Just how big is far Cry 3 and how lengthy will it take to beat? Ubisoft"s Mike Thompson, Level style Director of much Cry 3, explains.

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Far Cry 3 video game Size Hours
Far Cry 3 game Size Hours
In addition the the announcement of the Assassin"s Creed 3 release date, yesterday experienced the early on release the the brand brand-new Far Cry 3 trailer as well as its release date. Pan now have a better understanding the the story of Far Cry 3, the protagonist Jason Brody and also one of its crucial villains who was the highlight of the E3 2011 trailer that announced the game.

two weeks earlier we had actually the chance to visit Ubisoft Montreal to preview the single-player campaign of Far Cry 3 where we had a chance to speak to the developers, consisting of Level architecture Director Mark Thompson, who answered some of our questions around the game.

If you"ve read our Far Cry 3 preview, climate you"ll have actually a better understand the what differentiates Far Cry 3 from its precursors and nearly every various other shooter top top the market. In essence, it"s one open civilization shooter v RPG elements, fused v narrative-driven moments. Because the island the game takes ar on is therefore large, we wanted to understand what fans deserve to expect from its key story, so us asked Thompson around the game"s key campaign, next quests and also environments.

How big is far Cry 3 contrasted to the previous games?

"We have actually the exact same technology, so there"s no restriction on united state to have a people the very same size, however I desire it come be more than a number because a number doesn"t average anything. It"s around what you can do, it"s around meaningful experience inside that space.

There appears to it is in this arms gyeongju in open human being games to be bigger and bigger. I remember I experienced a map to compare the different sizes of worlds and also some of them space so big, ns wonder just how much worth is there in reality in that. Exactly how many systematic experiences will I have in a civilization that size?"

What we want to was do a people that was interesting, that was compelling, the was complete of things to do and also explore and find, and if in ~ any point we ran out of points to do, the dimension of the world would be a problem."

There will certainly be an obtainable fast-travel mechanism in enhancement to a selection of vehicles. During the demos in ~ the preview event, we observed the player control a truck, a boat, utilizing zip lines and we understand there are a few others as well.

just how long will it take players come beat the game?

"If you just main-lined the missions, it"s more than likely like 20 hours. However even then, it"s difficult to say exactly how it deserve to take because that someone come play a mission."

together an example, we debated the Medusa mission indigenous the demo whereby Jason must assault a beached ship to get to the radio tower top top top. Someone have the right to hang-glide their way in and do that in 2-3 minute whereas players that take the moment either by being stealthy or tagging all of the enemies to snipe - for this reason the campaign length deserve to vary substantially depending upon the player"s style.

"It"s simply up come you. If you want to gain the XP from killing every guy, if you want loot every body because that cash and resources - what"s an ext valuable to you? Is it time or is it the actual resources?"

Thompson emphasizes the idea of high quality over quantity in player experience on the island, and considering the video game will it is in physically massive, bigger than Far Cry 2, players may have an additional Skyrim on their hands, this time v fleshed the end characters, less snow, and much more guns.

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A lot much more guns.