i am 22 years old and just had actually a baby around 7 months ago, this left me with fairly a couple of stretch marks. One in specific is bring about me to problem a bit or at the very least whats in it, that is a bigger one, very long and also deep located approximately my groin area (bikini line) the organization inside the is really thin. I just noticed this sores (there are currently 2 they came one at a time) or blisters within of this one large mark. I just knew they to be there as soon as I happened to feel approximately this area and felt a bump under the skin the stung once touched. The looked choose blood under the skin yet nothing was raised above the skin it was every underneath. As days passed the very first one looked favor it was coming come the surface if that makes sense, becoming darker, and also the skin on top was peeling away. Climate it just bled favor it popped, like a blood blister but it no seem choose a blister, this was last night and also as this occurred I noticed another spot under this within the exact same stretch mark that simply appeared. Now that the first one has ruptured the skin is raw and also red as if it to be a blister (when it started it was around the dimension of a pencil eraser, if that, and also after it opened up up that became about the dimension of fifty percent a penny maybe). This just concerns me since its just strange come me that I have these things inside a stretch mark and also they are suddenly there, I never noticed anything favor itching or pain there prior to I observed them. I assumed for a blood blister to kind there would first have to be some kind of "trauma" in the area first like a pinch or something choose that. I am confused as to what this is, if anything, and I don"t recognize if I should seek clinical attention or not, ns don"t want to walk to the medical professional for a blister after every (especially un-insured) but I don"t desire to execute nothing as soon as it might be other serious. Should I worry? deserve to anyone call me what this might be? there is no clearly shows pus in the area simply blood and clearish yellow liquid after rupture...kind of like what a pimple does after popping. No smell to the as far as I deserve to tell, and its a small sore now. I have actually been maintaining it covered with band-aids for fear of staph infection, ns don"t know if thats it but just to it is in safe, likewise every time I adjust them ns wipe through alcohol i beg your pardon stings much more as time goes on. Ouch! So sorry if ns am confusing in any method I tend to it is in that method with details. Please aid me if you can. John Kenyon, CNA - Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:46 pm

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hi there --This is odd, given that it"s within the borders of a stretch mark, which may just have actually caused the area come become more vulnerable come the normal sorts of dermatologic infections and also irritations that tend to happen right there anyway. Castle wouldn"t have actually such simple time creating themselves were it not for the placement of the large mark. This could be a staph infection or could be simple irritation unable to do a step or so further as result of the much more delicate nature of stretched tissues. While i wouldn"t to speak "be worried" I would say a healthy worry is warranted and that this should be viewed by a medical professional -- preferably a dermatologist -- because that the many accurate evaluation and also treatment, especially because it"s other that might recur. Ns hope this is helpful. You re welcome follow up through us below as needed.

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An excellent luck come you.
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