Toddlers are favor mini sponges, prepared to soak up everything from brand-new words to their favorite nursery rhymes to their ABCs. Encourage your tiny learner to dive right into learning the name of colors, numbers, shapes, and animals, and also give lock a head start before they obtain to school.

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These decks of flashcards because that toddlers assist turn learning right into a fun game that they’ll constantly want to play. You’ll be so proud!


These sweet flashcards function whimsical photos with native that start with all of the different letters the the alphabet. Leaving the cards on the ring for playing word gamings on the go!

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This toddler flashcard collection includes four types of decks. Her kiddo have the right to learn around colors and also shapes, numbers, easy words, and also the alphabet!


Set your tiny learner up for success v this full collection of flashcards. Indigenous colors and shapes come sharpening your ABCs, this colorful pack will get your toddler set up come be front of the curve. With vibrant designs and also the entire Mr. Potato Head family, her tot will be totally engaged in learning.


These flashcards for toddlers attribute 54 basic words that aid reinforce reading skills with full-color illustrations. Your small genius will find out all around the world about them through this deck.


Part wooden puzzle and component flashcards,your small scholar will feel favor they are simply playing a game. As your sweetie is having a round with their puzzle, they room learning around numbers, colors, animals, and even flexing their fine engine skills.

These flashcards because that toddlers feature touch-and-feel images of all things that, well, go! From trucks to bikes to planes, your tot will have a blast beeping and also honking through this deck.

These flashcards for toddlers encompass 54 various colored shapes. Your tot will be able to work on reading and identify colors and also shapes at the very same time!

When your baby is also tiny to practice their algebra skills, this Banana Panda High contrast Flashcards is one age-appropriate alternative. The black, white, and yellow colors create a visually stimulating contrast that will help strengthen her baby"s eye muscles and focusing skills.

Once your tiny one master this set, they have the right to hop end to the flashcards for toddlers pack.

Sharpen your kiddo"s sight-words skills with this bundle of advantageous flashcards. Through cards that cover native for kids from ages 3 come 9, this neat bundle can thrive with your tiny scholar"s needs.

These unique, textured flashcards teach counting, reading, and also object identification. The funny textures include an interesting play element to learning, i beg your pardon will aid your toddler retain new information. These flashcards for toddlers include 13 touch-and-feel cards.

Make math funny for your tot with these triangle flashcards. To use them, cover one of the numbers with your hand and when the staying two numbers space the exact same color, her kiddo has to include them to disclose the answer underneath her hand! If the colors are not the same, then they have touse individually to find the answer.

These flashcard for toddlers will aid your small darling learn new words in a pinch! He have the right to flip through and also call out the name of the picture he sees, or the can shot to check out the native himself.

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This slim load of 58 flashcards because that toddlers pack a vast learning punch. Indigenous numbers and also colors to letters and also shapes, her kiddo will enjoy a vibrant, well-rounded lesson!

Who says your littlest tot can’t hop ~ above the learning train early?For also your youngest toddlers who room still mastering walking there is no tipping over, this soft alphabet cards are excellent. Soft enough for them come gnaw on and pick up on your own, your tot will save these because that years to come.