Medically the evaluation by Vicente Diaz, MD, MBA — composed by Jill Seladi-Schulman, doctor on January 22, 2021

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Your eyes are capable of relocating in countless directions to view and track things in her environment. These activities are typically voluntary, yet there can be times when your eyes relocate involuntarily, too.

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It’s possible that part health problems may cause your eyes to move involuntarily in a specific way. Among these movements entails your eyes rolling back into her head.

There are several conditions that can reason your eye to roll back in her head. Below, we’ll comment on each condition in more detail, the symptom to look out for, and the potential treatment options.

How seizures may reason your eyes to role back

A seizure is a to explode of untreated electrical task in your brain. The mind is your body’s regulate center, sending and receiving messages via nerve cells that use electrical signals to communicate with every other.

The abnormal electrical activity from a seizure deserve to temporarily disrupt miscellaneous processes. This have the right to lead to a variety of symptoms — including eyes rolling ago in the head.

Some the the other typical symptoms include:

stiffening that the human body or limbsloss of consciousnessstaring

Most seizures critical from a few seconds to a few minutes. Seizures can be an diverted episode, meaning that no everyone who experiences a seizure will have another one.

Causes the seizures

Seizures are often linked with a chronic condition called epilepsy. However, you can likewise have a seizure without having actually epilepsy.

Besides epilepsy, part potential reasons of seizures include:

Treatment because that seizures

The certain treatment because that a seizure depends on the underlying condition that brought about it. Your medical professional will first work to identify the cause of your seizure before recommending a treatment plan.

How epilepsy may reason your eye to role back

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological problem that reasons unprovoked, recurrent seizures. You’re generally diagnosed v epilepsy as soon as you’ve had actually two or an ext seizures the can’t be explained by one existing clinical condition.

Seizures as result of epilepsy autumn into two vast categories — generalized and also focal. Human being with epilepsy deserve to experience both types.

Generalized seizures affect both hemispheres the the brain while focal length seizures impact a particular area. In ~ each form of seizure, there are likewise many additional subtypes.

The details symptoms of a seizure can vary, relying on the form of seizure it is. V some types of generalised seizures, together as lack seizures, the eyes may roll ago into the head.

Causes the epilepsy

Epilepsy have the right to have numerous potential causes. However, according to the national Institute of Neurological Disorders and also Stroke (NINDS), the cause is unknown in as much as 50 percent that cases.

Some known reasons of epilepsy incorporate genetics, due to the fact that epilepsy can run in families.

Epilepsy can additionally be brought about by damage to the mind due to:

strokehead injuriesbrain tumors

Treatment for epilepsy

Epilepsy can be regulated using:

Nystagmus is a problem in which your eyes relocate uncontrollably. This movement have the right to be either quick or slow. The can additionally involve a mix of fast and also slow movements.

There space several species of nystagmus. One of these is upright nystagmus, in i m sorry the eyes move up and also down uncontrollably. Once this happens, it might sometimes show up as if someone’s eyes are rolling ago in their head.

Other symptoms that can happen with nystagmus include:

blurry visionholding her head in a tilted or turn position

Causes of nystagmus

It’s feasible to be born with nystagmus, i m sorry is well-known as congenital nystagmus. You can likewise develop nystagmus due to a wellness condition. Some problems that are well-known to reason uncontrollable eye movements include:

head injury

Treatment because that nystagmus

Congenital nystagmus can not be cured, but eyeglasses or call lenses can help improve vision.

In rare situations surgery might be recommended to readjust the placing of the muscles that regulate eye motion so the you don’t need to tilt or rotate your head as much.

It’s feasible that acquired nystagmus may go away. This happens when the underlying reason is treated.

Fainting happens when you lose consciousness because of a sudden loss of blood circulation to your brain. The medical term for fainting is syncope.

When someone loser consciousness, it’s possible that their eyes may roll ago into their head before or when they loss down. Typically, an separation, personal, instance is just unconscious for a minute or 2 after they’ve fainted.

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Prior come fainting, you might experience a range of symptoms, including:

Treatment for fainting

The best means to immediately treat a fainting episode is to:

move come a cool, quiet arealie under or sit down with your head between your kneesdrink some cool water

Most civilization recover from a fainting spell in ~ a few minutes to hours. If your fainting is led to by a details underlying condition, your medical professional will work to treat that.