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Tired that trying all slimming products in the market yet you quiet haven’t completed your dream slim body? Slimming won’t work if only done outside the body. In order to shed weight you need to also detoxify from the inside. How? through the assist of our EzyTone Detox Patch! This is a magnetic patch that clears all your unwanted toxins and fats in the body.


It doesn’t only assist you lose her excess weight but it also speeds up lipid metabolism and also cleanses the body with the help of that is innovative transdermal patch technology.


By place on your navel, that infuses active natural goodness right straight to it which maximizes your inch loss and also weight management. This botanical innovation removes impurities indigenous the inside and frees friend from bloating, stomach pain, and exhaustion.


100% safe and also effective
Made from natural ingredients
Tightens and firms skin
Burns fat and also removes toxins in the body
Boosts metabolism and also blood circulation
Reduces cellulite
Breaks down storage of fats


See outcomes within the first main of use! let the EzyTone Detox Patch do every the work on her body! 


How come Use:

Clean the skin approximately the navel area.Open the package and also remove the adhesive movie from the patchPlace the job on a clean and also dry navel.Press the patch firmly on her skin for at least 10 seconds, ensuring the sticks well especially about the edges.And you’re done! accomplish slimmer body in no time!
Size:6 x 7cm (per patch)
Inclusion/s:  1 box contains 10 pcs. EzyTone decoding Patch
Bundle Inclusion/s:Buy 1 box Only — get 1 box (10 pcs.) EzyTone Detox PatchBuy 2 Boxes gain 1 box Free  — gain 3 box (30 pcs.)Buy 4 Boxes acquire 2 boxes Free — gain 6 crate (60 pcs.)

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ORDER # 92973 - This order to be a JOKE! RED FLAG 1 - NO BOXES. Which means No ingredients listed - No Instructions. Every patches were packed with each other in a white mailing pack. RED FLAG 2 - NO strong smell prefer the bespeak before. Any time I have actually ordered these patches there was a solid (but satisfied smell). RED FLAG 3 - spot is thinner and also the magnet is lot smaller. The red patch in facility does no peel off smoothly - need to peel sticky stuff off. This provides me wonder if these room a knock off product or simply old persons to gain rid of. I will certainly rethink prior to I reorder. I have been making use of these same patches from simply 2 vendors for end a year not. And I am no happy paying full price because that a product ns think is a hit off. MJ Currier-Wannyn