Who doesn’t love good satire? particularly when world in the comments don’t it seems ~ to understand the concept of satirical humor. As a Catholic i feel we space blessed through the works from Eye the the Tiber – this requirements to grow. Future presents for Catholic Dad’s almost everywhere need to be made indigenous the content that website puts out. Whatever you do, do not skip the goldmine of feeling there is come be discovered in the comments section under every short article both top top the website as well as their facebook page. In the meantime, right here are several of our favorite headlines and stories that have actually stunned us into fits of giggles.

1. Brand-new Terrorist video Shows believer Being offered Coffee in Red Cups


Binge city hall this collection will not be for the weak. Check out HERE

3. Catholic Dimwit Didn’t even Know Wednesday Ashes Come native Cremated Pets


“A happy Jesus have to come from the happy hands of a happy minister.” check out HERE

6. Man angry That only Women Can come to be Female Priests


At least during flu season, please. Read HERE

8. Quick-Thinking Parishioners rush Altar To assist Lone Priest


Sad. Review HERE

10. Pope Michael i Announces place Of Upcoming people Youth Day


I mean, exactly how rude?! read HERE

12. Pope Retracts beat In The confront Remark; states He would certainly Kick castle In Nuts


What can go wrong? read HERE

14. Pope Francis claims Women have the right to Have Abortions throughout Year the Mercy, MSNBC Reports


I laugh so hard my abs looked great the next day. Review HERE

16. Pope Infallibly Declares Nutella Overrated


Before Laudato Si, too. Read HERE

18. Local Catholic come Substitute tool Deep food Stuffed-Crust Pizza because that Meat ~ above Fridays throughout Lent


Should have expected that.

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Check out HERE

20. Vatican Approves brand-new Emoji translation Of Mass


It’s about time, human being youth day has been around for 30 years already. Read HERE