“Time” is a slightly altered version that “Time (Edit),” which was the fourth single off of The Search. The song contains 10 extra secs of violins playing at the beginning… check out More 

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Even if we both failure tonightAnd you say you hate me, and we go to bed angryI know every little thing will be alrightI'll be right here waiting, i promise i’m changingI simply need...A tiny time to show you I'm precious itI recognize that I deserve to be a daunting personI'm a anxiety case, drive you increase the wall surface when ns workin'Actually, I'm more than likely worse once I'm not, girlfriend don't deserve itMake girlfriend nervous 'cause you understand I'ma break soonEvery time i do, ns say somethin' that harms youActin’ choose I’m gone, however we both in the exact same roomI don't like to be wrong, i m sorry I recognize you relate toAnd I recognize I do you feel like you’re at the end of your ropeThat's when I look at you and tell friend I'd be much better aloneJust the proud talkin', isn’t it? 'Cause both of united state knowI'm the definition of "wreck" if friend look right into my soulComes the end the many when ns feel I'm in a breakable placeMade a the majority of mistakes ns wish ns knew how to eraseWhen I'm afraid, can get distant and I push you awayBut no issue the case, I'ma do everything it takes also if—Even if us both breakdown tonightAnd you to speak you hate me, and we walk to bed angryI know everything will be alrightI'll be here waiting, i promise I'm changingI just need…
Time (Oh)I, I require time (Oh, oh)I just need time (Oh)I, I require time (Oh)Time (Oh), time (Oh)Yeah, means before ns bought you the ringWe were fighting back and forth prefer you to be wearin' the thingTwo passionate civilization not fear to to speak what they thinkLead to passionate conversation once it's difficult to agreeYou recognize me well, sittin' top top the sheet of my seatLookin' in ~ life, overanalyzin' everythingAlways depressed, tryna find a much better version the meSearching because that somethin' i know's prolly right in front of my feetStubborn as me? perhaps not, yet you're close come itGot a the majority of issues, I'm tryin' to work-related through 'emGoing to treatment for you's somethin' that's worth doin'When I understand you to be there for me through all of my worst momentsAnd I know it damages knowing the I bring this weight on mine chestMaking it daunting for me to open up up and connectLot of regrets, i apologize for all of the stressThat's not what I intended to do, you know I love friend to death even if—Even if us both malfunction tonightAnd you say you hate me, and also we walk to bed angryI know everything will be alrightI'll be here waiting, ns promise I'm changingI simply need...

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Time (Oh)I, I need time (Oh, oh)I just need time (Oh)I, I require time (Oh)Time (Oh), time (Oh)I simply need time (Oh)I, I require time (Oh, oh)I just need time (Oh)I, I need time (Oh)Time (Oh), time (Oh)