is a perforated anus. Pfft! just like vagina sex, it takes some obtaining used to and also it's awkward at first.

Mary Ann, girl, you space cubic squared.


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