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Bored that your existing workout routine? try switching the up through this Flip a Coin Workout! This at-home workout is perfect for people of all ages and also all fitness level who want to make the many of your workout in the least amount that time.

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The upper and lower reversal a Coin practice we’ve developed is a mix of high-intensity cardio and core exercises, designed to enhance balance and strength. This exercise can also supplement a more traditional strength-training program. Every you need is a coin and also a tiny bit of space to do these bodyweight exercises. If you have actually a resistance tape or security disc at home, shot incorporating these pieces during the practice to further challenger yourself.

Turn your house workout into a game and follow the instructions detailed below!


Flip a coin each round to determine your exercises. Perform the assigned exercise for the number of reps or time allotted and then move on come the following round. Because that this workout, you space going to perform 10 rounds, 2-3 times each because that a fun, full-body workout!

For example, upper and lower reversal a coin in round one. If it’s heads, perform 10 push-ups, if it’s tails, perform 15 mountain climbers. Flip the coin again in ring two and do either leg elevator or lunges. Finish all 10 ring 2-3 times through. For a greater challenge during exercises, try using few of the recommended tools below.

Flip a Coin Exercises





Round 1

Heads: 10 Pushups with stability Disc

Step 1: place both hand on the security disc and also perform a push-up

Step 2: keep your neck, ago and hips straight

You can additionally complete this practice without the stability disc

Tails: 15 Tricep Dips

Step 1: place your hand shoulder-width personal on a secured bench or steady chair

Step 2: Slide her trunk off the former of the bench v your legs expanded out in front of you

Step 3: Straighten her arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows to store tension on your triceps and also off your elbow joints

Step 4: progressively bend your elbow to reduced your body towards the floor till your elbows room at about a 90-degree angle

Step 5: as soon as you reach the bottom that the movement, push down right into the bench come straighten her elbows, return to the starting position

Keep your shoulders under as girlfriend lower and also raise your body. You can bend your legs to change this exercise

Round 2

Heads: 20 foot Lifts v Loop Band

Step 1: begin in a quadruped place on elbows and knees

Step 2: ar one finish of the loop band under the bottom leg and the various other end approximately your knee

Step 3: lift your height leg towards the ceiling against the band and also keep your ago straight

Step 4: Hold and slowly return

You can likewise complete this practice without a loop band

Tails: 15 Lunges with stability Disc

Step 1: place the stability disc in prior of you

Step 2: Lunge front onto the disc, bending her knees while maintaining your back upright

Step 3: go back to a was standing position and also repeat on the opposite leg

You can additionally complete this exercise without a security disc

Round 3

Heads: 25 Glute Bridges through Mini Ball

Step 1: put on your back with knee bent

Step 2: ar the mini ball between your knees

Step 3: Lift her buttocks turn off the ground until your shoulders, hips and also knees room in a straight line

Step 4: Hold and slowly return

You can additionally complete this exercise without the mini ball, just make certain your feet space hip street apart.

Tails: 20 oblique Twists through Mini Ball

Step 1: place on your ago with the mini sphere under the tiny of her back

Step 2: ar your hands behind her head or on her chest

Step 3: gradually lean backward over the round while girlfriend twist her trunk, contracting her abdominals

Step 4: return to an upright position and also repeat on the opposite side

You can also complete this exercise without the mini ball

Round 4

Heads: 35 Crunches with security Disc

Step 1: lay on your earlier with the security disc under her hips, v your knee bent

Step 2: ar your hand behind her head or on your chest. Slowly curl upward, contracting her abdominals and also lifting your earlier off the floor

Step 3: slowly return and also repeat

You can additionally complete this practice without a stability disc

Tails: 25 Sit-Ups

Step 1: Lie under on your back

Step 2: Bend her legs and place feet steady on the ground come stabilize your lower body

Step 3: Cross your hands come opposite shoulders or ar them behind your ears, without pulling on your neck

Step 4: curl your upper body every the method up toward your knees

Step 5: progressively return and also repeat

Round 5

Heads: 1-Minute wall Sit with Mini Ball

Step 1: skinny back versus the wall with your torso and your feet shoulder-width personal

Step 2: climate press back and slide down the wall until your thighs space parallel v the ground. Her knees have to be over your ankles and bent at right-angles.

Step 3: when you’re in a squat position, place the mini ball between your knees

Step 4: keep your head, shoulders and also upper back against the wall surface and hold the place for 1 minute

Tails: 1-Minute Plank

Step 1: Plant your hands directly under your shoulders (slightly more comprehensive than shoulder width) favor you’re around to carry out a push-up

Step 2: Ground your toes into the floor and squeeze her glutes come stabilize your body

Step 3: Neutralize your neck and also spine by looking at a clues on the floor about a foot past your hands. Your head should be in line with your back

Step 4: host the position for 1 minute

Round 6

Heads: 30-Second Burpees

Step 1: begin in a squat place with her knees bent, ago straight, and your feet around shoulder-width apart

Step 2: lower your hands to the floor in front of you, just inside her feet

Step 3: with your weight on her hands, kick your feet earlier so she on your hands and toes, and in a pushup position

Step 4: keeping your body right from head come heels, finish one pushup

Step 5: Jump your feet ago to their starting position and also stand, reaching your arms over your head

Step 6: Jump quickly into the waiting so friend land earlier where friend started

Step 7: As shortly as girlfriend land v your knees bent, gain into a squat position and also repeat

Tails: 30-Second hill Climbers

Step 1: start in a plank position, making certain to distribute her weight evenly in between your hands and your toes

Step 2: her hands need to be shoulder-width apart, ago flat, abs engaged, and head neutralized

Step 3: traction your appropriate knee into your chest as far as you can

Step 4: then switch, pulling that knee out and bringing the various other knee in

Step 5: maintaining your hips down, operation your knees in and out together far and as rapid as friend can

Round 7

Heads: 25 Calf Raises with security Disc

Step 1: was standing on the balance disc

Step 2: extend your toes through bending the ankles, elevating your feet until only your toe are touching the balance disc

Step 3: lower yourself earlier to the starting position and also repeat

You can also complete this exercise just using the stair in her house

Tails: 15 donkey Kicks with Loop Band

Step 1: Loop a band around the bottom of her left foot and also right ankle.

Step 2: begin in an all-fours position with her knees under your hips, wrists under your shoulders, and also your core engaged

Step 3: keeping your knee bent and left foot flexed, kick your left foot up toward the ceiling

Step 4: hold for 3-5 seconds at the top, and also bring the left leg earlier down to beginning position

You can also complete this exercise without a loop band

Round 8

Heads: 30- second Scissor Jacks

Step 1: Stand v your feet shoulder width apart, and also extend your arms straight out to one of two people side with palms dealing with down

Step 2: Jump, and cross your best arm over your left and your appropriate foot over her left

Step 3: Jump ago to the beginning position, climate cross through the opposite arm and also foot

Tails: 30-Second ska Lunges

Step 1: start with your legs slightly more comprehensive than shoulder distance apart and arms at the sides

Step 2: lug one leg behind at a slim angle into a turning back lunge. The front knee will pertained to a 90-degree angle

Step 3: totter the eight in prior of that bent knee and leap the back leg forward to switch sides in a skating motion. Make certain to alternate arms as you move sides

Round 9

Heads: 12 Curtsy Taps with Resistance Band

Step 1: ar your ideal leg behind her left and also bend your knees, executing a deep curtsy lunge

Step 2: Straighten her legs and also tap your right toe the end the side, developing as much resistance through the band together possible

Step 3: carry your best leg ago to the initial curtsy lunge position and also repeat

You can also complete this exercise without a resistance band

Tails: 15 reverse Lunges through Resistance Band

Step 1: seize a CLX resistance band and also loop it roughly your ideal foot, behind your shoulders, and around in front of her neck

Step 2: usage your hands to organize the tape comfortably away from your neck

Step 3: stand tall v your feet hip-width apart and your hands together in former of your chest, elbow bent and also out by her shoulders

Step 4: maintaining your torso upright, action backward through your left foot and lower her body till your prior knee is bend at the very least 90 degrees and also your earlier knee almost touches the ground

Step 5: push yourself earlier to the starting position

You can likewise complete this exercise without a resistance band

Round 10

Heads: 30 heel Touches

Step 1: lay down through your back on the ground and your knee bent and also pointed in the direction of the ceiling

Step 2: through your arms on your side raise her shoulders slightly off the ground

Step 3: using your abs, turn your best hand down to your right foot and also then earlier up

Step 4: Repeat with your left hand. Alternate back and forth for the assigned quantity of repetitions

Tails: 15 turning back Crunches

Step 1: lied on the ground, feet flat on the floor, hands underneath the head and also elbows wide

Step 2: press your lower earlier into the floor and also pull in the belly button to lift her feet turn off the floor. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, maintaining them together

Step 3: using the core, draw your knees towards your chest so the the tailbone raises off the ground. Simultaneously carry out a timeless crunch, lifting shoulder blades off the floor

Step 4: progressively lower her shoulders, hips, and also legs to return to the starting position. Stop when your feet are just over the floor

Just like that, you"ve planned and implemented your very own workout regime using nothing yet a coin!

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