Request: tire & tube (Downers Grove) 6m - need 24" hill bike tire and also tube. Or women"s bike. Offer: Buckets (Plainfield-rt.59+126) 12h

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Offer: Children"s Encyclopedia (Downers Grove) 20h - complimentary 1975 Children"s Encyclopedia Britannica

Offer: Hoover filters and also belts (Aurora, SE 34 and Montgomery..) 21h - We have actually 3 Hoover filters No. 50 and also 4 belts No. 190 i beg your pardon fit the Hoover Foldaway vacuum. New never used.

Offer: Christmas Decor (Old historical Bolingbrook) 1d - Ceramic plate work-related Xmas Ribbon woven into. An excellent for displaying. I simply don’t have room
Offer: Ceramic loss leaves (Woodridge-near 75th and also Janes) 1d - This is a ceramic piece that i made. It"s a background piece for everything you"d prefer to display screen in front of that or just let it stand on it"s own. It"s around 13" tall and also 12" wide. Candle is not included, however the pumpkins space if you desire them. They are ceramic, too!! No chips and also really is beautiful.
Offer: Couch potato (Woodridge-near 75th and also Janes) 1d - This is a ceramic item I made the truly defines a couch potato! has actually a far in one hand and a beer in the other. There"s a slot in the ago for probably napkins, coasters, etc. All set for her couch potato gradually for soccer season!! Everyone has a couch potato in their lives!!!!!!!
Offer: Furniture (Downers grove south HS) 2d - Varying dimension furniture, all oak simple garage pick up
Request: file Bags (with or w/out handles) (Woodridge) 2d - In search of record bags for ongoing file purge. Thanks! Offer: about 50 envelopes (Downers Grove) 3d - These are new.I don’t know why utilities incorporate these in your bills. Very few people mail things anymore.
Offer: Assorted guys costumes (Woodridge, janes & 75th) 3d - I have a bag of guys costumes, probably around 10. Varying in size that would fit youngsters from about 4-9. Superheroes, Star Wars, etc. Differing conditions, some an excellent but some room a little worn Request: Sheets of card stock (Bolingbrook) 3d - looking for several sheets the white 65lbs card stock Offer: candlestick holders (Woodridge-near 75th and also Janes) 4d - These are ceramic taper candle holders i created. They are painted gold and also have no chips.
Offer: baby in a bonnet (Woodridge-near 75th and also Janes) 4d - This is a ceramic piece I created. The baby"s clothes is not gender specific. No chips.
Offer: scarecrow (Woodridge-near 75th and Janes) 4d - This is a stuffed scarecrow the sits ~ above a shelf or table or wherever! No rips. Perfect because that this time that year.
Offer: Oak furniture (Near downers south HS) 4d - 1 armoire 2 dressers 1 China cabinet every solid oak
Offer: Grapes (Lisle) 4d - These have have seeds, but are great for making jam, wine or simply eating. Near 355 & Ogden
Offer: Veggie seeds Packets for Garden (Parker Ave & Pearl St 60505) 5d - 18 seeds packets, largely 2019 season, but kept refrigerated, so should still have a same amount the viable seeds. Just picking not to thrive these varieties following season. Dragon Tongue covering beans, Eggplant, Turnip, Watermelon, Beet, Radish, Zucchini, Kale, Cucumber, Greenbean Request: Children’s books (Lisle) 5d - hello Everyone, i am a preschool and also kindergarten teacher! If anyone has actually children’s books they space will to provide for mine classroom that would be therefore wonderful! Offer: Lamps (Old historic Bolingbrook) 5d - an excellent working condition. I’m good shape.
Request: one-cup French press (Naperville) 6d - Anyone have a one-cup French press they no longer want? Thanks. Offer: Christmas tree (Hobson & Greene) Promised 6d - 6ft high Christmas tree Tree is comprised of separation, personal, instance branches. Lights can likewise be supplied- if requested. Please advise of time to choose up together tree is in the garage.
Offer: Brooks Drawstring bag (Near Bolingbrook High School) 6d - I have 2 brooks middle school Bulldogs drawstrings bags never ever used
Offer: Hamster Cages and Stuff (Bolingbrook, near Menards) 7d - Please post with a day/time you will certainly porch choose up. I will upgrade status when promised and again as soon as gifted. DESCRIPTION: Boxed up and ready to go! huge collection that 2 kid"s: supplied hamster cages, tubes, water, dishes, exercise ball and wheels, chew sticks and also salt licks; amassed end 5 years to house and also entertain a complete of 4 hamsters and also one litter of pups. Kids have decided to let this ingredient go and keep every the memories. A couple cracked parts fixed with tape (no one escaped) part chewed plastic edges and will need a cleaning (pics).

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Request: pretzel container (Naperville) 8d - In need of a huge 55oz "round shaped" pretzel or snack container. If you have one headed because that the recycle bin, let me know. Say thanks to You. Offer: plastic utensils, bowls, etc (downtown Downers Grove) Promised 8d - Offer: I have a bunch the unused (some still in packaging) plastic utensils, bowls and record plates. Take some or all: 80+ whiteplastic spoons; 50 white plastic forks; 50+ white plastic knives; 125 clear plastic forks; 70+ clean plastic spoons; 1 pack unopened dinner record plates, 24 burgundy shade + 12 loose plates; 1 load unopened snack paper plates, 24 burgundy color + 2 loosened plates; 2 packs unopened red Solo plastic bowls. Near main & Prairie in Downers Grove. Permit me recognize when you have the right to pick up. If you don"t hear back from me, they"re currently gone. Thanks! Ann.