If friend a developer making use of Visual Studio for composing code, climate you might encounter the below error at some point of time.

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LINK : deadly error LNK1561: entry point must it is in definedThe error is self-explanatory but you should know exactly how to settle it. If friend are encountering this fatal error LNK1561 error, you are at the right place. I will share the procedures you have the right to follow to solve this visual Studio error. Commonly the error can show up on any version of intuitive Studio and the below steps space applicable on every versions of visual Studio IDE.


The error LINK : fatal error LNK1561: entry point must it is in defined” shows up when you room trying to develop the code. The VS linker go not uncover the entry point function in your code; for this reason it deserve to not call your code.

Fix deadly error LNK1561: entry suggest must it is in defined

There can be many scenarios when you can get this error. In this article, I will share 3 usual checks the you deserve to verify in your project configuration to make certain the error does not appear.

Fix #1:

In the first troubleshooting step, you need to know the intent of her code. If you have actually written the code to build a .dll or .lib; and your task settings is configured together .exe, climate you will obtain this error.You need to readjust the “Configuration type” from exe come dll or lib.Right-click on the job (not on the solution) and go to properties.Under General section, look for the “Configuration type” field.Change the form from applications (.exe) come Dynamic Library (.dll) or static Library (.lib) based upon your code.Click top top OK to save the changes.Clean the project and also build the again.

Fix #2:

If the will of your password is to develop an exe, then the deal with #1 does not hold good. If friend are developing a console application, the linker looks for main function and for windows application, the expects WinMain function come be existing as entry suggest to her code.Go to task properties by right clicking the project and also selecting properties from the list.Under Linker → Advanced section, examine the “Entry Point” field.If the ar is empty and you have actually main/WinMain current as the entry point, the worry should not appear.In case, you confront the exact same error, you deserve to manually update the Entry suggest to main/WinMain based upon your job type.

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Fix #3:

If you have a different entry point duty other than key or WinMain, you must update the duty name in the “Entry Point” field.Right-click top top the project and go come properties.Under Linker → Advanced section, upgrade the “Entry Point” ar to your duty name.

Final words:

That’s it. These room the only possible steps to solve “fatal error LNK1561: entry allude must be defined” error in intuitive Studio. I hope your worry is no resolved. Execute share your comments below and also any tips and also tricks you complied with to assist other developers.Cheers !!!Other intuitive Studio errors:1. Fatal error LNK1221: a subsystem can not be inferred and also must it is in defined2. Mt.exe : general error c101008d: failed to create the update manifest come the resource of file
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