i am currently an extremely interested in Sumerian ugandan-news.com and would prefer to uncover out an ext about it. However, ns am detect it very hard to store track of the gods lineage and parentage as well as their descendants.

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To store track the them i would favor to have actually a family tree that them. Carry out you recognize where i can discover a family tree of this gods?

If what you want is a household tree "per se", girlfriend can uncover a good dozen of castle for totally free on the net via your old pal Google. Below is a an extremely solid one:
notice this tree (as a lot you will certainly find) is a Mesopotamian one, and especially Babylonian. The visibility of Tiamat and Marduk clearly signs the Babylonian nature. The reality Inanna is the daughter that Nanna and also not Enki is another clear proof. A pure Sumerian tree would begin with an (the Anu of the Babylonian).If you need some sources.First imagine the anything focused on old Mesopotamia is vastly partially known, since it is OLD, horrible OLD, and what is written, was composed on tablets many of them quite broken, or no so readable. And a most what we understand of the Sumerian world is coming from the Babylonian or also later Hittites... If not in the holy Bible!As an example, among the most notable pieces known and also renown from Mesopotamia is The epos of Gilgamesh which in its most well acknowledge layout is Babylonian. The main source tablets we have actually are from the Assyrian city that Nineveh dating from king Assurbanipal. That demonstrates that most of out tablets source are either coming native unknown location or known and also was a copy of older text (The Assyrians coming after the Babylonians). Top top a next note, the Sumerian language was supplied as latin and also greek in dough time, no the linga franca but much an ext the intellectual language. That additionally makes daunting to understand what is and also what is no from Sumer.The definitive Sumerian source is Samuel boy name Kramer, the best myth introduction is that book (freely accessible on sacred text):

Sumerian ugandan-news.com: study of Spiritual and also Literary achievement in the 3rd Millennium B.C.You can also check:

The Sumerians, their history, cultures and characterThere is over there a many of relatively solid translations of major mythes/stories, and also a an excellent introduction come the Sumerian culture. This is by much a far better book than the former however it is no free. And quite dated (As Sumerian ugandan-news.com is).


the Litterature of ancient Sumer by Jeremy Black, many texts room in the ETCLThe world Oldest literary works A fairly great (but ridiculously over priced) bookEpic of the Sumerian kings: the matter of Aratta by Herman Vanstiphout, a heavy tranlation of one of the 2 large cycle the stories, the various other one being because that GilgameshAncient mesopotamia through Leo Oppenheim, a fairly solid book on Mesopotamia in general

To avoid:Inanna queen of heaven and earth by Diane Wolkstein and (unfortunately) Samuel Kramer a modern-day soup that transreading v no connection at all with Inanna.

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http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/ loads of an excellent material, v decent translations, many texts, poetries, songs. Yes, really a great source. Really much less expensive that Hallo"s book...