Medically the evaluation by Alana Biggers, M.D., MPH — written by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA on march 28, 2019

Rectal pressure deserve to make a human feel prefer they constantly have to use the toilet. Push in the rectum can be uncomfortable or even painful.

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The rectum is the final section of the huge intestine. Stool travels through it prior to exiting the anus. The rectum is near to numerous other pelvic organs and also typically sits next to the lower backbone or sacrum.

If a human being experiences rectal pressure, they need to talk to your doctor around potential causes and also treatment options. A human being should not feel embarrassed to talk around it with their doctor, as it is a usual symptom of many treatable problems.

Share on PinterestA person with rectal push may commonly feel the advice to usage the toilet.
Constipation is when stool becomes an overwhelming to pass or when a person passes stool less commonly than usual.

When a person is constipated, their stool may come to be hard and also dry, which have the right to increase feel of push in the rectum.

Common symptoms of constipation include:

feeling together if the bowels space not emptied, also after a bowel movementhaving three bowel activities or much less a weekhaving stool the is lumpy, dry, or hardstraining as soon as going to the bathroom

While everyone experiences occasional bouts that constipation, chronic constipation can be uncomfortable and may it is in due to another gastrointestinal condition.


Hemorrhoids space swollen veins that can happen in the rectum itself or around the anal opening.

While exterior hemorrhoids approximately the anal opening room usually clearly shows or a person have the right to feel them, they cannot typically tell as soon as they have internal hemorrhoids in the rectum.

In enhancement to rectal pressure, hemorrhoid symptom include:

burning when having a bowel movementitching around the rectal areasmall quantities of blood on toilet document after pass stool

According come the American college of Gastroenterology, an approximated 50 percent of world in the United states will have actually experienced hemorrhoids by the time they room 50 years old.

A human being is at better risk for hemorrhoids as soon as pregnant if they have actually a background of constipation, and also as castle age.

Anal abscess or fistula

An anal abscess is a pus-filled area approximately the anus. An abscess can happen when something block an anal gland and also bacteria multiply.

If a human does not receive treatment because that the anal abscess, that can construct into a fistula. The fistula creates a tunneled area in between the abscess and also the buttocks.

Symptoms of one anal abscess or fistula include:

drainage indigenous the anal canal that might be foul-smellingpainswelling the the anal opening

People with Crohn’s an illness are at better risk of enduring an anal abscess or fistula. Sometimes, a fistula might require operation treatment.

Anal fissure

An anal fissure occurs as soon as a section of the lining in the rectum or anus tears.

Passing a large bowel movement or happen stool forcefully can reason this tear to occur.

In enhancement to rectal pressure, a human may additionally experience rectal bleeding and pain, particularly when having one more bowel movement.

Fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence occurs once a human cannot manage when they have actually a bowel movement. They may accidentally happen stool before they with a toilet.

In enhancement to rectal pressure, a person may pass mucus. The stool is often loose and diarrhea-like.

Conditions such together chronic constipation, nerve damage, or muscle injury deserve to lead come incontinence.

This condition can greatly affect a person’s high quality of life, however many treatments are easily accessible to reduce or avoid symptoms.


Share on PinterestNausea and vomiting are potential symptom of prostatitis.
Prostatitis is a problem that occurs once the prostate, i beg your pardon is a little gland in males the helps produce semen, becomes inflamed. Prostatitis is usually because of a bacterial infection, however it can happen without a known cause.

As well as rectal pressure, prostatitis can cause symptoms, including:

blood in the urinedifficulty urinatinga constant urge to urinatenauseapain between the scrotum and anuspain in the penispainful ejaculationvomiting

Treatments for prostatitis depend upon the underlying cause.

Rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse is as soon as the rectum slides the end of the anus, turning inside out because of a loss of the relations that usually save it in place.

A human being with rectal prolapse may have actually a sensation the something is falling the end of their rectum together they have actually a bowel movement. Sometimes, a human being may failure rectal prolapse because that hemorrhoids.

Additional symptoms connected with rectal prolapse include:

difficulty feeling once they should pass stoolincontinence, or happen stool accidentallymucus comes from the rectumpainful bowel movements

Without treatment, rectal prolapse can worsen over time.

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a type of inflammation bowel an illness (IBD) that causes inflammation and also ulcers in the huge intestine, including the rectum.

The problem is chronic, for this reason a person with UC will discover to manage flare-ups yet will additionally experience periods without symptoms once it is in remission.

Signs that a person may have actually UC include:

abdominal crampingappetite lossfevernausea

While doctors do not know what causes UC, they perform know people with a family history of IBD are more likely to develop it.

To diagnose the cause of rectal pressure, a medical professional will take it a who health background and ask about their symptoms. They may ask once a person very first noticed the pressure and also if anything renders the push worse or better.

A physician will usually perform a physics examination that the rectum. They may insert a gloved finger to check out if they can feel any abnormalities, such as hemorrhoids.

A physician may likewise recommend more studies to examine the rectum. This contains the insertion of an instrument referred to as an anoscope or a sigmoidoscope. These are thin pieces of tools with a camera and light on the end that allow a physician to see the within of the intestine to view any type of problems.

A doctor may additionally use imaging studies, such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans to recognize abnormalities, for example, tumors, abscesses, or fistulas.

Other diagnostic tests incorporate anorectal manometry, which is once a doctor measures the mean pressure in a who rectum.

The therapy for rectal press will rely on the underlying cause.

People deserve to treat occasional constipation at house with over-the-counter laxatives and also by eating much more fiber and drinking many of water.

A medical professional may also prescribe drugs to law chronic constipation.

If a person has prostatitis, a medical professional will typically prescribe antibiotics come treat the basic infection.

If a person has a chronic condition, such as UC, Crohn’s disease, or chronic prostatitis, a doctor have the right to prescribe drugs to help manage your symptoms.

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Sometimes, a doctor might recommend surgical procedure to correct worries such as rectal prolapse or anal fistulas.