Pizarro joined the exploration of Nunez de Balboa throughout the Isthmus of Panama to find the Pacific Ocean.

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Pizarro receives resources to do his own expedition and explore the land south of Panama. Pizarro just reaches the coast of Colombia but finds a little quantity of yellow (Unknown Day)

Pizarro received the backing the Spanish investor to make further explorations right into South America and search for treasure. He received two ships for the voyage.


Emperor Charles that Spain granted Pizarro permission come make further expeditions. The was provided the title Governor and also Captain basic which brought absolute government in every the areas he could discover.
He cruised from Seville in Spain to Panama. (1530) cruised from the harbor of Panama with 3 ships and also over 200 men, consisting of Hernando De Soto. (1531) landed at san Mateo Bay and started to explore the land. (1532)
Pizarro get Cajamarca and also captures Atahuallpa, the emperor that the Incas. Thousands of Incas were killed.
Atahuallpa supplies a substantial ransom because that his release. The Inca Emperor available his captives sufficient gold to fill the 22 foot room, as high as he can reach, in which he was hosted captive. The treasure ransom to be collected. Pizarro and the Spanish take it the treasure and then had actually the last of the Incan monarchs strangled.
Pizarro started Lima, Peru i beg your pardon he called Ciudad de los Reyes an interpretation "City of the Kings". Francisco Pizarro destroyed the Incan resources of Cusco.
Pizarro was assassinated by pendant of Pedro de Almagro (Cortes" captain) who wanted to seize Lima because that its wealth. Francisco Pizarro died at Lima, Peru.

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