One the the women of final Fantasy IX to be intended to it is in a man, together Ruby the the Tantalus theatre Troupe was originally meant to it is in a cross-dresser.

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among the females of Final Fantasy IX was plan to be a man, together Ruby the the Tantalus theater Troupe was initially meant to it is in a cross-dresser.

Ruby is a minor character in Final Fantasy IX and is the just female member that Tantalus. She is left behind as soon as Tantalus separation up and have their very own adventures, bring about her developing her own theater company in Alexandria.

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Final Fantasy IX was plan to be a throwback come the older title in the series, and it appears that bringing ago cross-dressing was originally on the cards. The official Final Fantasy website has actually been uploading interviews through the developer of Final Fantasy IX, as part of the 20th-anniversary celebrations because that the game. The many recent interview was through character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, that revealed that Ruby was initially intended to it is in a man.

\"The Tantalus theater troupe was primarily designed by the arts director, Mr. Minaba. At first, during breakthrough there was talk of Ruby gift an oyama , back I’m no sure just how the main lore ~ above that finished up. The various other Tantalus members’ backgrounds were constantly a mystery, even during the personality planning stages. Someday I’d favor to hear around their origins in depth.\"

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Oyama is a Japanese ax originating indigenous Kabuki, together there were durations of time when acting was limited to a single gender, or groups of actors had actually to be of the very same gender. This led to productions where all of the female functions were played by men, or every one of the male functions were play by women. There space still theater suppliers in Japan that follow this model, such as the all-female Takarazuka Revue, i beg your pardon has also put top top musicals based on video clip games, like Phoenix Wright. 

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Cross-dressing has actually been a component of the Final Fantasy series since the super Nintendo era once a monk in Fabul pretended to it is in a dancing girl. Faris the Final Fantasy V originally gift herself together a man to the various other party members, as she pretended to be a male in order to it is in taken seriously together a leader the a team of pirates. The most famous example of cross-dressing is the wall Market pursuit in Final Fantasy VII, which was newly redone in Final Fantasy VII Remake, in what was among the best scenes that the whole game. It\"s unclear why the original plan for Ruby wasn\"t used, however it would certainly hardly have been the very first (or last) instance of a cross-dresser showing up in the Final Fantasy series.