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"Very rapid Doggo running at remarkable Hihg Speed" is an deliberately misspelled catchphrase connected with motion-blurred photographs of dogs and also other animals running. The phrase has actually spawned numerous derivative images based upon the exploitable template of a Google find field and the snowclone "very fast (x) to run at significant hihg speed."


On January 11th, 2015, Tumblr user clark-cant<2> uploaded a picture of a running gold Retriever v a Google find bar at the height displaying the phrase "VERY rapid dog running at remarkable hihg speed". The original picture of the dog was an initial posted top top a personal photo blog in march 2008.<1>



On January 18th, 2015, a on facebook group<5> named after the phrase was launched, getting over 5,300 likes over the next two years. ~ above February 7th, YouTuber Recrees uploaded a scene from the 2015 episodic graphic adventure video clip game Life Is Strange v the location referencing the catchphrase. On in march 27th, Youtuber Buck Biggsly uploaded a video clip featuring the photo of the gold Retriever, obtaining over 31,000 views in the complying with years.

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On April 15th, YouTuber HVGBA Qualbert uploaded a video featuring the photo of a dog v the "Escape indigenous the City" track from Sonic Adventure 2 play in the background, gaining over 29,000 see in the following years. That exact same day, Redditor swiley1983 it is registered a object on /r/OutOfTheLoop<3> asking about the phrase. On July 24th, the sugreddit /r/VERYfastdoggos<4> was produced by reddit user Jordan311R, which obtained over 650 subscribers in the following year. ~ above September 16th, 2016, YouTuber border Breakers uploaded a remix video featuring Blacksmith Andre native Dark Souls 3 and also Goku from Dragon Ball, gaining over 467,000 see in the adhering to months.



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