This is a guide will explain the duty of the rare rusted tools in Fire Emblem Three homes (FE3H). Check out on to learn much more about Rusted Weapons, what they have the right to be crafted into to, and also the services of forging them.

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What space Rusted Weapons?

Seemingly useless tools with surprise potential

Rusted weapons room rare items the are typically dropped by demonic beasts throughout rare monster sighting events. This monsters space to be disputed with a various army and the one the lands the finishing punch gets the weapon.

While these tools appear an extremely weak on the surface, acquisition them to the blacksmith and getting lock forged will certainly often result in much more powerful weapons. Rusted weapons space not every the same, so that is essential to check out each one in ~ the blacksmith!

Blacksmith guide | exactly how to fix Weapons

Is Forging Rusted weapons Worth it?

Not for purchasable weapons

Rusted weapons normally obtain forged to purchasable weapons. As well as the Brave weapons, the various other weaker weapons room not worth spending the products for forging.

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Yes for rarely weapons


A rusted gauntlet that have the right to be forged to a dragon claw.A common mistake many players make in the video game is assuming the all Rusted Weapons have the right to only it is in forged come a single form of weapon after obtaining one rusted weapon for the an initial time. This is no the case, as these weapons deserve to be forged to several of the strongest tools in the game (albeit rarely). Make certain to get the weapon and forge the if this is the case.

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