Mantorok is just one of the Ancients in Eternal Darkness. The is connected with chaos and the shade purple.

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The divine Hierarchy

One of the mouths that Mantorok

In 26 BC things showed up to take a rotate for the worst for Mantorok. A roman centurion by the surname of Pious Augustus was tricked into accepting the significance of the among the 3 ancients imprisoned through Mantorok, becoming their slave and also vessel. Pious gotten in Mantorok"s temple in Cambodia and also collapsed the holy place pillars top top the god, pinning and also trapping Mantorok in it"s very own temple. The love of Mantorok was protected however and while death would be eventual without piercing the actual heart, Mantorok"s fatality would quiet take countless years. Pious collection to work trying to find the essence of Mantorok. In 1150 A.D a dance girl by the surname of Ellia found her way into the holy place - perhaps attracted by Mantorok. She is used as a ship to bring Mantorok"s heart, instead of her very own with that of the god. As soon as she is captured by Pious the centurion turn demon searches she for the heart, not realizing the is in reality inside of her. Irritable he strikes her down and continues his search, leaving Ellia to a fate between death and life v the heart inside of her. Once Pious leaves the temple Mantorok casts a spell to the hide the temple in effort to stop Pious native finding that again.

The modern World

As time overcome by Pious realizes that the heart should reside in the human body of Ellia however is enraged once he realizes that he have the right to no longer find the temple. In 1983, posing as an eccentric collector that rare artifacts Pious top a guy by the name of Edwin Lindsey, a well known archaeologist, into using the current technology to locate the temple. Upon enntrance gate of the temple Pious reveals to lindsey his true kind and pipeline Lindsey to die in the holy place at the hand that one his agents. Once Lindsey overcomes this agent he is required to move deeper right into the temple and also enters Mantorok"s room at the very same time together Pious. As Pious do the efforts to death Lindsey Mantorok uses the critical of his essence to both safeguard him and cause Pious come retreat. The is here that the ship of Mantorok"s heart, Ellia is found. She offers the love to Lindsey, who makes sure that does no touch it with his ceiling hands and also is instructed to give it to a guy by the surname of Edward Roivas, otherwise recognized as the goalkeeper of the light.

The Summoning

The tomb of Darkness

In the year 2000 A.D the planetary alignment is such that any type of spells cast will be amplified ten fold. Pious, who has actually now put his setup of killing Mantorok on hold, offers this to increase his magical abilities and also summons one of the three ancients into our world. Together this is continue a mrs by the surname of Alexandra, the newest descendant the the Roivas family, uses the the collected Essences of the 3 gods within the circle power and also the amplifying ability of the magical machine within Enggha come summon soon a 2nd ancient. After a climatic fight between the two gods the one that Pious fan allegiance to his killed, and also the one summoned by Alexander is binded back to the circle of power, trapping it once more, leave Mantorok together the only god the exists within human reality and two god binded come the one of power.

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Mantorok"s end Game

After the fatality of one of the gods Mantorok"s power is not only revitalized but increased. The is v these powers that Mantorok does something very strange. The god supplies its new powers to rewind time earlier to the point when Pious claimed one that the 3 essences that the binded gods. This time yet Mantorok himself urges Pious to case one of the essences the he did no last time. Events unfold like last time and that god is killed. Again Mantorok resets the timeline and this time motivates Pious to take it the significance that that did take it the previous two times. Again the god is at some point killed countless years later. It is here that Mantorok"s finish game is revealed. V the other three gods all killed within the different timelines that is the only remaining god permitting him with countless power to dominion over those he hates many - mankind.