Finding Jangles the Moon Monkey can be a pains in fallout 76 there is no a little bit of expertise on where he"s hidden.

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There space dozens of side quests in Fallout 76 for players come complete. Each of this quests provides at least a couple of caps and also experience for gamers" efforts. Among the most confusing side pursuits is the "Find Jangles in ~ The Fair" quest.

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The only objective is to uncover the mysterious item in the fairgrounds. While this may seem prefer a an easy quest, the tiny guy is in a an extremely obscure location. Countless gamers will be looking for an NPC and also get irritable in the process. Jangles is in reality a doll lied somewhere within the fairgrounds. His complete name is Jangles the Moon Monkey. Fallout 4 players will remember the dolls, 39 the which to be scattered throughout the map.

Jangles The Moon Monkey

The famed primate was in reality Captain Cosmos" partner. The two room comic publication legends native the Fallout series. Players would have actually seen at the very least one of lock if they have actually played v each the the Fallout games. It shows up Bethesda wanted to sneak in a tiny homage to the comic publication duo, who were reportedly quite famous in the universe.

Initiating The Quest and also Finding Jangles

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jangles-got-lost-at-the-fair-Fallout 76
every gamers need to do to initiate the pursuit is head to the fairgrounds at the northwest leaf of the map. The area is denoted on the human being map through a large red Ferris wheel simply to the east of the key river. Once gamers strategy the grounds, lock will immediately receive the side quest "Find Jangles at The Fair." Players will want to head directly to the large red Ferris wheel if in the fairgrounds.

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right to the south of the wheel, there will certainly be a big Nuka Cola bottle. Simply to the eastern of the bottle there will certainly be a tiny concession stand. Gamers should go into the stand and look because that a white ice cream machine. The ice device is in the northeast edge of the stand. Jangles will be sitting appropriate up against the ice machine in his spacesuit.

Next, players just need to press the take button and also the side quest will be completed. Together a reward, gamers will receive 100 caps and 200 endure points for your efforts. The reward may not it is in incredible, yet the whole side quest have the right to be perfect in less than a minute now that players understand where to look. Fallout gamers need to keep an eye the end for the tiny guy in the following Fallout title.