Finding Jangles the Moon Monkey can be a pain in Fallout 76 without a bit of knowledge on where he"s hidden.

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There are dozens of side quests in Fallout 76 for players to complete. Each of these quests provides at least a few caps and experience for gamers" efforts. One of the most confusing side quests is the "Find Jangles At The Fair" quest.

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The only objective is to find the mysterious item in the fairgrounds. While this may seem like a simple quest, the little guy is in a very obscure location. Many gamers will be looking for an NPC and get frustrated in the process. Jangles is actually a doll lying somewhere within the fairgrounds. His full name is Jangles the Moon Monkey. Fallout 4 players will remember the dolls, 39 of which were scattered throughout the map.

Jangles The Moon Monkey

The famed primate was actually Captain Cosmos" partner. The two are comic book legends from the Fallout series. Players would have seen at least one of them if they have played through each of the Fallout games. It appears Bethesda wanted to sneak in a small homage to the comic book duo, who were apparently quite popular in the universe.

Initiating The Quest And Finding Jangles

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All gamers need to do to initiate the quest is head to the fairgrounds at the northwest edge of the map. The area is denoted on the world map by a large red Ferris wheel just to the east of the main river. Once gamers approach the grounds, they will automatically receive the side quest "Find Jangles At The Fair." Players will want to head directly to the large red Ferris wheel while in the fairgrounds.

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Right to the south of the wheel, there will be a large Nuka Cola bottle. Just to the east of the bottle there will be a small concession stand. Gamers should enter the stand and look for a white ice machine. The ice machine is in the northeast corner of the stand. Jangles will be sitting right up against the ice machine in his spacesuit.

Next, players just need to press the take button and the side quest will be completed. As a reward, gamers will receive 100 caps and 200 experience points for their efforts. The reward may not be incredible, but the entire side quest can be completed in less than a minute now that players know where to look. Fallout gamers should keep an eye out for the little guy in the next Fallout title.